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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

ANTS Student E-News - Wednesday Mornng, July 5, 2006

Dorm residents meeting and Safe Church Issues - TODAY
Mark your calendars: Wednesday, July 5th at 5:30pm; Sturtevant Lounge

Faith Youth Institute 2006 will be during the dates of July 8-16. Come
to a meeting on July 5th at 5:30pm to learn about Faith Youth Institute
this summer! Pose any questions you may have about sharing the
residential community this summer. FYI director Alex Kern and program
administrator Matt Carriker will be at this meeting to discuss any
questions or concerns that you may have. Snacks will be provided!

Safe Church Guidelines apply to ANTS community members (in relation to
the high school youth in the FYI program) during the FYI week between
July 8-16. As regards the "two adult" rule in Safe Church guidelines,
please avoid situations in which one adult is left alone with one youth
in private spaces. This concern does not apply when two youth are
present with an adult (whether FYI staff or not) in public spaces or

Otherwise, other Safe Church Guidelines include: not inviting youth into
rooms or private spaces; not offering ministry or pastoral care to
students unless designated staff; not allowing youth in your cars; not
engaging in sexual activity or email correspondence with youth; and,
reporting any suspicious behavior (please call the FYI number:
800-964-2687, x.267). Thank you to everyone in the ANTS community for
making this FYI week an amazing experience!!

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