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Thursday, August 31, 2006

ANTS Student E-News - Thursday, August 31, 2006

- Student Loan Recipients Can Charge Books
- ANTS Connect Accounts TODAY
- Campus Groups in Connect - Problems and Requests

- Community Day - Tuesday, Sept. 26
- Community Box Lunch Picnic - Sept. 13 - RESERVATIONS REQUIRED
- Extended Bookstore Hours

Student Loan Recipients Can Charge Books

To qualify, you must bring signed authorization from the Business
Office to the bookstore before purchasing your textbooks. You and the
Business Office will receive a copy of your invoice for your textbook
purchases and your account will be billed that amount.

You no longer need to wait until your loan funds are deposited in your
account. You don't have to play catch-up after classes begin.

Thank you to Dean Nienhuis, Michael Delfino of the Business Office, and
the Massachusetts Bible Society for making this possible.

ANTS Connect Accounts TODAY
Notices about ANTS Connect accounts were sent to most returning and new
students today.

- For returning students, your account information was sent to your
ANTS.EDU e-mail address.
- For new students, your account information was sent to your ANTS.EDU
e-mail address and your home e-mail.

NOTE: Students who used Connect for summer courses will not receive a
notice -- you can continue to use your current account.

Karen is still working on creating accounts for auditors, Ministers in
the Vicinity, e-learners and others.
If you did not receive a notification, please send e-mail to Karen
Brockney at

Campus Groups in Connect - Problems and Requests
Students are reporting an error when trying to join a campus group in
Connect. This problem is being addressed by our software provider.

Group Leaders -- Please send me e-mail and I will send you a Campus
Group Leaders Guide to help you get started.

Karen Brockney

Community Day - Tuesday, Sept. 26
Dear Community Members,

We are in the planning stages of the fall Community Day, Tuesday
September 26. All classes are canceled on this day so that faculty,
staff, and students can go "off the hill" to be of service in various
communities. If you would like to help us plan this day, you would be
most welcome. Please send me an email.

Take good care,

Nancy Nienhuis

Dean of Students and Community Life

Community Box Lunch Picnic - Sept. 13 - RESERVATIONS REQUIRED
Sept. 13, 2006
12:00 p.m.
On the Quad

All new and returning ANTS students and other members of the ANTS
community are invited to a Box Lunch Picnic on the Quad on Wednesday,
September 13 2005 at 12:00 p.m., prior to Opening Convocation.

The picnic is free, but advance reservations are required from
(including students on the meal plan). If you plan to attend, please
RSVP to Kerri Saucier in the Development Office at
She needs to hear from you no later than Tuesday, September 5.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Extended Bookstore Hours
The bookstore is offering extended bookstore hours starting next week
and the week following to assist students in getting off to a good

Closed Monday, September 4, Labor Day.
Tuesday-Thursday, 10 am -6 pm.
Friday, September 8/Orientation Day #1: 8 am - 5 pm
Saturday, September 9/Orientation Day #2: 10 am - 4 pm.

Monday, September 11 (classes begin) through Friday, September 15 early
opening each day at 8 am.

ANTS E-news
Karen Brockney
617-964-1100 ext. 225