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Friday, October 13, 2006

ANTS Student E-News - Friday, October 13, 2006

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- New Winterim Class - Border Crossing on the Mexican Border to Arizona
- Pastoral Counseling as a Vocation
- Call for Candidates - Reminder
- Beck Lecture: "Early Christian Communities: Reimagining Life Together"
- Attention Seniors - Intention to Graduate Forms Due!
- Registration for Winter Session courses November 1-17
- Liddy's On Jeopardy!
- New Course Offered for Spring 2007
- Peace Fellowship Discussion on Middle East Conflict - TIME CHANGE
- National Coming Out Week Events
- Preparation for Peacemakers: Forgiveness Training
- Bookstore Announcement - Text Books
- SA Town Meeting with the Deans, Tue Oct 17th
- God's Eyes Over the Chapel - Community Art Project
- Public Symposium on "Empire and the Kingdom of God" - October 16, 2006

New Winterim Class - Border Crossing on the Mexican Border to Arizona

If you are interested in the Winterim class "A Border Crossing: A Transformative Journey" from January 22 to January 31 on the border of Mexico and Arizona please see Matthew Boulton or Brita Gill-Austern for information and registration information.

Brita L. Gill-Austern, M.Div., Ph.D.
Austin Philip Guiles Professor of Psychology and Pastoral Theology
210 Herrick Rd.
Newton Centre, MA 02459
617 964 1000 ext. 219

Pastoral Counseling as a Vocation

Interested in Pastoral Counseling as a vocation? Come to an informational meeting about the American Association of Pastoral Counselors on Thursday, November 9, 2006, from noon -2:00 p.m. in the Green Room in Dabney Hall. Bring a lunch!

Leanne Tigert

Call for Candidates - Reminder

Friday, October 13th, is the deadline for filing as a candidate for the SA Vice President, SA Secretary or Student Life Chairperson offices. Letters of intent to run should be emailed to the SA President, Len Hayward, at These letters should include a brief paragraph about your involvement on campus and your goals should you be elected.

Any questions? Email Len Hayward (

Beck Lecture: "Early Christian Communities: Reimagining Life Together"
On Monday, October 16, Dr. Hal Taussig, visiting professor of New Testament at Union, will give the annual Beck lecture in Upper Noyes Hall on the topic Early Christian Communities: Reimagining Life Together. The event is sponsored by the Massachusetts Bible Society.

Beginning at 12:45 students and faculty are welcome to Upper Noyes for the lecture. Get your free ticket for the event at the bookstore this week. Simply stop in and request a ticket from one of the staff.

Hope to see you there!

Attention Seniors - Intention to Graduate Forms Due!
From the Registrar's Office

October 30 - Nov 17- M. Div. Seniors anticipating May 2007 graduation shall go over their programs with the Registrar to assure that all course requirements for graduation will be met by the end of the next semester. Please send an e-mail to Nayda Aguila at for an appointment.

October 30-November 17-Statement of Intention to Graduate for 2007 Commencement due in the Registrar's Office. A late fee of $150 is charged after this postmarked date.
Below links for the forms.

Registration for Winter Session courses November 1-17

Registrations must be postmarked by Nov. 17. Late registrations can be accepted on the first day of class, subject to a $150 late fee. In addition to the non-refundable registration fee, the school will retain $100 of the tuition when withdrawals are made. Full payment of tuition and fees is due at time of registration. No refunds will be given after the second day of class.

Registration and payment forms for Winter Term 2007 will be available on the ANTS web site and the Registrar's office by October 25. Students who are interested in housing should contact the Housing Office.

Liddy's On Jeopardy!


Liddy Gerchman Barlow, an ANTS student, will be appearing on Jeopardy Friday, October 13th. Join us to celebrate and watch the show!

Pizza and drinks will be provided, please bring food as you wish. Fun & Games to follow.

Contact: Evn Tomeny

New Course Offered for Spring 2007
PSYC 729/829S
Pastoral Psychotherapy with Couples
Dr. Tigert
Th. 9-11:50
(Prerequisites: PSYP 607, PSYP 611, or permission of the instructor)

The present social/religious/psychological constructions and conflicts concerning marriage and family require a level of proficiency in skills and articulate insight on the part of religious leaders. The focus of this course centers upon the psychology and theology of couple relationships within this context. We will study theological understandings of sexuality, marriage, coupling, and relationship that inform pastoral and therapeutic interventions. Participants will learn psychological coupling theory, diagnoses of couple dynamics, and models of clinical treatment. We will study critical events and crises in the lives of couples (divorce/mental illness/ sexual identity/blended families/etc), and effective response on the part of the pastor, faith community, and pastoral psychotherapist. Finally, we will look at our own histories of family/sexuality/relationships and how they inform our work as professionals.

