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Student and Alumni/ae Employment Board

This page is maintained by Andover Newton Theological School for listing job openings and volunteer opportunities within the United States, Canada, and beyond for positions of potential interest to Andover Newton students and alumni/ae, including but not limited to ministerial, religious education, and chaplaincy positions.

We generally do not post jobs for general jobs outside of ministry or other helping professions with a religious, spiritual, or counseling component.

Use this form to submit a job listing for the board.

Student positions listed on this page are usually reserved for matriculated Andover Newton students. Student positions in the Field Education Program are listed through the Field Education page.

Nonstudent employment opportunities on the Andover Newton campus are listed at Employment Opportunities at Andover Newton.

We welcome and encourage listings for guest preacher engagements, but please submit these listings at least two weeks in advance of the need date.

Postings will usually appear online within 7-10 days. Both current students and alumni/ae of Andover Newton are considered eligible to respond to guest preaching opportunities.

Please note that this board is strictly an online posting, not a placement service. Except for on-campus student positions, the publication of a job listing does not imply endorsement by Andover Newton or any other body. Listings may contain errors beyond Andover Newton's knowledge or control. Some or all positions may already have been filled or withdrawn without Andover Newton's knowledge or consent.

Unless otherwise specified, jobs are listed for roughly three months/90 days from date of publication. If you need a longer posting, or if a job fills very quickly, please contact the Communications staff to extend or remove an existing listing. Recruiters and other service or product vendors are requested not to contact either the job posters or Andover Newton about these positions or any other products or services.

Please click on the title below for a full listing of each position. To apply, please contact the search committee or contact person listed for each individual position and not Andover Newton.

JOB LISTERS PLEASE NOTE: Brevity is the soul of wit, and a quick, succinct listing that summarizes the job’s role, pay range, and a little about your organization may be more effective than a pages-long list of criteria and “selling points.” Please feel free to include a link to a longer job description if you wish.

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