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Monday, June 26, 2006

ANTS Student E-News - Monday, June 26, 2006

In this message
- Evangelical Fellowship Meeting - June 28
- Campus Summer Schedule
- Food Pantry
- Are You Struggling?
- World Cup Final Pot Luck Party!!! - July 9
- Dorm Residents Meeting - July 5
- Faith Youth Institute (FYI) 2006, July 8-16, 2006

Evangelical Fellowship Meeting - June 28

The Evangelical Fellowship invites all students, faculty, and staff to
join us for our weekly meeting in Sturtevant Hall, Wednesday June 28 at

We will be continuing our planning for the fall and our prayerful
discussion of the book of Isaiah.


Campus Summer Schedule
The offices and the Library will close at 1PM on Fridays throughout
the summer. This schedule will be in effect from Friday, July 7th
through Friday, September 1st.

Our Offices and Library are closed on Tuesday, July 4th and Monday,
September 4 for the holidays.

Food Pantry
Dear Community Members,

As you know we keep a small food pantry in Sturtevant Hall (on the left
as you enter the student lounge area). This can be very helpful to
many of our students, particularly during the summer months when they
don't have the meal plan. Please remember to bring items for the
pantry from time to time (non-perishable only, please), as you are
able. I know those who need this assistance appreciate it very much.

Thank you,


Nancy Nienhuis
Dean of Students and Community Life

Are You Struggling?
Dear Students,

If you are having a rough time making ends meet, buying groceries and
so forth, please let me know. I will keep our conversations
confidential but I want to insure that none of you goes hungry. We are
going to try to keep the food pantry well stocked for those of you who
need this assistance, but if you are still struggling, I want to know!
Please talk to me. There are many ways for me to assist you.


Nancy Nienhuis
Dean of Students and Community Life

World Cup Final Pot Luck Party!!! - July 9
July 9, 2006
2:30 P.M.

If you are a Football (Soccer to we Americans) fan or are just a World
Cup watcher or don't care for it, but won't pass up a chance for a
party with food, then have we got a plan for you.


We will be projecting the Final game on the big screen in the Student
Lounge, in High Definition! The party starts at 2:30 PM, the game at
2:55 PM.

Bring something to share; this includes food, friends and family. Our
party is for students, faculty, staff, alumni, friends of ANTS, friends
of friends of ANTS...

See you there!

Sponsored by the Student Association.

Contact: Len Hayward

Dorm Residents Meeting - July 5
Mark your calendars: Wednesday, July 5th at 5:30pm; Sturtevant Lounge

Faith Youth Institute 2006 will be during the dates of July 8-16. Come
to a meeting on July 5th at 5:30pm to learn about Faith Youth Institute
this summer! Pose any questions you may have about sharing the
residential community this summer. FYI director Alex Kern and program
administrator Matt Carriker will be at this meeting to discuss any
questions or concerns that you may have. See you there! Snacks will
be provided!

Faith Youth Institute
July 8-16, 2006,
800-964-2687 x267

"Blessed Are You" (Matthew 5:1-12):
Faith Youth Institute (FYI) 2006, July 8-16, 2006
A nine-day summer adventure in faith, theology, service, community, and

Do you know youth between 15-18 years old who are: seeking to explore
faith more deeply; looking to exercise their spiritual gifts,
leadership, and possible vocational callings; eager to build new,
meaningful friendships and community; and excited about putting faith
into action and making a difference in the world through urban
service-learning? If so, please encourage them to apply for Faith
Youth Institute: a seminary and urban immersion adventure of a lifetime!
FYI provides an opportunity for youth to ask difficult questions,
create and lead exciting worship services, do meaningful community
service work with the homeless community and dynamic urban ministries,
and have more fun than you can imagine! Our theme for the week will be
the Beatitudes in Matthew 5:1-12. Encourage youth to apply soon!
There are only several spaces remaining!

Also, save the date of Saturday, July 15, 7:00pm, in the Meetinghouse.
FYI's closing Celebration of Blessedness is a multimedia extravaganza,
featuring music, student filmmaking, poetry, arts, spoken word, drama,
and dance. All are welcome!

For: Ages 15-18
Location: Andover Newton Theological School, Newton Centre,
Dates: July 8-16, 2006
Cost: sliding scale to $650, depending on income; scholarships
available, churches are encouraged to assist youth in attending
Deadline: rolling admission, the sooner the better!
Contact: Matt Carriker: 800-964-2687 x267 or, or Alex
Kern, x313,
Do visit our website:

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