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The Copyright Policy of Andover Newton Theological School

All users of Andover Newton Theological School Web site are reminded that any redistribution or copying of copyrighted material requires the written permission of the copyright owner.

The Andover Newton Theological School Web site includes a variety of materials created by different members of the Andover Newton community and by many others who may or may not be working under direct contract to Andover Newton. Copyright in many of these images, texts, and videos may be claimed by other individuals, companies, and institutions, apart from or in conjunction with any rights claimed by Andover Newton. Although these works may be freely accessible on the World Wide Web and may not include any explicit statement about copyright claim, the U.S. Copyright Act nevertheless provides that many such works are fully protected by copyright. Users should therefore assume that works are protected by copyright until they learn otherwise.

Andover Newton Theological School would like users to make productive use of materials found on this site, particularly if the uses are for nonprofit educational purposes. Copyright in the digital world, however, is complex and often confusing. In many cases, Andover Newton will not be able to provide full assurance of legal permission to use material found on its website. Unless rights of use are clearly stated with respect to an individual item, users must seek permission from the copyright owner for all uses other than those allowed by fair use and other relevant provisions of the U.S. Copyright Act.

Notwithstanding the above, and unless otherwise noted or claimed by others, all material on the Andover Newton website, including all video on the site produced by the Massachusetts Bible Society Media Center, is copyright 2010 by the Trustees of Andover Newton Theological School, who reserve all rights regarding its use and distribution.

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