School to Reopen Thursday

The campus will be ready for classes to begin tomorrow, January 29. Thank you, Buildings and Grounds! Please notify your instructors if travel to campus is not yet safe for you, wherever you are. Many blessings to you as the blizzard moves out to sea.

Feb. 6, 2015

Walter Fluker: Ethical Leadership Tools for When “Worlds Collide”

IMAGE The 2015 Woodbury Leadership Workshop will explore the ethical challenges faced by religious leaders as secular and religious "worlds" collide. (Turn on the news to see some examples.) Sign up by Jan. 9 for $20 off normal registration. More…

Interfaith Challenges & Opportunities

Watch Video of Interfaith Youth Core Founder/President Eboo Patel

Eboo Patel For those who missed the Dec. 9 visit by interfaith leader Eboo Patel because of bad weather -- or if you just want to see it again! -- click here to watch a video of the public lecture. More…

Immigration, Economic Justice, and Human Rights.

Andover Newton Border Crossing Immersion goes to the Arizona/Mexico Border

IMAGE Andover Newton is offering the course Arizona/Mexico Border: Immigration, Economic Justice, and Human Rights. During this time when the national stage is engaging in discourse around immigration issues, this timely immersion trip (May 25 - June 4) will take place on the U.S. border, with the majority of our time being spent in Nogales, Mexico, a border town near Tucson, Arizona. More…

Inter-Religious Education

Andover Newton announces second fully endowed CIRCLE fellowship

IMAGE Andover Newton is pleased to announce it has secured funding to endow in perpetuity the second of 12 student fellowships offered through the Center for Inter-Religious and Communal Leadership Education, its pioneering joint venture with Hebrew College. More…

Inter-Religious Education

Andover Newton Shares in $60K Grant with Boston U, Hebrew College

IMAGE Andover Newton is one of three schools to share a $60,000 planning grant from the Arthur Vining Davis Foundation in a collaboration that will let the schools review, extend, and propose new directions for inter-religious theological education. More…

Faith and Reason

Andover Newton gets $161K grant through Science for Seminaries program

IMAGE Andover Newton is one of 10 theological and divinity schools receiving a total of $1.5M in pilot program funding to integrate scientific topics into the study of core theological disciplines. More…