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Monday, March 20, 2006

ANTS Student E-News - Monday, March 20, 2006

In this message
- Faculty and Student Commencement Speakers Chosen
- Help Plan a Seminar for First Year Graduates
- BTI Newsletter Available - March 21
- Wow!
- Wailing Wall Prayers
- Peace Pole Dedication - March 21, 2007
- Peace Week: Vigil - Tuesday, March 21
- Peace Week: My Experience in the Mideast - Tuesday, Mar. 21, 2006
- Stuart Lecture Series - Tuesday, March 21
- Starting Your Benefits - Establishing Your Future - March 22, 2006
- "Mixed Blessings: The Challenges Facing Jewish-Christian Families" - Weds., March 22

Faculty and Student Commencement Speakers Chosen
I am pleased to announce that the graduating seniors have chosen Professor Ben Valentin to be the Baccalaureate Speaker this year. Baccalaureate will be on May 19, 2006 at 7:00 p.m. at The Second Church in Newton (60 Highland Street). I am also happy to announce that the faculty have chosen Debora Jackson to be the student speaker at the May 20 Commencement Celebration (First Baptist Church of Newton, 848 Beacon Street). Congratulations to Deborah and Prof. Valentin!

Please remember too that the Commencement speaker will be Rev. Jeffrey Brown.
Rev. Brown, M.Div. Andover Newton, is co-founder and past chairperson of the Boston Ten Point Coalition, an ecumenical group of Christian clergy and lay leaders who mobilize the community around issues affecting black youth, especially those at-risk for violence, drug abuse and other destructive behaviors. In April 1999, he founded Ten Point International, a resource for churches around the world interested in overcoming violence in their communities. He is the author of articles on religion, youth and violence; a columnist for the Cambridge Chronicle; and a contributor to the Boston Globe's op-ed page. Rev. Brown's other writings include "Science is Humbled" by Rev. Jeffrey L. Brown and Janis A. Pryor
"Faith Under Fire: A Benefit for Southern Churches Victimized by Fire", Committee Chairman Rev. Jeffrey L. Brown.

More information is available at:


Dr. Nancy Nienhuis
Dean of Students and Community Life

Help Plan a Seminar for First Year Graduates
Monday, April 3
5:00 p.m. in the Small Dining Room

As part of the expanding distance learning program at ANTS we'll be offering a free seminar for first-year graduates next year. Current plans are for us to be on-line one week a month with topics of interest and concern to those entering a new ministry. It will be a great way to stay connected with friends and the Hill, as well explore some issues of emerging importance for your ministry.

Jeff Jones, Director of Distance Learning and coordinator of the seminar, would like to meet with seniors who are interested in discussing both the format and topics. He's reserved the small dining beginning at 5:00 on Monday, April 3.

If you'd like to join in this discussion please e-mail him at to let him know you're coming. All students who are graduating in May are invited.


Jeff Jones
Director of Distance Learning

BTI Newsletter Available - March 21
The March 21, 2006 issue of the BTI Newsletter and back issues are also on-line at

Conference on Ministries March 24-25: We are very excited that we have 19 prospective students and supporters scheduled to arrive EARLY and spend the night on Thursday, (which seems to be the largest number ever!), with one couple even arriving from Arkansas on Wednesday night. In addition, we have 17 more scheduled to arrive on Friday to stay over in the residence halls, with another 31 who have signed up to come for the Conference. There are even 5 people on a waiting list for housing, depending on cancellations.

Please try to come over to Sturtevant Hall on Thursday evening, March 23 to meet and help some of your potential class mates get acclimated and settled in! We will have some microwave popcorn and other snacks. There may be folks who are interested in going down the hill for a meal or going into Boston, or if they are early enough, going to the cafeteria. There might even be some March Madness games to watch!

Sample classes with Daniel Jeyaraj and Beth Nordbeck will be held from 11:00-11:50 and 1:00-1:50 on Friday in Davis Hall. Bob PazmiƱo will teach a class during the morning session only.

Alex will be the Moderator for the Alumni/ae Panel with Pat Guthmann Haresch, Barbara Simmons, Rosevarte DeSouza, and Donna Manocchio on Friday from 3:45-4:45 in the Meetinghouse.

Friday night, as you know, we will be having Carrie Newcomer in concert over in Stoddard Hall from 7:30-9:00. In addition I have asked our prospective students to feel free to bring an instrument, poem, or dance as part of an informal sharing/jam session on Friday evening, after the formal concert with Carrie Newcomer! You are welcome to be a part of this, which will either take place in Stoddard or Sturtevant Hall, TBD.

Carrie will also be offering a workshop on Saturday in the Meetinghouse from 9-10:30: "When the Soul's Great Joy Meets the World's Great Need: Exploration of Faith and Vocation, Activism and Art." The cost is $20.

A Program Fair from 10:30-12:00, including the Labyrinth will be an opportunity to talk with folks and pick up literature from the different programs we offer as well as several of the student fellowships.

Mark Heim will be the moderator for the Faculty panel (1:30-2:30 Saturday) to include Sharon Thornton, Sarah Drummond, and Daniel Jeyaraj.

We are concluding the two-day conference with alums June Cooper of City Mission Society and Lael Atkinson of Payson Park Church (UCC), Belmont, MA leading the closing worship service (3:15-4:00, Saturday) in Colby Chapel.

Please feel free to take part in this important two-day conference by attending some of the events, making yourselves available to talk with prospective students, maybe driving folks to the airport or train Darrick at x289 or me at x294 ( or Contact Alex at x313 regarding any of the Carrie Newcomer events.

