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Past Presidents

Presidents: Andover Theological Seminary

1827-1834 Ebenezer Porter
1836-1842 Justin Edwards
1842-1853 Ralph Emerson
1853-1868 Edwards Amasa Park
1868-1877 John Lord Taylor
1877-1896 Egbert Coffin Smyth
1896-1899 George Harris
1899-1901 George Foot Moore
1901-1908 Charles Orrin Day
1909-1917 Albert Parker Fitch
1917-1921 John Winthrop Platner
1922-1926 Willard Learoyd Sperry
1931-1954 Vaughan Dabney
1954-1965 Roy Pearson

Presidents: Newton Theological Institution

1839-1848 Barnas Sears
1868-1898 Alvah Hovey
1899-1908 Nathan Eusebills Wood
1908-1925 George Edwin Horr
1926-1946 Everett Carleton Herrick
1947-1950 Harold Wayland Tribble
1950-1965 Herbert Gezork

Andover Theological Seminary and Newton Theological Institution were founded in 1807 and 1825, respectively. In their earliest years. the two schools did not have members of the faculty formally designated as presidents. The two schools affiliated in 1931 and legally merged in 1965 as Andover Newton Theological School.

Presidents: Andover Newton Theological School

1931-1946 Everett Carleton Herrick
1947-1950 Harold Wayland Tribble
1950-1965 Herbert Gezork
1965-1979 Roy Pearson
1979-1983 Gordon Torgersen
1983-1990 George Peck
1990-1991 George H. Sinclair Jr. (interim)
1991-1994 David T. Shannon
1994-1995 Ralph H. Elliott (interim)
1995-2004 Benjamin Griffin
2004-2014 Nick Carter
2014-          Martin B. Copenhaver

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