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Information Technology Use Policies

Andover Newton Theological School offers computing and Internet resources in support of the School’s mission to pursue the highest standards of learning, research, and instruction for the sake of the life, worship, and witness of the whole church. Included in these resources are:

  • Computers and printers in administrative and faculty offices with LAN (Local Area Network) and access to Internet resources.
  • Computers and a printer in the computer lab with LAN (Local Area Network) and access to Internet resources.
  • Proprietary software licensed for use on School computers.
  • Wireless Internet access in the residence halls, Trask Library, Sturtevant Hall, Noyes Hall, Wilson Chapel and Davis Hall, and additional locations as they become available.
  • Andover Newton E-mail, student records system, and E-Learning accounts.
  • Andover Newton’s IT resources are intended solely for the administrative and educational purposes of the Andover Newton community. These privileges are only made available to students registered for any Andover Newton course, Andover Newton residents, faculty, and staff of Andover Newton. Public Internet access for research purposes is also available in the Library.

State and Federal laws as well as Andover Newton’s own official school policies govern use of the School’s computing resources. In instances where data are transferred across the Internet or other networks, users are advised that acceptable use policies of those other networks may limit usage.
Andover Newton reserves the right to change its usage policy and procedures at any time, including setting limits or prohibiting access. Andover Newton’s Computer Services are administered by the Information Technology Department under the direction of Vice President for Finance and Operations.

E-Mail Accounts

Andover Newton e-mail accounts are provided for every current Andover Newton student registered for courses. They are not provided for non-Andover Newton students taking courses, such as BTI, MIV, Lay Auditors, or Exchange students. Students may request that their accounts remain available for one year beyond graduation. Instructions for accessing Andover Newton e-mail accounts are provided by the Information Technology Department.

CAMS Student Portal Accounts

Andover Newton utilizes the CAMS Student Portal for administrative needs (billing, grading, housing, financial aid, etc.) and for student online registration and information. All Andover Newton students are assigned a CAMS portal Username and Password upon enrollment at the School. Students can access the CAMS Student Portal at using that Username and Password.

Online Learning Accounts

Andover Newton uses Schoology as its online classroom environment. Schoology accounts for online learning are provided to every student registered for an Andover Newton course, regardless of their affiliation with Andover Newton. These accounts may be accessed via the Andover Newton Web site or Schoology accounts are not the same as CAMS accounts.

User Responsibilities

Users agree as a condition of use to accept personal responsibility for considerate, ethical and responsible behavior in using available resources including:

  • Andover Newton E-Mail Accounts are used for all official Andover Newton communications.
  • Adhering to all applicable copyright laws and licenses, copying only software distributed as “freeware” or “shareware.” Infringement of copyright laws may subject persons to fines and/or imprisonment.
  • Respect for the rights of others, including privacy and freedom from offensive intrusion.
  • Respect for intellectual property of individuals and their ownership rights.
  • Understanding and implementing basic user-skills.
  • Ensuring account and network security, particularly through the periodic change of account passwords; maintaining anti-virus software on personal computers.
  • Backing up all significant data regularly. Andover Newton assumes no liability for lost or corrupted data that is irretrievable from hard drives.

Unacceptable Use

Unacceptable use includes but is not limited to:

  • Illegal downloads of music, movies or other copyrighted material.
  • Violation of State and/or Federal Laws or Andover Newton policies.
  • Use of resources for commercial purposes of any type.
  • Transferring use to another individual or organization.
  • Unsolicited advertising.
  • Promoting or procuring pornography, hacking and proxy avoidance software, malware, or other categories of inappropriate content.
  • Creating, sending, or forwarding electronic chain letters.
  • Harassment of others.
  • Misrepresenting your identity and/ or account.
  • Creating and/or willfully disseminating computer viruses.
  • Excessive use of IT resources for non-educational purposes.
  • Usage of any kind of peer-to-peer file sharing software for any purpose.

Information Security

Security of technology and data is an issue that Andover Newton takes very seriously. The school will take all necessary measures, within the limit of available resources, to ensure the security and integrity of the system.
In the event of system failure due to corrupt files, users are advised that monitoring of data may be necessary to maintain proper operation of the system. In such an event, the owner of the files will be provided notice whenever possible. Be advised that due to the proliferation of hackers, one can never be guaranteed complete privacy of individual files.

