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Friday, May 05, 2006

ANTS Student E-News - Friday, May 5, 2006 - News and Event Board

- New Jobs on the Web Site
- Evangelical Association Meeting - May 10
- Spring Fling!

- Join Jim Wallis in Washington, DC - June 26-28
- Faith Voices for the Common Good
- Before the Amen: Resources for Worship - Seeking Contributions

New Jobs on the Web Site
Visit the Jobs Board on the ANTS web site at:

Several new job opportunities were posted this week.

There is a link to the Jobs Board from the ANTS Home page under Student
Quick Links in the right column.

Evangelical Association Meeting - May 10
Wednesday May 10 2006
6 p.m.
Library Meeting Room

The Evangelical Association of ANTS would like to invite students,
faculty, and staff to an organization meeting on Wednesday May 10, 2006.
The agenda of the meeting will be to evaluate and discuss the mission,
purpose, and organization of the Evangelical Association going into next
year. We will also prepare a budget proposal and brainstorm ideas for
evangelical-type events to be held in the fall.

Please join us as we begin this exciting journey.

Contact: Jason Bachand

Spring Fling!
May 12 & 13
Friday afternoon to Saturday afternoon/evening
On the quad

Come join the end of year celebration!
Bring your families!
We will be having bar-b-que, lawn games (weather permitting)
Friday afternoon bring your own grillable proteins. Student Life will
provide sodas and water.
Saturday's bar-b-que hot dogs, hamburgers, and veggie burgers will be

Bring something to share!

Let's celebrate the springtime and end of the semester, and send off
our graduates in style!

As this is a family event, and per the standing SA policy, this event
will be alcohol free.

Contact: Carol Hayward

Join Jim Wallis in Washington, DC - June 26-28
Join Rev. Jim Wallis and hundreds of faith leaders for Pentecost 2006:
Building a Covenant for a New America.

In Washington, expensive consultants get paid a lot of money to explain
to political groups how to launch a new campaign - from the most
high-powered speakers to the most eye-popping color schemes.

For our next major campaign at Sojourners and Call to Renewal, we're
not turning to consultants. We're turning to you.

We officially invite you to come to Washington, D.C., June 26-28, 2006,
to help us and our partners launch our next major initiative: The
Covenant for a New America. The covenant is a bold, solutions-based
anti-poverty vision and platform that transcends ideology. We hope
you'll join us in Washington to deliver this covenant - a promise of
hope and justice - to your legislators on Capitol Hill, and then learn
how to build this promise of hope in your community back home.

Register Online Now for Pentecost 2006: Building a Covenant for a New

Faith Voices for the Common Good
The Institute for Women's Policy Research (IWPR) is holding an
unprecedented online convening of women, where we will write a statement
on women's vision for public life--and how we might live it out in
policymaking and practice.
The event is sponsored by IWPR's project on Politics, Religion, and
Women's Public Vision, which is raising the visibility of women's values
for public life and building networks among women in religious movements
for social justice and women's movement organizing. By participating,
you will help us develop a statement and policy agenda that seeks to
advance women's values in American public life.

There are two opportunities to participate:
May 15, 2006, 4 pm to 6 pm EST (East Coast time)
May 18, 2006, 4 pm to 6 pm PST (West Coast time)

Please register by Wednesday, May 10th.

More information:

Before the Amen: Resources for Worship - Seeking Contributions
Pilgrim Press will publish Before the Amen! Resources for Worship in
2008. The editors will be Maren C. Tirabassi and Maria I. Tirabassi.

They are seeking contributions of:
- Calls to worship, opening prayers, confessions and assurances of
grace, dedication prayers and litanies which connect to lectionary
scriptures or are seasonally or scripturally based.
- Creative liturgy for Holy Communion and Baptism.
- Scripted readings, short chancel dramas, interesting worship
- New words for familiar times (such as Advent Wreath, Tenebrae,
Stewardship Sunday), new styles (yoga or hip hop worship), and new
occasions. (healing services, blessings of the animals)
- Brief unison prayers on special issues. (such as prayer at a time of
natural disaster, prayer after domestic violence, prayer before leaving
for college, prayer for a surrogate parent, etc.)
- We are not looking for music or pastoral prayers.

Deadline: October 1, 2006

For more information and how to contribute see:

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