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Friday, September 22, 2006

ANTS Student E-News - Friday, Sept. 22, 2006

- Construction Update
- ANTS In the News - Sept. 21, 2006
- Yoga Monday Mornings
- SA Meeting - October 3, 2006
- Health Insurance Information
- Gas Line Project Begins Monday, Sept. 25
- Community Day is Tuesday - Sept. 26 - Offices Closed
- Library Open in the Evening - Tuesday, Sept. 26
- Preparation for Peacemakers: Forgiveness Training - OCt. 12-14

- BTI Student Retreat - Sept. 29 - Oct 1
- Community Day BBQ Dinner - Tuesday, Sept. 26
- Open Labyrinth Walks - Wednesdays
- Eleventh Annual Fall Symposium on Liturgy, Worship and the Arts -
Sept. 24

Construction Update
I wanted to give you a few updates on the progress of the construction.
The good news is that we are ahead of schedule! The hope is that the
building will be enclosed by mid-November. The bad news, many of you
suffered through some very loud pounding this past week. We learned
that the stairs outside Davis had been poured as a massive concrete slab
and it required much more than we'd anticipated to remove it. I
apologize for the inconvenience that noise and dust may have caused.

The next step in this process is also going to be inconvenient for a
time. We are about to put in a new gas line (for Noyes and the Chapel).
The work crews will be here on Monday and probably continue through the
middle of the following week (10 business days). Look for a detailed
message from Frank Cavaco about traffic and parking.

The work crew will begin down near Herrick House, come up past
President Carter's house, cut across the quad, and then run down the
road along the quad in front of Sturtevant, Noyes and Kendall to the
chapel. While this will be a disruption, traffic should be able to
continue on all roads during most of the construction. At the most there
will be temporary blockages (15-20 min). However, when the crew is
working on the quad, parking will probably be limited to the
Dabney-Worcester side - eliminating any parking on the southeast side of
the quad (this will last for about 2-3 days).

At the same time that this is happening Shawmut is going to be laying
the new water pipe for the chapel. They are currently digging and laying
pipe behind the chapel. Soon they will come up in front of Fuller, cross
the road in front of the chapel and then connect to the water main in
front of Worcester. If all goes well the two excavation efforts will by
in sync and limit our disruptions. Hopefully we can endure this with
the wonderful knowledge that the result will be our beautiful new
worship space. I thank you in advance for your patience!

Have a good weekend,


Nancy Nienhuis
Dean of Students and Community Life

ANTS In the News - Sept. 21, 2006
From U.S. Newswire, 9/21/2006:

The Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice (RCRC) today filed an
amici curiae brief with the U.S. Supreme Court in Gonzales v. Carhart,
challenging the first-ever federal abortion ban on religious grounds and
urging the court to strike it down.

"The Court's decision in this case will have enormous consequences for
every woman in this country, and for the men and children who love and
depend on them," said Reverend Carlton W. Veazey, president and CEO of
the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice. Although opponents of
legal abortion claim the law before the court would ban only one
procedure that they call "partial-birth abortion," the law actually
would ban several procedures used early in pregnancy. RCRC informs the
court that many religions oppose such undue restrictions on legal
abortion because of their belief that a woman's health must be

"This case will determine if the law will continue to protect the
ability of women to choose the safest abortion procedure in cases where
their health is at stake or when their baby has such severe problems
that it will die shortly after birth," Reverend Veazey said.

Fifteen other religious and religiously affiliated organizations, seven
Episcopal bishops, other religious leaders and scholars, and the
presidents of Andover Newton Theological School, the Pacific School of
Religion, and Union Theological Seminary have joined the brief.

Read complete story:

Yoga Monday Mornings
8:00 a.m. in the Peck Room

YOGA with Dana Moore, Kripalu Certified Instructor
MTS from Yale Divinity School
Every Monday 8 am in Peck Conference Room
FREE to all students, spouses, staff and faculty (mats available)
Sponsored by Faith Health and Spirituality

SA Meeting - October 3, 2006
Tuesday, October 3rd
5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Dining Hall

Please submit any agenda items to Len Hayward,, no
later than Sunday, October 1st, Noon.

Hope to see you there!

Contact: Len Hayward

Health Insurance Information
Several of you covered by our student health insurance provider have
asked about policy numbers and ID numbers. The Business Office should
have this information by Monday. You should have the physical membership
cards by the first week of October at the latest. Questions about the
health insurance company should be addressed to Michael Delfino in the
Business Office.

There have been some delays setting up coverage with the new health
insurance company. We all regret the delay, but hope that this company
will provide better coverage for you all.

Thank you for your patience,

Amelia O'Dowd
Housing Coordinator

Gas Line Project Begins Monday, Sept. 25
The Feeney Brothers will begin tearing up Herrick Road on Monday,
September 25 to install a new gas line for the new Wilson Chapel. They
will attempt to keep disruption to traffic flow at a minimum, but there
may be times in the coming days when the road will have to be blocked.
We will keep you informed as the work progresses, and as always, we
apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Building & Grounds

Community Day is Tuesday - Sept. 26 - Offices Closed
Dear Students,

A reminder that Community Day is Tuesday, Sept. 26. We have already
had about 60 people sign up. We are still looking for more volunteers
to go to the Charles River Conservancy site where the team will be doing
pruning, planting, and so forth along the Charles River (team leaders on
that site are Prof. Greg Mobley and President Nick Carter). So if you
can go, please let me know ASAP! If you've already signed up, we've
already assigned you and you should be hearing about that assignment
very soon.