Software and Hardware Issues

The Information Technology Department will make every effort to ensure the functionality of standard network hardware and software. We may need to disable hardware or software that is incompatible with network resources.
Under no circumstances will software programs or CDs be permitted to be downloaded or placed on the network or workstations owned by Andover Newton without signed permission of the Chief Information Officer. Deletion may be made without prior notice.
Personal hardware such as monitors, keyboards, printers and PDAs may not be connected to Andover Newton-owned workstations.

Internet Use Policies

This policy applies to all students, residents, faculty and staff when they are using computers or Internet connections supplied by Andover Newton Theological School, whether or not during work hours, and whether or not from the school’s premises.

No Privacy

Andover Newton Theological School provides computers and Internet connections to further its educational interests. Andover Newton-owned computers should be used only for School business. Andover Newton has the right to monitor all communications and downloads that pass through its facilities at its sole discretion. Any information retained on the School’s facilities may be disclosed to outside parties or to law enforcement authorities.
Andover Newton owns the wiring and wireless access points in the buildings, including the residence halls and is responsible for our business class Internet access. As a result, Andover Newton is also held responsible for illegal use of this infrastructure in the dorms. The school requests, therefore, that all students and residents honor this responsibility when using the Andover Newton network.

Improper Activities

Users may not disseminate or knowingly receive harassing, sexually explicit, threatening or illegal information or chain letters by use of the School’s facilities, including offensive jokes or cartoons. The School’s computers may not be used for commercial advertisements, solicitations or promotions.

Nature of E-mail

E-mail resembles speech in its speed and lack of formality. Unlike speech, e-mail leaves a record that is often retrievable even after the sender and recipient delete it. If a user would not want others to read a message, it should not be sent by e-mail.

Intellectual Property of Others

Users may not download or use material from the Internet or elsewhere in violation of software licenses, or the copyright trademark and patent laws, nor may they install or use any software obtained over the Internet on computers owned by Andover Newton without the written permission of the IT Department.

Reporting Violations

Anyone who learns about a violation of this policy must report it immediately to his or her supervisor, the Chief Information Officer or Systems Administrator.

Computer Lab Policies

Andover Newton provides a student computer lab located on the first floor of Sturtevant Hall for use by Andover Newton students, residents, faculty and staff. Use by other persons is strictly prohibited.All of the policies pertaining to Information Technology Use apply to the computer labs. In addition, the following policies apply:

  • Academic work by students takes precedence over all other uses of the computers. The primary function of these resources is for academic work. All other uses are considered secondary.
  • Personal files are not to be saved to the local hard drive. Files saved on the hard drive will be deleted without notice.
  • Lab software that is copyrighted may not be copied. Users may not install any software program or utility on the lab computers without written permission of the Information Technology Department.
  • Only software that is properly licensed will be loaded on the lab computers.
  • Users may not remove any icons or programs from the lab computers, nor may they alter any programs.
  • Andover Newton’s Information Technology Department assumes no responsibility for lost or corrupted data on any PC.
  • Users should limit their time on the computers to two hours unless there are no other users waiting.
  • Only covered drinks are permitted in the computer lab. Food and uncovered drinks are not permitted in the computer lab.
  • If technical problems occur with either the hardware or software, users should contact the Information Technology Help Desk, rather than trying to fix it.

Web Site and E-News Policies

Andover Newton Web Site

The Andover Newton Theological School Web site ( is managed by the Advancement office, and the authority for content rests in different divisions in the School. Questions, corrections and requests for additions should be emailed to appropriate administrative staff members, who can communicate them to the Web Team.

Student E-News Content

Students, faculty and staff can send notices of upcoming news and events to the student mailing list, Student E- News. The purpose of Student E-News is to:

  • Share official school news.
  • Share community news, such as events on campus.
  • Provide time-critical information.
  • Send special requests to meet special needs, such as requests for prayers or donations for a community member.

Student E-News does not send personal notices, such as items for sale or charitable contributions. To send news to Student E-News, send e-mail to with the text of your submission. Text is used as written. News items should be submitted “ready to print.” Before submission, please review your news items carefully for accuracy, grammar, and spelling. Corrections after publication cause confusion. When sending e-mail news, brief messages are best! E-News is generally sent out twice each week. Exceptions may be made on an emergency basis. E-News is delivered through the Andover Newton e-mail system to all students, staff and faculty. The mail is sent only to accounts.

Web Site and E-News Disclaimer

Andover Newton reserves the right to edit, delay, or not print any notice or item of news it deems inappropriate, inconsistent with the values of the school or otherwise not in keeping with these and other policies of the school. The use of these services by any member of our community is a privilege, not a right.

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