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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

ANTS Student E-News Tuesday October 3, 2006

In this message:


- Construction Update

- WRAP Meeting

- Peace Fellowship Vigil

- Compline Worship Service with Mark Burrows

- Jeopardy Night (with ANTS Student Liddy Gerchman) and Pot Luck


- Last Chance for the SA Bicentennial T-Shirt

- God's Eyes Over the Chapel - Community Art Project

- ANTS Alumni/ae Event

- UU Worship Update

- SA Meeting Agenda Online

- GLANTS Meetings


- Food Bank

- Student Association Elections


- Theologians Under Hitler

- CPE Fair


Construction Update


Work on the new Wilson Chapel is moving right along. The back deck has been poured, and workers are beginning to frame in the lower walls. Once the stairs are delivered they will begin to frame in the upper levels. They are currently digging in front of Stoddard in order to put in gas and water lines. They are also finishing the waterproofing around the perimeter of the foundation and once that is complete they will backfill the dirt around the foundation. Once they finish this the tower will be delivered. At that point we'll have some sort of event to celebrate its going up. After the tower is in place the limestone, glass, and slate will be delivered. That will end the parade of large trucks onto the campus with the exception of delivery of sheet rock. Also FYI, the memorial trees in front of Davis have been moved to a safe space and will be replanted once construction is over and the weather is appropriate.

Davis Hall update: As you know, we are working to get bids for the work that will be done in the classrooms of Davis Hall. We had hoped to have the work completed by the fall, but this process has proved to be very time-consuming. New carpet will go in and we're working on selecting new furniture. When we've identified a couple of appropriate possibilities we will be inviting all of you to test them out and vote on your favorites! We are attempting to time the installation of white boards, carpet, furniture, windows and so forth so the work will be minimally disruptive and hopefully coincide with school holidays. We will also be installing smoke detectors and strobe lights (as emergency notification for hearing impaired students).

Let me know if you have any questions,

Nancy Nienhuis

Dean of Students and Community Life


WRAP Meeting



8 AM

Dining Hall

We are having a weekly meeting to chart our course for the upcoming year. We are also planning community worship for 10-18-06

Contact: Cass Poulos; Christina Findlay



Peace Fellowship Vigil





ANTS - Weekly Peace Vigil

Contact: Eric Wasileski


ANTS - Thirsting for Peace

This is the start of a persistent, weekly Peace Vigil here at ANTS. It will be held on the quadrangle from Noon until 12:50pm every Wednesday before Chapel.

All students, factulty members, staff and families are encouraged to stand as a witness to PEACE at a time of violence both in our society and globally.

Please bring signs, songs and smiles.


Peace Fellowship - ANTS - Thirsting for Peace


Compline Worship Service with Mark Burrows


Please join Professor Burrows in the Meeting House for evening prayer on Tuesday, October 10th from 9-9:30PM. We will pray the Compline psalms as the monks do at Glastonbury Abbey, and end our day together in contemplative service.

Jeopardy Night and Pot Luck

Liddy Gerchman, an ANTS student, will be appearing on Jeopardy Friday, October 13th. Join us to celebrate and watch the show!

Pizza and drinks will be provided, please bring food as you wish. Fun & Games to follow.

Contact: Evn Tomeny





Last Chance for the SA Bicentennial T-Shirt


Students, Faculty and Staff!

Please come get your SA Bicentennial T-Shirt before Saturday October 14th. After this, we will allow folks to get a second t-shirt. Your size and sleeve-length preference may disappear.

Come to the SA Office in Sturtevant Lounge during the office hour of one of the SA Officers. If you can't make an office hour, please email Len Hayward ( to make an appointment.

Office Hours:

Mondays 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Tuesdays 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Thursdays 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM, 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM


Gid's Eyes Over the Chapel - Community Art Project


God’s Eyes

Over the Chapel

An ANTS community craft project

To protect the construction in progress

Join Visiting Artist Karen Schiff to learn about the traditions behind God’s Eyes and to make your own fluorescent versions using construction materials. Our God’s Eyes will be mounted on the fence surrounding the Wilson Chapel construction site, to protect the

building project throughout the year.

Make God’s Eyes:

Tuesday, 10/10, noon- 6PM, on the quad

(bad weather location: cafeteria)

Thursday, 10/12, 7-10PM, Meetinghouse Studio

(as part of Art Night)

Install God’s Eyes:

Tuesday, 10/17, Wilson Chapel construction fence.

For more information, write to, or


ANTS Alumni/ae Event


The Alumni/ae Association of Andover Newton Theological School and the Greenville Baptist Church cordially invite you to attend a Leadership Circle with President Nick Carter and members of the Administration and Trustees on Thursday, October 26, at 10:00 a.m. at the Greenville Baptist Church, 582 Putnam Pike, Greenville, Rhode Island. All ANTS alums are encouraged to attend; non-ANTS alums are also welcome. Please RSVP, Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. to the Greenville Baptist Church (401) 949-1134. Light refreshments will be served.


