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Catalogue Supplement

This Supplement page contains listings of all changes and additions made after June 1, 2016, to the Andover Newton Catalogue 2015-2016. Members of the Andover Newton community should check this page regularly for information regarding errors, course additions, changes, and cancellations, and all other updates.

Courses Added:


Courses Deleted:


Courses Revised:
JUST 601: Justice Matters
Nancy Nienhuis

NEWT 651: Sex, Money, and Power in the Bible
Tat-Sion Benny Liew  
June 5-9, 12-16.

Updates to Policies for Financial Aid, Academics, and Admissions:
Involuntary Administrative Leave Policy

The Office of Student Services may place a student on “administrative leave of absence” if:
•         A student is disrupting the academic or extracurricular activities of the community, or poses a health or safety risk to others, and/or
•         The student’s behavior is determined to be due to a medical issue, or the student refuses to cooperate with efforts deemed necessary by the Office of Student Services to evaluate the cause of the student’s behavior or threatening state.
Before placing a student on “administrative leave of absence,” the Office of Student Services will consult with the Dean of the Faculty, Registrar, Coordinator of Financial Aid, the student’s adviser, and the school’s Associate for Pastoral Counseling, and on the basis of that consultation make a recommendation concerning whether the student should be placed on leave. The student will be notified in writing of the decision to place him or her on “administrative leave of absence” and the reasons for the decision. Students who have been placed on “administrative leave of absence” and later request to return to Andover Newton will be required to provide evidence that they are ready to resume their studies and academic responsibilities. Students should submit a petition to the Office of Student Services at least eight weeks in advance of the semester in which they wish to return. The petition should include the following:
•         A description of the student’s attempts to resolve the issues that led to his/her departure from the school;
•         evidence of the student’s readiness to return, such as letters from individuals from whom the student received care and/or from employers;
•         permission for the school’s mental health staff to consult with health care providers from whom the student received treatment, and the providers’ contact information; and an agreement to a mandatory meeting with a designated mental health counselor.
Andover Newton also reserves the right to condition the student’s continued enrollment and participation in academic and extracurricular activities on compliance with any recommended treatment plan. This may include separation from the school for a period of time until treatment can be completed and the student reevaluated.
At no time will the Office of Student Services communicate any confidential medical information to other officers at the school; rather, the Office of Student Services will let appropriate decision-making bodies know whether the student has allowed her to acquire the necessary information and whether the student has complied with treatment agreements. In cases where the student fails to cooperate with medical and psychological evaluations and/or does not adhere to the recommended treatment plan, Andover Newton may place the student on another involuntary administrative leave of absence. In a case where a student has been placed on an involuntary administrative leave more than once, the petition to the Office of Student Services and the supporting medical documentation should also specifically address this past history, including what evidence there is that the student’s medical issues are sufficiently resolved to avoid the risk of future relapse.
If students wish to dispute the decision either to place them on “administrative leave of absence” or to allow them to return to the school, they may request a review of the decision by writing to the Office of Student Services. The Office of Student Services will review the case with the Dean of the Faculty and make a recommendation to the President. The decision of the President will be final.
General guidelines for students taking a medical leave of absence will apply to these cases.

Focused Certificate in Theological Studies
This program is similar to the general Certificate program described above, but it invites students to take five courses in a single academic discipline under the advisement of a Faculty member in that discipline. Unlike the general Certificate described above, Focused Certificates may also be earned by students enrolled in the MDiv degree program, in recognition of specializations students develop through their elective courses. In order to earn a Focused Certificate, an MDiv student must take five courses in the area of focus that do not include those that are required as part of the MDiv degree.
Currently, students may pursue Focused Certificates in the following disciplines:
•         Ethics and Social Justice (5 courses with JUST designation)
•         Ministerial Leadership (5 courses with CMLE designation)
•         Spiritual and Pastoral Care (5 courses with CHRS, PSYP, PSYC, and/or PSYF designations)
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