Thanks for your support!!
Peg, Darrick and Alex

Wailing Wall Prayers
As most of you know, there is a wailing wall for your prayers for
peace and laments outside the lobby of Stoddard. Since we will have
to take the wall down before long, on Wednesday 3/22 at chapel the
prayers that have been left in the wall will be offered up to God
with a moment of silence. They won't be opened or read, just offered
as a group to be "held in the Light" (as Quakers say.) Thank you for
the offerings so far and please do add more. They will be collected
at the wall just before noon on Wednesday. If you have questions:
Cynthia Knowles, 617-838-7294,

Peace Pole Dedication - March 21, 2007
Tuesday 3/21 5:00-5:20 pm (Rain date: Wednesday 3/22, same time)
At the Peace Pole (between Dabney and Worcester) dedicated by ANTS alums.

Nick Carter will give a blessing at the Peace Pole Dedication on
Tuesday at 5:00 pm at the Peace Pole between Dabney and Worcester.
The classes of 2005 and 2006 gave us this Peace Pole. Many of them
(and maybe some of you) started their seminary education on 9/11, so
this gift is especially meaningful. Please come and invite others to
join us. (It will only last about 20 minutes.)
Contact: Cynthia Knowles, 617-838-7294,

Peace Week: Vigil - Tuesday, March 21
Date : 21st Mar 2006
Time : 11:45:00 AM
Do I work for peace and justice?
Outside Davis/Worcester (inside if raining)

Peace Week: My Experience in the Mideast - Tuesday, Mar. 21, 2006
21st Mar 2006
12:00:00 PM
Presentation by Melissa Kreider. Part of the series promoting non-violence towards our human landscape.
Location : Small Dining Room

Stuart Lecture Series - Tuesday, March 21
"Ethics & Media"
Tom Ashbrook, panel moderator
March 21, 2006
7:00 - 8:00 p.m.
Stoddard Hall

Moderator Tom Ashbrook was awarded the Livingston Prize for National Reporting and was a Nieman Fellow at Harvard University before taking a plunge into Internet entrepreneurship, chronicled in his book, The Leap. Mr. Ashbrook was enlisted to host emergency coverage of the 9/11 attacks for National Public Radio through WBUR, Boston. The resulting program, On Point, has become a popular regular feature on WBUR.

Panelists include Liz walker and Ann Baird McClenahan.

Liz Walker is the highly-acclaimed news anchor and host of "Sunday With Liz Walker" on CBS4 in Boston. Liz, as you may know, received her Master of Divinity from Harvard Divinity School. Liz is an activist on the genocide in Darfur. In addition, she has recently agreed to become a Trustee of Andover Newton.

Ann Baird McClenahan's resume covers three areas: media, business and ethics. She received her doctorate in Theology from Harvard and is currently an instructor and teaching fellow at Harvard. She has been a business ethics columnist for the Washington Business Journal, and she has also had a full career in marketing, having been a Senior Vice President at HECHINGER COMPANY, Pizza Hut, and Earl, Palmer Brown. At the latter, she oversaw - among others - the Washington Post account.

More info:

Sponsored by Faith, Health and Spirituality
6:00-7:30 p.m.

Wednesday, March 22, "Finding Weapons of Mass Salvation in the Fight Against Global AIDS"
Professor Brita Gill-Austern will give a visual presentation showing how the global AIDS pandemic is impacting Africa and countries throughout the world. She will help to identify places where we can intervene to break the cycle of structural violence that leads to massive suffering, conflict and war, as well as identify places where we can find weapons of mass salvation - the real weapons of peace - in the fight against the greatest plague in human history. In Peck Conference Room.

Tuesday, March 28, "A BIG Ministry to AIDS Orphans in Zimbabwe"
The Rev. Abiot Moyo will make a presentation on the BIG Ministry he began to improve living conditions, and to provide educational and professional development to disadvantaged communities and care for children and those infected with and affected by AIDS in Zimbabwe.
In Peck Conference Room.

More info:

Starting Your Benefits - Establishing Your Future - March 22, 2006
UCC Benefits and the Pastoral Call Agreement
March 22, 2006
9 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (with a break for lunch)

-Elements of a Pastoral Call Agreement
-UCC Health and Pension Benefits
-Continuing Education and Ongoing Pastoral Formation
Leaders: Robert J. McGrath, Director, Member Education, The Pension Boards, UCC

More information and registration:

"Mixed Blessings: The Challenges Facing Jewish-Christian Families" - Weds., March 22
Wednesday, march 22
5:00 - 8:00 PM, Wednesday, March 22, 2006
Berenson Hall, Hebrew College

Journeys on the Hill invites you for free pizza and a movie!

"Mixed Blessings: The Challenges Facing Jewish-Christian Families"

Dinner, film screening and discussion with the film maker, Jennifer Kaplan.

Sponsored by Journeys on the Hill (JOTH), as part of our ongoing 2005/2006 programming on rites and passages, Christian and Jewish approaches to the life cycle.

We teach our children to wash their hands and brush their teeth. But when it comes to religious traditions, our path may not be so straightforward.

For some families, the journey is clear and certain. Others travel a bumpier road with many surprising turns.

This program will explore the challenges of interfaith couples as they raise their children. The film is a window into the lives of four families, each responding in a different way.

After watching the film together, we will have the opportunity to engage each other and the film maker in discussion, and to reflect as theologians, as pastors-to-be, and simply as concerned Jewish and Christian individuals.

For more information, please contact:

Brian Besser (Hebrew College):

Leslie Becknell (ANTS):

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