UU Worship Update


Dear friends and colleagues,

Here's the current schedule for the weekly Unitarian Universalist

worship, Thursdays at 1:00 in the Meetinghouse. Everyone is welcome!

This coming week's worship service will be on the theme of

Acceptance. We hope that you will attend this service, and the ones

that follow, and invite your friends.

* September 14: Cathy French and Erica Baron - Ingathering service

* September 21: Bruce Taylor - Poetry

* September 28: Carol Hohle - Experiencing Stillness

* October 5: Marilyn Richards and Bruce Taylor - Acceptance

* October 12: Darrick Jackson and Joanne Giannino - Coming Out Week

* October 19: Janet Bush

* October 26: Carmen Emerson - Living a Jack-O-Lantern's Heart

* November 2: Patsy Hatch-Reinertson - Saying Yes To Your Heart

* November 9: Rev. David Johnson

* November 16: Rev. Jim Sherblom

* November 23: [No service - Thanksgiving]

* November 30: April Spencer

* December 7: Rev. Maddie Sifantus

We welcome your feedback and suggestions, and your recommendations

for speakers this coming semester.


The Worship Coordinators

Bruce Taylor (

Marilyn Richards (


SA Meeting Agenda Online


The agenda for the SA Meeting on October 2nd has been posted in the Student Association group on ANTS Connect. Among the agenda items are the SA Elections, a request for a new Fellowship, "Seminarians for Choice", upcoming Student Life events and the formation of an SA Constitution Revision committee.

The SA Meeting will be held on October 2nd, 5:00 PM in the Dining Hall.


GLANTS Meetings



12 to 1


Join us for GLANTS meetings this semester on Wednesdays at 12 in the Lower Studios of the Meetinghouse. Bring your lunch and enjoy the company.

Contact: Erica Baron





On Tuesday morning, October 3, The Feeney Brothers will begin tearing up the road in front of Sturtevant, Noyes etc to run the gas line down to the new Wilson Chapel. There will be no parking on that side of the Quad, and traffic should detour around the back of the buildings. They anticipate this work should take about a week.

Building & Grounds


Food Bank



We have a small food bank in the student lounge in Studevant, just to the left as you come through the door. I encourage those who are able to make donations of non-parishables through out the year and for those in need to take whatever may help them. This is an important part of our commitment to each other and to keeping our community healthy.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


Amelia O'Dowd

Housing Coordinator

voice: 617-964-1100 x261

fax: 617-965-3528



Student Association Elections - Call for Candidates


Your Student Association will be holding elections to fill open offices for the remainder of the 2006-2007 academic year. The elections will be held from October 23rd-26th. We are in need of candidates to fill the following offices:

Executive Officers:

-Vice President


Elected Representatives:

-Student Life Chairperson

Think you might be interested in running? Check out the elections procedures and office descriptions in the Handouts section of the Student Association Group in ANTS Connect: ElectionProcedures2006.pdf

Letters of intent to run should be emailed to the SA President, Len Hayward, at These letters should include a brief paragraph about your involvement on campus and your goals should you be elected.

Letters of intent to run are due Friday, October 13th.

Any questions? Email Len Hayward (

Len Hayward

SA President and Chair of the Elections




Friday, October 6

Noon - 1:30 p.m.

Worcester 303

If you are an M.A. student you are invited to a luncheon meeting, please bring your own sack lunch, drinks will be provided in Worcester 303 from 12 to 1:30. This will be an opportunity to connect with other M.A. students, to ask any questions about the M.A. handbook and to share your interests and foci with one another. This is an optional meeting, but I hope you will try to be there.

Brita Gill-Austern


Theologians Under Hitler - October 5


October 5, 2006

4:00 - 6:00 p.m.

Stoddard Hall

A New Documentary Film Based on the book by Robert P. Ericksen

A Special Viewing of this New Film

Followed by a Panel Discussion

Emanuel Hirsch, Gerhard Kittel and Paul Althaus were three of the most prominent Christian scholars in twentieth century Germany. They were also outspoken supporters of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party. How did this happen? What relationship exists between their political choices and their scholarship? This provocative film asks questions that are of importance for every community of theological education.

Panel Members

Prof. Gordon Kaufman, Harvard Divinity School

Prof. Sharon Thornton, Andover Newton Theological School

Prof. Dick Pierard, Gordon College

Professor Rick Lints, Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary

Moderator, Prof. Mark Heim, Andover Newton

Sponsored by the Boston Theological Society and The Boston Theological Institute


CPE Fair - October 11, 2006


OCtober 11, 2006

Noyes Hall

The CPE Fair for Fall 2006 will be October 11th in Upper Noyes. The display tables should be set up by around

11:00-11:30 and the formal presentation will start around noon. All will be concluded before Chapel at 1:00.


Sharon (Thornton)

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