Peace Fellowship Discussion on Middle East Conflict - TIME CHANGE

Monday, OCTOBER 23rd
Jonathan Frerichs
World Council of Churches
AmbassadorฏMiddle East for15 years
Informal Discussion on Peace
Noon to 1:00pm
Discussion on Middle East Conflict
Meeting House
1:00pm -2:00pm
Come join other seminarians for PEACE as our prayers
come to fruition through our efforts of conscience;
marches, vigils, US flag washings and fasts; All in the name
of bearing witness to today’s atrocities.

National Coming Out Week Events

National Coming Out Week Events were planned by
GLANTS* (*gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer,
questioning people
at ANTS and their allies)
to promote awareness and offer support for the gay,
lesbian, bisexual and trans-gender community on

Wednesday, October 11: Community Worship in Colby
Chapel, 1pm, with Lella Baker (ANTS graduate)
preaching .

Wednesday, October 11: Labyrinth Walk
in the Meetinghouse, 6:30-9:30pm

Thursday, October 12: Unitarian Universalist Worship
in the Meetinghouse, 1pm, Darrick Jackson and Joanne
Giannino preaching on Coming Out Week.

Thursday, October 12: Art Night in the Meetinghouse,
7-10pm. God’s Eyes and rainbow fingerpaints!

Saturday, October 14: Pot Luck Supper in Sturtevant,
6:30. Bring your favorite dish to share and your own
plates and utensils.

Questions? Contact Erica at

Preparation for Peacemakers: Forgiveness Training

12-14 October 2006
The Forgiveness Training sessions have three goals:

1. Promote personal transformation through cognitive, emotional, behavioral and spiritual engagement

2. Provide specific resources and tools to:
a) Give individuals emotional control over feelings of anger and hatred
b) Manage conflict with others
c) Build capability for peace at the individual, neighborhood and community levels

3. Strengthen institutional mediators in the community by training people in the theory, tools and methodologies of forgiveness and reconciliation, who in turn become qualified to train others

• Details!
• RSVP by phone at 617.527.4880 x3

Location: Andover Newton Theological School

Thursday, Oct. 12 (6-9pm)
Friday, Oct. 13 (8:30am-5pm)
Saturday, Oct. 14 (8:30am-5pm)

Bookstore Announcement - Text Books

Beginning the week of October 10 the bookstore will return to publishers unsold excess textbooks (those books that exceed the size of each class's enrollment). Once that is done, multiple copies of unsold texts will be returned as publishers' return guidelines allow. The bookstore leaves at least 1 copy of each text on hand in the bookstore. Please make sure you have the texts you need to complete your coursework for the semester. If you are working under budget constraints, please contact the bookstore manager, Joyce Simon, to make arrangements for your textbooks.

SA Town Meeting with the Deans, Tue Oct 17th
Nancy Nienhuis, Dean of Students, and Bill Herzog, Dean of Academics, will be joining us for a Town Meeting in the Dining Hall, Oct 17th, 5 PM - 6 PM. This is your chance to ask the Deans unscripted and unvetted questions on any topic.

Any questions about the meeting, please contact Len Hayward (

God's Eyes Over the Chapel - Community Art Project

God’s Eyes

Over the Chapel

An ANTS community craft project

To protect the construction in progress

Join Visiting Artist Karen Schiff to learn about the traditions behind God’s Eyes and to make your own fluorescent versions using construction materials. Our God’s Eyes will be mounted on the fence surrounding the Wilson Chapel construction site, to protect the

building project throughout the year.

Make God’s Eyes:

Tuesday, 10/10, noon- 6PM, on the quad

(bad weather location: cafeteria)

Thursday, 10/12, 7-10PM, Meetinghouse Studio

(as part of Art Night)

Install God’s Eyes:

Tuesday, 10/17, Wilson Chapel construction fence.

For more information, write to, or

Public Symposium on "Empire and the Kingdom of God" - October 16, 2006
Monday, October 16
7:00 - 9:00 p.m.
Stoddard Hall

"Empire and the Kingdom of God: The church's witness in an Age of US Political Hegemony."

Sponsored by the United Church of Christ's Committee for ecumenical relationship with the "Union of Evangelical Churches" in Germany. Featuring keynote address by Professor Douglas Meeks (Vanderbilt University), with response by William Herzog (among others). The public is welcome.

For more information, contact Ms. Ann Jeschke, at 617-964-1100, ext. 316, or Professor Mark Burrows (ext. 235).

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