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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

ANTS Student E-News - Tuesday, February 7, 2006 - Message from Nick Carter

Announcing a New Campus Internet Portal

Good people:

I am pleased to announce that Andover Newton has made an important step
forward in reaching our strategic objective of providing innovative and
effective ways to maximize our resources and make theological education
more accessible. In recent weeks we have purchased a new comprehensive
Internet software resource that will bring some exciting new programs to
our community. The program is Jenzabar's Internet Campus Solution (JICS)
and it will be phased in over the next 6-9 months.

JICS is an internet portal that acts as a digital 'commons' for our
campus, offering a powerful resource to connect students, faculty, and
staff with our school's databases. JICS offers everyone on campus a
single point of access to Web-based self-service, e-learning,
communications, and community-building applications. The portal will
allow integrated access to the current ANTS webmail system as well.

With one login and password, students, faculty and staff can have 24x7
access to perform tasks that enhance their relationship with the school.

In the Student module , students can review their personal data,
schedule of classes, grades, and historical course work. Students will
also be able to register for courses online and, in a follow-on phase,
pay bills online.

In the Faculty module, professors can review their personal data, the
courses they are teaching, and also enter grades. Advisors can review
basic profile data for their advisees and, by using current and
historical course work, better advise the students in course work needed
to achieve their educational goals.

The Learning Management System, with capabilities similar to
Blackboard, is fully integrated into the Internet Portal Solution.
Course areas will be created automatically from our CARS database
records, and all students will be automatically enrolled in their course
areas when they register for a course. Each online course can contain
course documents, announcements, web links, syllabi, threaded
discussions, and real-time chat. Instructors can update grades, assign
online quizzes, track attendance, create and monitor course groups, and
much more from any computer with Internet access.

Together these things will enable us to be far more responsive,
integrate your interactions with the school, and give us all a platform
for making our courses available to degree students, clergy, and laity,
almost regardless of geography or time.

We are currently in the process of installing and configuring this
system for a phased implementation of its key features. The first module
to be completed will be the Learning Management System for Fall 2006
courses. More information will be available in early March about the
system, its availability and, important to all of us, training! Please
lend your support (and patience) to the IT team as they lead us into
this new future.


Nick Carter

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