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Monday, August 07, 2006

ANTS Student E-News - Monday, August 7, 2006

In this message
- Welcome BBQ for Prof. Narola Imchen & Family
- Courses CLOSED
- Student Health Insurance
- Welcome to Mary Milay, Administrative Assistant
- New Jobs on the Web Site
- Chaplains Needed, Massachusetts Army National Guard

Welcome BBQ for Prof. Narola Imchen & Family
August 9, 2006
On the Quad

Please join us for a welcome BBQ for Visiting Judson Scholar Dr. Narola
Imchen, her husband Lima and son Aosen, this Wednesday, 8/9, at Noon.
The Imchens have just arrived from Nagaland, India.

The Student Association will provide grillable proteins and drinks. We
are asking people to bring a side dish or dessert (brownies and
chocolate chip cookies are always popular) to share. We will also have
Bocce and other games.

See you there!

Contact: Len Hayward

Courses CLOSED
The following Fall 2006 courses are closed:

CMPR 625 Holistic Preaching
EL-NEWT748 Revelation
CMPR 601 Christian Preaching
PSYF 762 Spiritual Practices for Healing and Wholeness

Student Health Insurance
The School is in the process of changing our student health insurance
provider. The new company will be Student Resources and the annual
premiun will be $944. The company is in the process of preparing the
enrollment forms, waiver cards and brochures which will be mailed
directly to you within the next few weeks.

Welcome to Mary Milay, Administrative Assistant

A significant increase of activity, appointments and travel for the
President, in combination with an ongoing commitment to accessibility,
has necessitated that we strengthen our staff support in these areas.
For this reason it gives me pleaure to announce that we have a new part
time administrative assistant in the office.

Mary Milay lives in Newton but hails from Western Massachusetts. She
has worked in a number of educational office settings at Greenfield and
Berkshire Community Colleges. More recently she co-managed the central
office of the Eaglebrook School in Deerfield, MA. She is happy to be
working in an environment that "is in harmony with many of her values."

Mary will be in the office Monday - Thursday mornings. Her extension
is 298. Her primary duty will be to coordinate and schedule
appointments for the President although she will help us in many other
ways. We request that when possible you check with her first when you
need to schedule appointments.

We have introduced Mary to many of you. We ask that if you have not
met her to feel free to stop by and welcome her to the School. Thank

Rose L. Costas
Assistant to the President

New Jobs on the Web Site
Visit the Jobs Board on the ANTS web site at:

Several new job opportunities were posted recently.

Chaplains Needed, Massachusetts Army National Guard
We have received this request from the Chaplain Corps:

Currently, the Massachusetts Army National Guard Chaplain Corps is
experiencing an unprecedented crisis. Although we are authorized 15
chaplains within the state, we have been able to fill only three of
these positions. It is an understatement to say that we are extremely

desperate for pastors, priests, and ministers to meet this
requirement. We are also actively recruiting for our chaplain
candidate program in an attempt to get individuals in the pipeline to

eventually bring them on board as full chaplains.

With Kind Regards,

Chaplain Candidate
Massachusetts Army National Guard
Office of the State Chaplain

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