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Minister in the Vicinity (MIV)

What is a Minister in the Vicinity?

An ordained person (full-time or bi-vocational) working in (or retired from) a traditional local church ministry, chaplaincy, or judicatory setting. An MIV may also be a lay leader in a church-supported ministry, but must be a paid staff member, at least half-time; such persons require written support from their pastor in order to register for courses at Andover Newton as an MIV, subject to the understandings and regulations below.


Ordinarily, persons wishing to take courses as MIVs do not need the permission of the instructor. However, some courses may not be open to MIV participation, or may require previous consultation with the instructor. Applicants should consult the catalogue descriptions of the courses they wish to attend and abide by any restrictions noted there. MIVs are welcome to attend classes and audit only. However, in some cases, depending upon the wishes of the instructor, MIVs may also be expected to meet certain class requirements, such as reading the materials, or participating in discussions.


MIVs may register without tuition charge for up to two courses per semester.  Courses taken as an MIV do not carry academic credit and cannot be renegotiated for credit at a later time. No records are kept and no transcripts are issued for MIV courses. MIVs must reapply for MIV status each semester. 


All MIVs must pay a $335 per-course registration fee each semester. Payment in full must accompany the application/registration form. Regular Andover Newton deadlines and fees apply. The MIV fee does not apply to E-Learning courses.

MIV Registration Deadlines

MIV students must adhere to the Andover Newton school calendar and deadlines as stated in the Academic Calendar.

Please note that all registrations must be completed and received by the close of the registration period or a late fee will be charged. 

Inquiries regarding MIV status may be directed to the registrar at

For registration forms, see the Registrar's Forms page.

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