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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

ANTS Student E-News - Wednesday, June 28, 2006

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- Good News on Air Conditioning
- ANTS Alumni/ae In the News
- Evangelical Fellowship Meeting - June 28
- Campus Summer Schedule

Good News on Air Conditioning
Dear ANTS Summer Residents,

Good News!

We have negotiated an arrangement with Lincoln Air Conditioning to
provide air conditioning in the residence halls. From now on all
residents in Appleton-Chase, Fuller, and Herrick House will be able to
have air conditioning for the full season (or year-round if you wish).
In Fuller and Herrick you may have more than one unit/apartment if you
wish. You will be able to contract for services directly with Lincoln.
They will rent you an air conditioner, install it, and remove it at
the end of September, all for one fee (see below). They use high
energy efficient air conditioners, so the annual cost of running them is
very low. Unfortunately, due to wiring constraints we cannot allow air
conditioners in Farwell, and Kendall units are granted on a per request
basis only, through my office.

Every resident in Appleton Chase, Fuller, or Herrick who rents an AC
unit will be charged a $50/unit electric surcharge for the season. If,
due to allergies or whatever you elect to keep the unit installed
throughout the year for occasional use as needed, a second surcharge of
$50/unit will be billed to your student account. No one will be
allowed to install their own unit. We are doing this because
improperly installed units have resulted in ruined window sills and
electrical problems.

Since some of you already received medical clearance from me to install
AC units, you will be allowed to continue to use them for this year.
If you have already installed your own air conditioner, you will be
billed $75 for the season, and an additional $75 for the full year if
you want it year-round, unless you have documentation showing that the
unit you installed is an Energy Star, highly efficient unit. In that
case the fee would drop down to $50 per billing.

Fees and Details:
The fees are based on the difficulty of installation. These fees are
annual fees (there is no difference if you elect to keep it just for
the summer season, i.e. you install the AC unit May 1 and have it
removed end of September).

Appleton Chase $225/unit
Fuller: $140/unit
Herrick House: $210/unit for the small front windows, $140/unit for the
double hung windows.

Contact Information:
Lincoln Air Conditioning, 1-800-439-1780

1) Call Lincoln and arrange to have an AC unit installed. They will
give you a date of installation (if they have several requests they'll
install them within 1-2 days. If they have 1 request they may wait
until they get another couple before they come out).
2) Arrange to let them into the building and your room. If you cannot
be there due to work or whatever, arrange to leave the keys with
Jennifer Shaw, Interim Housing Coordinator, so they can get into your
3) You leave a check on the window sill in which you want the AC unit
installed. They install it and leave you a receipt on the AC unit.
4) If you have any problems with the units you contact Lincoln

Lincoln has decades of experience renting AC units, and they serve
Harvard, Mit, and other local schools. I think you will find them
efficient and professional.

I am pleased to offer this service to you, and hope it makes living at
ANTS during the summer much more comfortable!

Take care,


Dr. Nancy Nienhuis
Dean of Students and Community Life
Worcester 104
Andover Newton Theological School
210 Herrick Rd.
Newton Center, MA 02459

1-617-964-1100, ext. 260

ANTS Alumni/ae In the News
The wedding of ANTS alumni/ae Darcy (Smith) Borden and Carl Borden '06
was featured in the Newark Star Ledger recently. See article (very long
URL below):

Evangelical Fellowship Meeting - June 28

The Evangelical Fellowship invites all students, faculty, and staff to
join us for our weekly meeting in Sturtevant Hall, Wednesday June 28 at

We will be continuing our planning for the fall and our prayerful
discussion of the book of Isaiah.


Campus Summer Schedule
The offices and the Library will close at 1PM on Fridays throughout
the summer. This schedule will be in effect from Friday, July 7th
through Friday, September 1st.

Our Offices and Library are closed on Tuesday, July 4th and Monday,
September 4 for the holidays.

ANTS E-news
Karen Brockney
617-964-1100 ext. 225