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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

ANTS Student E-News - Wednesday, February 1, 2006

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- First Baptist of Madison - Interviews on 2/23/06
- Student Led Worship: Service of Anointing
- Course Closed: EL PSYH 743
- ANTS E-mail Down For Scheduled Maintenance Tonight

First Baptist of Madison - Interviews on 2/23/06

Position Description
Minister of Discipleship
First Baptist Madison, Wisconsin

Title of Position: Minister of Discipleship
While this position begins with what appears to be a traditional model of associate ministry, it is our hope that this person, through their leadership and creativity, will help our church transition. We want to move, as quickly as possible, to a new model of ministry where members are helped to hear god's call and claim their gifts so they may be sent as disciples into ministry within the church and in mission to the larger community.

Experience and Training
Master of Divinity or Master of Religious Education degree, or equivalent, from an accredited institution.
At least one unit (400 hours) of clinical pastoral education.
Supervised pastoral experience, preferably a year or more, in a local church or in a related environment involving Christian mission or discipleship development. Experience in community-based mission is strongly preferred.
Familiarity with the structure and workings of the American Baptist Church.

Professional and Personal Qualities
Has a deep and contagious love of God and a commitment to the statement of purpose and the core values and shared beliefs affirmed by the congregation of First Baptist Church.
Is friendly, approachable and empathetic, an excellent team player and communicator.
Effectively relates to and affirms people of different ethnic, social, economic and age groups, helping nurture a welcoming environment for diverse people.
Possesses strong skills in the areas of mission development, Christian education, youth ministry, resourcing of boards and committees, worship leadership and pastoral care.
Consistently, caringly and creatively utilizes the above skills in ways that help church members of all ages discover, claim, develop and use their gifts of Christian discipleship.

Areas of Leadership Responsibility
The minister of discipleship works closely with the senior pastor to inspire, nurture and care for the congregation in the way of Christ. The following five specific areas of responsibility are meant as guidelines for the position, recognizing that responsibilities may evolve based on the needs of the congregation and the gifts of the minister of discipleship. In carrying out each of these responsibilities, the minister of discipleship shall focus on assisting people in claiming their gifts of discipleship and hearing God's call to discipleship, helping them join God in mission, training and coaching them in the use of their gifts, and linking them with other members who have similar or compatible gifts.

Mission/outreach. Provide vision, oversight/administration, resourcing and emotional support for lay leaders to enable them to keep up to date on outreach needs and opportunities at the local, state, national and international levels; set priorities; and executive an inspiring, wide-reaching program of outreach.
Minister of Discipleship
Position Description
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Christian education. Provide vision, oversight/administration, resourcing and emotional support of lay leaders enabling them to develop and implement effective Christian education programs for people of all ages. Support the recruitment, training and spiritual nurturance of teachers.
Youth ministry. In partnership with lay leaders, develop and implement an effective, engaging program that enables junior and senior high youth to grow in faith; enjoy Christian fellowship and mission initiatives; and discover, claim and use their special gifts of discipleship.
Worship. In collaboration with the senior pastor, plan and lead worship services, including preaching not more than once per month and not less than once per quarter.
Pastoral care. Provide visitation and pastoral care for youth, younger families, teachers and newcomers.

The minister of discipleship is a minister for the entire church family. This person interacts regularly with the senior pastor, who serves as head of the church staff. It is important that the senior pastor and minister of discipleship have a collaborative, affirming, mutually supportive relationship. As a part of our church's ministerial team, the minister of discipleship also works with other church staff and the congregation, most prominently the leadership of the boards of Mission/Outreach and Christian Education. The minister of discipleship supervises the Sunday morning nursery caregiver.

Reports to: Senior Pastor

Evaluation and Review
This position is directly accountable to, and under the guidance of, the senior pastor. The Pastoral Relations committee (PRC) functions as a personnel committee for the pastoral staff as outlined in the church Bylaws. Performance reviews will be conducted as least annually by the senior pastor in consultation and collaboration with the PRC and relevant lay leaders (e.g., chairs of the boards of Mission/Outreach and Christian Education). Recommendations for changes and updates in this position description are formally made at this time; however, it is recognized that evolution of this position is a dynamic process and that performance review is similarly an ongoing exercise. In addition, the PRC and senior pastor review the adequacy of the compensation package and make annual recommendations to the board of Trustees.

Mark Clinger will be in the Boston area on February 22 for initial interviews during which time you are invited to explore with him your interest in becoming a candidate for this position. For further information, or to schedule an initial interview, please contact:

Mark M. Clinger, Senior Pastor
First Baptist Church
518 N. Franklin Avenue
Madison, WI 53705-3699
(608) 233-1880 email:

SUPER BOWL FESTIVITIES - Sunday, February 5th
Sunday, February 5th beginning at 5:30pm in Sturtevant student lounge.

* Large "screen" view of the game

* Food!

* Beverages!

* Fellowship!

Sponsored by Men's Fellowship, Film & Television Fellowship & Student Life

Questions? Contact:

Student Led Worship: Service of Anointing Tonight
The student-led worship group will be holding a second service of anointing on Wednesday, February 1st at 9:15 p.m. in the Peck Room. Amanda Ladegard and Jason Bachand will facilitate the anointing of oil and of the Holy Spirit to bless and commission students as we enter the Spring semester. All ANTS community members are welcome!

Contact: Jason Bachand

Course Closed: EL PSYH 743

EL PSYH 743 is closed - Registrar

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