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Field Education at Andover Newton

Designed to give students supervised, hands-on experience in the "real world" of ministerial work, the Andover Newton Field Education Program has a long and distinguished history as one of the oldest and most innovative programs of its kind.

All Andover Newton students pursuing a Master of Divinity (M.Div.) or Master of Arts in Religious Education (MARE) must complete two consecutive twelve-week semesters, continuing during breaks and the Winter session, in supervised ministry in an approved setting. Students may continue beyond that requirement, either in the same or a different setting. Students in other degree programs may participate in Field Education with permission from the Director of Ministry Studies, Susan Suchocki Brown.

An excerpt from the Field Education informational video, produced by Bob Craigue.

Once you have opened it, you can save the video to your computer and play it without connecting to the Andover Newton website or the internet on any computer. Using a flash drive or other storage device, you can also transfer the video to other computers.

You can also find the Field Education Handbook here or other database links on the left side of this page.


Susan Suchocki Brown, Director of Ministry Studies

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