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Friday, May 12, 2006

ANTS Student E-News - Friday, May 12, 2006

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- Appleton Chase to Go Partly Co-ed
- Help Wanted - Buildings and Grounds
- Raise a song! - A Public Hymn Sing with Don Saliers - June 25
- Crazy Faith: A Festival of Biblical Stories with Susan Smith - June 27
- Are We A Christian Nation? - May 25, 2006

Appleton Chase to Go Partly Co-ed
Hi Everyone,

Beginning next year the first floor of Appleton Chase will be co-ed, with 2 men or 2 women sharing a bathroom. The second floor will remain women only. This provides men with a second option for inexpensive housing at ANTS, so their choices match those that women have.

Other new and revised housing policies for next year include:

--Allowing an adult son or daughter or parent to share an apartment with an ANTS student
--Allowing some non-BTI students to live in housing (after ANTS, Hebrew College, & BTI students have been accommodated)
--Allowing two unrelated people to share a 1 bedroom in Fuller (these are set up so that each person would have a separate bedroom and bath and share a kitchen)
--Marriage/Co-habitation policy: requiring all married couples to provide a copy of their marriage license and all non-married couples to sign a (still to be developed) statement of commitment, whether they are heterosexual or gay/lesbian.

I wish to thank those community members who volunteered to meet with me and give me feedback about housing policy issues: Joy Honen, Jen Duhamel, Erica Baron, Len Hayward, Jen Holloman, and Cherylann Richards.

Have a good weekend,


Nancy Nienhuis
Dean of Students and Community Life

Help Wanted - Buildings and Grounds
Building and Grounds is in search of a new Nightwatch Person. Some mechanical skills desirable. Candidates must be willing to adhere to a set schedule (usually every other week) and be willing to respond to emergency calls from our after-hours answering service. Letters of interest should be dropped off at the Building & Grounds office located in the basement of Sturtevant Hall no later than May 26, 2006.

Building & Grounds

Raise a song! - A Public Hymn Sing with Don Saliers - June 25
Sunday, June 25, 7:30-9 p.m.

The psalmist invites us to "raise a song" (Ps. 81. 1), and we all know what this means. It is the rhythm of singing we practice week by week as we gather for worship. It is the call that rises within us from the dark places of fear and worry, and in the bright moments of exuberant joy. It reminds us that how we sing our lives lies at the heart of our faith. How do we come before God in our singing, learning to cry out from the places of human pain and moral complexity for the mercies of God?

How do we name the joyful elements of our lives, and find language and melody for praise, blessing, and thanksgiving? This hymn sing will give voice to such questions, in our music-making and hymnsinging, as we sing together and reflect upon hymns as one of the great gifts of our faith. We will explore the contrasts between laments and doxology, with a selection of new hymns mixed in with some classics, as well as a touch of Taizé and Iona along the way.

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Crazy Faith: A Festival of Biblical Stories with Susan Smith - June 27
Tuesday, June 27

Why be ordinary? The biblical stories are anything but * ordinary: full of wild happenings, some terrible and others wonderful. To guide us in entering this strange and marvelous world, this session explores the power and promise of stories from the Bible. As a preview of her forthcoming book, Crazy Faith, Susan Smith will engage us in the drama of scriptural narratives, helping us to glean from them the power they hold and apply their lessons "from of old" to our present day lives and challenges.
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Are We A Christian Nation? - May 25, 2006
The Moral Nation: Alternative Voices

Thursday, May 25th
7:30 P.M. in Stoddard Hall

What do preachers mean when they call for a new morality? What do they mean when they refer to the United States as a "Christian Nation?" What would the impact of a "Christian Nation" be on America's diverse population? Speakers: Diana Eck. Ph.D., Harvard University; the Rev. Arthur Kennedy, University of St. Thomas; Rabbi David Gordis, president, Hebrew College. Moderator: President Nick Carter, Andover Newton Theological School.

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