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When writing research papers at Andover Newton, cite your sources to avoid plagiarism. When citing sources, note that the 16th Edition of The Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS) is the official style manual of Andover Newton Theological School.  The school uses the Notes and Bibliography style. The library has a print copy of the manual in the reference section of the library: Call Number: LB 2369 .U69 2010.

The library subscribes to the full version online. This online version is freely available to everyone on-campus.  Off-campus access is available to all current students, faculty and staff of Andover Newton Theological School.  Get login credentials from the library.

Use the Chicago-Style Citation Quick Guide and Index features for fast and easy access to the extensive contents of the manual. 

Purdue University has also posted a sample research paper online which you may find helpful as a visual aid to what a paper compliant with Chicago Style looks like. 

Kate L. Turabian
A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertaions: Chicago Style for Students & Researchers, 8th Edition is less daunting than the exhaustive Chicago Manual. Turabian is the authoritative student resource on Chicago style, so feel free to use Turabian in place of the Chicago Manual. Turabian covers more territory than most students will need.

While the library does not provide an online version of Turabian, your own personal copy is a wise investment. Copies are available for purchase in the research services office (M-26) for $11 each. There is also a copy in the reference section: Call Number: LB 2369 .T8 2013. 

D.Min. and M.A.T.R. project writers are required to view this instructional video and refer to the PowerPoint presentation that accompanies it. But it also provides useful guidance to all writers at Andover Newton. 

Chicago Manual of Style versus Turabian's Manual

The Chicago Manual of Style is written for publishing in general, while Turabian is written with students in mind. They both follow the same format for footnotes and bibliographies. Turabian is easier for most students to use. 

Formatting Specifications for D.Min. and M.A.T.R. Projects

All student theses must follow Notes and Bibliography Chicago Style.  It is the student's responsibility to use the resources discussed above to properly cite all of her sources.  A hand-out on Chicago Style and a hand-out on formatting are available here, but they do not cover everything. The student is responsible for consulting the Chicago Style manuals for information not included in the hand-outs. To guide students formatting their projects toward the end of their process, formatting checklists are provided. A filled-out checklist must accompany all requests for final formatting checks. Every student must check his own work for compliance to each item on the checklist and check off "I did this" or "Not Applicable" for each item. Students must submit their projects for the final formatting check at least one week prior to their comprehensive exam (a.k.a. oral defense). Please use the cover sheet for D.Min. projects available at the bottom of this page. Either the D.Min. checklist or the M.A.T.R. checklist must be printed out, filled out, and submitted as a coversheet along with the project printed on regular paper. Students living at a distance may email an electronic copy of their project along with a scanned checklist.

The library staff will check the project for compliance to Andover Newton formatting requirements, and return a list of needed corrections to the student, his advisor and his second reader prior to the oral defense. Guided by his faculty advisor, the student is responsible for making all necessary corrections. The library staff will be available to clarify instructions and expectations, but not to argue about the necessity of complying to the requirements. After the student has made all necessary corrections, the student will submit the following to the library by Friday, May 11, 2018 at 2:30 pm:

  • two (2) copies of the project single-sided
    • on acid free archival quality paper
      • with 25% cotton fiber and a watermark
      • available for purchase at the library for $23 for 500 sheets 
    • printed on a laser printer or copier (NOT ink jet)
    • in a sturdy box
  • an electronic copy of the project in PDF format

Students may have personal copies bound in a cover color of their choice at a cost of $15 per copy. Shipping is $5 per copy. Students who have passed their comprehensive exam but fail to meet the May 11 deadline may walk at graduation, but they will not receive their diplomas until after graduation, and they cannot purchase bound personal copies of their project through the school's discounted bulk rate.

Sample Projects

Here are samples of D.Min. and M.A.T.R. completed projects. Please be warned that these papers are samples and not models, and are only provided so you can see what a completed project looks like. None of the completed projects are perfect. Please follow the examples and rules in the manuals and library hand-outs. Do not copy someone else's mistakes. Be original! Make your own!

Purdue University has also posted a sample research paper online which you may find helpful as a visual aid to what a paper compliant with Chicago Style looks like. Please note that in some small matters, Purdue University's standards may differ from Andover Newton's. Also note that the Purdue paper is an undergraduate class paper - not a doctoral thesis.


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