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Andover Newton’s approach to ministerial learning and preparation represents the most current and innovative thinking about adult professional education and the needs of today’s faith communities. The school provides a vast array of educational opportunities for students who are returning to school after leaving previous careers or students coming directly from college.

All of the school’s degree programs operate at a high level of scholarship and are designed for adult learners. Recognizing that today’s graduate students face an increased need for flexibility in scheduling, Andover Newton provides not only traditional class formats, but also summer and winter intensive sessions, online courses, online/face-to-face hybrids, modular formats, and workshops.

At this time, Andover Newton Theological School is in the midst of a transition towards a new strategic direction. As the School develops a new long-range vision, responding to seismic changes taking place in the church and in theological education, we will continue to offer graduate-level theological education.

For 2016, Admissions is currently accepting applications for Doctor of Ministry (DMin), and four different Master of Arts degrees – two academic and two professional – as well as classes for Ministers in the Vicinity, and lay-auditor opportunities. >> learn more

Andover Newton also offers several ways for students who are not enrolled in a formal degree program to take advantage of the school’s many educational offerings. You can become a special student, a Non-matriculated E-learner (NEL),  a Minister in the Vicinity (MIV), or a Lay Auditor (LAUD), or participate in the LEARN Program.

Learn more about Andover Newton’s Non-degree  options.

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