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Andover Newton Theological School's Staff Directory

President's Office:

Copenhaver, Martin, President, (617) 831-2410, Trask Building Room U-43 Ames, David, Administrative Assistant to the President, (617) 831-2411, , Trask Building Room U-42

Hansen, Janeen S., Director of Operations, (617) 831-2399,, Trask Building Room M-27



Drummond, Sarah, Dean of Faculty & VP for Academic Affairs, (617) 831-2358,, Trask Building Room M-22 Leavitt, James, Academic Program Assistant, Assistant Registrar, (617) 831-2436,, Worcester Hall Room 103
Aguila, Nayda, Registrar, (617) 831-2435,       , Trask Building Room U-41
Hamilton, Kathleen, Administrative Assistant to the Deans, (617) 831-2432,


Davila, Maria Theresa (MT), Assoc. Professor of Christian Ethics, (617) 831-2368,, Trask Building Room U-46 Drummond, Sarah, Professor of Ministerial Leadership, (617) 831-2358,, Trask Building Room M-22
Gill-Austern, Brita, Austin Philip Guiles Professor of Psychology & Pastoral Theology, (617) 831-2360,, Trask Building Room U-46 Pazmino, Robert, Valeria Stone Professor of Christian Education, (617) 831-2359,, Trask Building Room U-44
Hearlson, Adam, Asst. Professor of Preaching & Worship, (617) 831-2377, Peace, Jennifer Howe, Assoc. Professor of Interfaith Studies, (617) 831-2405,, Trask Building Room U-44
Heim, S. Mark, Samuel Abbott Professor of Christian Theology, (617) 831-2370, Suchocki Brown, Susan, Directory of Ministry Studies and Community Chaplain,, Trask Building Room M-23
Mobley, Gregory, Professor of Christian Bible, (617) 831-2363, Valentin, Benjamin, Professor of Theology & Culture, (617) 831-2356,

Business Office:

Brian D. Boyce, Chief Financial Officer, (617) 831-2389,, Trask Building Room L-18 Stuart, Nancy, Accountant Payables & Payroll, 617-831-2421,, Trask Building Room L-17

Dean of Students:

Satcher, Mikel, Dean of Students, (617) 831-2365,, Trask Building Room M-24 Traister, Sondra, External Events Coordinator, (617) 831-2374,, Worcester Hall Room 311
Novo, Frank, Director of Housing, (617) 831-2453,, Worcester Hall Room 101A Turano, Rosemary, Director of Financial Aid, (617) 831-2451,, Trask Building Room U-40

Institutional Advancement:

Parker, Ned Allyn, Alumni/ae and Development Officer, office (617) 831-2409, cell (203) 464-2287, Carroll, Margaret (Peg), Acting Manager of Gifts & Records, (617) 831-2428,, Trask Building Room L-17

Information Technology:

Roz, Mugur, CIO, (617) 831-2400,, Dabney Hall, Room 16 Edwards, Andrew, Systems Administrator, (617) 831-2403,, Trask Building Room L-16
Information Technology Help Desk, (617) 831-2403,, Trask Building Room L-16 Song, Harrison, Database Application Support Specialist/DBA, (617) 831-2401,, Trask Building Room L-16


Lois, Nancy, Director of the Library, (617) 831-2416,, Trask Building Room M-26

Singer, Dev, Assistant Librarian, (617) 831-2418,, Trask Building Room M-25

Buildings & Grounds:

Cavaco, Frank, Director of Buildings & Grounds, (617) 831-2425,, Sturtevant Hall (rear) Phipps, Patricia, B & G Admin., (617) 831-2424,, Sturtevant Hall (rear)
Agbolade, Ola, Facilities Mechanic, Sturtevant Hall (rear) Matson, Roger, Maintenance Assistant, Sturtevant Hall (rear)
Baez, Davinson, Maintenance Assistant, Sturtevant Hall (rear)


B&G Emergency (800) 505-9459


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