FYI, all offices and the library will be closed on Tuesday during the
day. Our focus on the hill that day is Community Day. If you cannot go
with us, you are welcome to still join us for the opening worship
service (9:30 am--on the quad if it's nice, otherwise in the Meeting
House). And everyone is invited to the Community Barbecue Tuesday night
at 6 pm on the quad. The cafeteria will be closed Tuesday evening so
this is your (free) food option, thanks to the Student Association.

Do join us, and sign up as soon as you can. Everyone who goes gets an
ANTS t-shirt. It's going to be a terrific day of community service and


Dr. Nancy Nienhuis
Dean of Students and Community Life

Library Open in the Evening - Tuesday, Sept. 26
The Library will be open from 7:00 - 10:00 p.m. on Community Day, Sept.

Northern Baptist Scholarship Applications are available in the
Financial Aid Office.

Any ABC-MDIV student may apply

Application deadline is October 27, 2006

Students must submit a letter of support/endorsement from their home
church along with their application.

Application and letter must be returned to the Financial Aid Office.

Rev. Roger Spinney will be on campus to interview students October 10
from 9:30 to 4.

Please stop by the Financial Aid Office to schedule an interview.

Preparation for Peacemakers: Forgiveness Training - OCt. 12-14
Presented by the Foundation for Reconciliation

12-14 October 2006

The Forgiveness Training sessions have three goals:

1. Promote personal transformation through cognitive, emotional,
behavioral and spiritual engagement

2. Provide specific resources and tools to:
a) Give individuals emotional control over feelings of anger and
b) Manage conflict with others
c) Build capability for peace at the individual, neighborhood and
community levels

3. Strengthen institutional mediators in the community by training
people in the theory, tools and methodologies of forgiveness and
reconciliation, who in turn become qualified to train others

* Details!
* RSVP by phone at 617.527.4880 x3

Location: Andover Newton Theological School

Thursday, Oct. 12 (6-9pm)
Friday, Oct. 13 (8:30am-5pm)
Saturday, Oct. 14 (8:30am-5pm)

More information:

BTI Student Retreat - Sept. 29 - Oct 1
The deadline for the following BTI Student Retreat has been extended
until Tuesday, September 26, 2006.

A BTI Student Retreat for Creation Consciousness
Friday-Sunday: 29 September - 1 October
Camp Wilmot (2 hour drive: near New London, New Hampshire)

Begin the school year with an engaged spiritual journey focused on
caring for the commons and the common good, as you engage nature in a
new way with Professor John Hart (Boston University School of Theology),
Rodney Petersen (BTI Director), and Rob Mark (Camp Wilmot Director and
BU graduate) - and a crew of students from the BTI schools!

Cost $55.00 (payable to the BTI) for two nights lodging in rustic
cabin; 5 meals included, with complimentary copy of Sacramental Commons.
Participants should bring warm clothes, sleeping bag, flashlight, and
rucksack with personal items. Additional information will be available
upon registration.

Persons intending to join us in this BTI Retreat should make
application to the BTI
Office (210 Herrick Road, Newton Centre, MA 02459): 617-527-4880;

Plan to attend now - We are limited in the number of persons who can be
involved in this event!

More information:

Community Day BBQ Dinner - Tuesday, Sept. 26
Tuesday, September 26th
6:00 PM
On the Quad

The Student Association is hosting a Community Day BBQ Dinner in honor
of our volunteers who have participated in the ANTS Community Day
community service.

Music by the Lisa Durkee Abbott Band, starring our own Lisa!!

All volunteers, residents, students, faculty, staff, ANTS friends and
their families are invited.

See you there!

Contact: Len Hayward

Open Labyrinth Walks - Wednesdays
Every Wednesday
7:30-9:30 p.m.

Come discover or rediscover this ancient spiritual practice. All in
the extended ANTS community are invited to come walk the labyrinth every
Wednesday night during the academic semester.

Contact: Martha Bays

Eleventh Annual Fall Symposium on Liturgy, Worship and the Arts - Sept.
Sponsored by the BTI

Episcopal Divinity School
99 Brattle Street, Harvard Square, Cambridge
Tyler Room
Sunday, September 24, 2006
2:00-5:00 PM

The Symposium on Worship and the Arts is open to the public and is free
of charge. It draws attendees and presenters from the nine BTI schools
and interested faith communities in the Greater Boston area.

Questions? Want to bring a group to attend? Contact Donna La Rue,
Convener, 16 Brooks Ave, Arlington
MA, 02474 (781-646-3013; or the BTI office
(617-527-4880) We look forward to seeing
you! Sponsored by the Boston Theological Institute, 125 Herrick Road,
Newton, MA, 02155.

More info (PDF):

ANTS E-news
Karen Brockney
617-964-1100 ext. 225