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Monday, January 23, 2006

ANTS Student E- News - Monday, January 23, 2006 - SPECIAL NOTICE

Dean of the Faculty Finalists Visit Campus
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Good people:

It gives me great pleasure to announce that the Search Committee for a
new Dean of the Faculty has unanimously selected two finalists for the
position. The candidates will each be on campus for separate intensive
interviews during the first two weeks of February.

Who are the candidates?
Since both candidates are currently employed in other theological
schools, we will not be revealing the names of the candidates in public
communications. Their curricula vitae and other supporting material are
available as of Monday, January 23rd (for ANTS trustees, faculty, alums,
staff, students and all persons holding an ANTS ID) at the Trask
Library, the Dean of the Faculty's office, the Secretary to the
Faculty's office, and the President's office. With the exception of the
faculty, this material may only be read and notes taken; no copies may
be made or mailed.

What we can say is that the two candidates are accomplished New
Testament scholars, one UCC and the other American Baptist. They were
chosen by the search committee after receiving close to 50 nominations
from across the US and 3 foreign countries. Nearly 30 CVs were received,
representing a wide diversity of gender, race, religious tradition and
geography. Nine semi-finalists were interviewed by the committee. The
two finalists stood out for their exciting visions for theological
education, their substantial scholarship, and their practical experience
in the areas that are essential to Andover Newton at this point in our

What's the process?
A full schedule of events will be published shortly, but in general the
process will be as follows:

On February 1-2 the first candidate will be on campus and a full series
of interview/discussion opportunities will be available for faculty,
staff, students and the wider ANTS community.

On February 8-9 the second candidate will be on campus for an identical
set of opportunities.

At each session feedback forms will be provided to the attendees. This
material will serve to amplify the results of a key faculty vote
following the interviews and then all the results will be reviewed by
the Search Committee.

The Committee will make its recommendation to the President who, in
turn, will make his formal nomination to the Board of Trustees on
February 22nd.

Soon thereafter it is hoped we will be announcing the appointment of a
new Dean, although that person will probably not assume the
responsibilities until July 1 at the earliest.

Make the most of this opportunity
The selection of a new Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of
the Faculty is one of the most important positions in the life of our
institution. This person will exercise great influence over our faculty,
curriculum and the overall strategic direction of the school. For these
reasons we hope you will all prioritize your participation in the
available sessions and provide thoughtful feedback.

A word of thanks
Over the past year the members of the search committee put in countless
volunteer hours of work building a job description (with important
leadership from the faculty), pro-actively seeking nominations,
reviewing resumes, contacting references, conducting interviews and
thoughtfully debating the merits of the candidates.

Serving on the committee were: Mark Burrows, Brita Gill-Austern, Ben
Valentin, Dorothy Williams, Tom McKibbens, Karen Brockney, and Mia
Douglas. Their work was ably facilitated through the remarkable
administrative leadership of Dr. George Sinclair, supported by Stephanie
Haskins and Rose Costas.

It is worthy of note that every major decision of the Search Committee
was a unanimous vote! This is a testament to their collective dedication
to the process.

While we are at it, we should to offer a hearty salute to Bob Pazmino,
our Interim Dean of the Faculty. Bob has done an outstanding job in a
difficult situation and his contribution to the school has been of
enormous value.

On behalf of the school I want to thank all these fantastic folks.
Their dedicated service is inspiring.


Nick Carter

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