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CIRCLE National Conference 2010

Educating Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Leaders for Service in a Multi-Religious World: The American Seminary Context

April 14-16, 2010

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Educating Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Leaders for Service in a Multi-Religious World


How do we best educate future religious leaders for service in a society of increasing religious diversity? What experiences, knowledge, and skills are necessary to function effectively as an inter-religious leader?

We cordially invite you to our conference with the following goals in mind:

1. To share successes and challenges in the sphere of inter-religious learning and leadership within seminaries and in related fields

2. To discuss the future of the field of inter-religious learning and leadership in American theological education and beyond

3. To explore areas of meaningful inter-religious engagement for clergy and religious leaders


The conference organizers wish to thank the Fetzer Institute and the Henry Luce Foundation for their generous support of this gathering and of related activities.


Registration for this event is closed.


Time Wednesday, April 14, 2010 Location
1:00 pm  Registration and Refreshments Berenson Atrium, Hebrew College
2:00 pm
  • Gregory Mobly, Andover Newton Theological School
  • Or Rose, Hebrew College
Hebrew College
2:15 pm
A National View of Multi-Religious Initiatives in Seminaries (Plenary)
  • Justus Baird, Auburn Seminary
  • Stephen Graham, Association of Theological Schools
  • Ellen Ott Marshall, Emory University

Moderator: Jennifer Peace, CIRCLE

Hebrew College
4:00 pm
Reflections from Current Students and New Professionals (Plenary)
  • Najiba Akbar, Wellesley College
  • Joel Kemp, Andover Newton Theological School
  • Anne Hillman, Boston University
  • Joshua Stanton, Hebrew Union College

Moderator: Sharon Kugler, Yale University

Hebrew College
5:30 pm


Greetings & Introduction

    Daniel Lehmann, Hebrew College
    Yitz Greenberg, Independent Scholar and Writer
Hebrew College
7:30 pm
Constructing Our Religious Identities in a Multi-Religious World (Public Event)
  • Mary Boys, Union Theological Seminary
  • Daisy Kahn, Asma Society
  • Anant Rambachan, St. Olaf’s College
  • Or Rose, Hebrew College

Moderator: Sarah Drummond, Andover Newton Theological School

Hebrew College
Time Thursday, April 15, 2010 Location
8:30 am  Breakfast Roundtable: Greater Boston Area Initiatives
  • The Abrahamic Family Reunion Project – Rodney Peterson (BTI), Raymond Helmick (BC), Sanford Seltzer (ICPL) & Abdel-Rahman Mohamed (Islamic Council of New England)
  • Comparative Theologies Colloquium – John Berthrong (Boston College)
  • Greater Boston Interfaith Organization – Stephanie Kolin (Temple Israel)
  • The Pluralism Project – Erin Loeb (Harvard University)

Moderator: Mary Luti, Andover Newton Theological School

Hebrew College
9:30 am
Theologies of Multi-Faith Engagement (Concurrent Session)
  • Mahmoud Ayoub, Hartford Seminary
  • Jeannine Hill Fletcher, Fordham University
  • Arthur Green, Hebrew College
  • John Thatamanil, Vanderbilt University

Moderator: Mark Heim, Andover Newton Theological School

Andover Newton
9:30 am
Inclusive Interfaith Leadership (Concurrent Session)
  • Sharon Cohen Anisfeld, Hebrew College
  • Da Vita McCallister, Connecticut Conference, UCC
  • Paul Raushenbush, Princeton University
  • Amina Wadud, Virginia Commonwealth University

Moderator: M.T. Davila, Andover Newton Theological School

Andover Newton
11:00 am
Interfaith Education Beyond the Classroom (Concurrent Session)
  • Nancy Fuchs-Kreimer, Reconstructionist Rabbinical College
  • Yehezkel Landau, Hartford Seminary, Hartford Seminary
  • Jennifer Peace, Andover Newton Theological School
  • Sidney Schwarz, Independent Scholar and Writer

Moderator: Christy Lohr, Lutheran Theological Seminary

Andover Newton
11:00 am
Youth and Young Adult Initiatives (Concurrent Session)
  • Abdullah Antepli, Duke University
  • Patrice Brodeur, Montreal University
  • Victor Kazanjian, Wellesley College
  • Janet Penn, Interfaith Action

Moderator: Alex Kern, Cooperative Metropolitan Ministries

Andover Newton
12:30 pm


Greetings and Introduction

    Rodney Petersen, BTI
BTI Award
    Diana Eck
Hebrew College
1:45 pm
Interfaith Leadership in a Broken World (Plenary Session)
  • Marc Gopin, George Mason University
  • John T. Pawlikowski, Catholic Theological Union
  • Nadia Roumani, University of Southern California
  • Gloria White Hammond, My Sister’s Keeper

Moderator: Joseph Montville, Abrahamic Family Reunion Project

Andover Newton
3:30 pm
Pastoral Care (Concurrent Session)
  • Shareda Hosein, Muslim Chaplain’s Association
  • Bill Kondrath, Episcopal Divinity School
  • Kristen Leslie, Yale University
  • Sara Paasche-Orlow, Boston Hebrew Senior Life

Moderator: Brita Gill-Austern, Andover Newton Theological School

Andover Newton
3:30 pm
Classroom Teaching Experiences (Concurrent Session)
  • Judith Berling, Graduate Theological Union
  • Reuven Firestone, Hebrew Union College
  • Gregory Mobley, ANTS
  • Cassie Myer, Interfaith Youth Core

Moderator: Reuben Habito, Perkins School of Theology

Andover Newton
5:30 pm  Reception
6:15 pm


Greetings & Introduction

    Nick Carter, Andover Newton Theological School
    Paul Knitter
Hebrew College
8:00 pm
Documentary Film (Public Event-Sneak Preview)
The Calling: A New Look at an Old Job
  • Daniel Alpert, Film Producer
  • Abdullah Antepli, Duke University
  • Bradley Hirschfield, CLAL
  • DaVita McCallister, Connecticut Conference, UCC* (invited)

Moderator: Daniel Berman, Hebrew College

Andover Newton
Time Friday, April 16, 2010 Location
8:00 am
Breakfast Roundtable: Recent Interfaith Publications
  • Catherine Cornille, Boston College
  • Bradley Hirschfield, CLAL
  • Paul Knitter, Union Theological Seminary
  • Samir Selmanovic, Faith House Manhattan

Moderator: Aimee Upjohn Light, Duquesne University

Hebrew College
9:30 am
Funding Multi-Religious Initiatives (Plenary)
  • Jamal Barzinji, International Institute of Islamic Thought* (invited)
  • Eric Nelson, Fetzer Institute
  • Lynn Szwaja, Henry Luce Foundation

Moderator: Priscilla Deck, Andover Newton Theological School

Hebrew College
11:00 am
Training Muslim Religious Leaders in the United States: Future Possibilities (Plenary)
  • Sherman Jackson, Michigan University
  • Ingrid Mattson, Hartford Seminary
  • Amina Wadud, Virginia Commonwealth University

Moderator: Jocelyne Cesari, Harvard University

Hebrew College
12:30 pm
Closing Remarks
  • Rodney Petersen, Boston Theological Institute
Hebrew College
12:45 pm
Brown Bag Lunch Hebrew College


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