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Thursday, November 02, 2006

ANTS Student E-News - Thursday, November 2, 2006

In this message:


- Important Academic Announcement 2006-2007
- Witnessing Peace through Fasting - November 7th and 8th
- SA Meeting November 7, 2006
- Shoebox Ministry Update
- Please Remove Your "Free Books" from Sturtevant
- Pastoral Counseling as Ministry


- Do You Speak Swedish?
- Art Exhibit: Views from "Down Under" - October 2006 - January 2007
- "There’s a Meeting Here Tonight!" - Nov. 18
- Winterim Commuter Housing
- MCC Disabilities Network Conference
- Seminarians For Workers Justice - Get Out the Vote on Question 3
- Win a Free Course at ANTS - UCC 50th Anniversary Video Contest! - Nov. 1-30
- Art as Spiritual Practice
- Funny Book Draft Available for Editing
- Upcoming Science Religion Events at the BTI - Nov. 5
- Search and Call in the United Church of Christ - Begins November 9
- Community Art Sale

Important Academic Announcement 2006-2007

For questions about required courses, waivers and substitutions, please contact your academic advisors and the department chairpersons noted below.

Theological Foundations

Old Testament Prof. Mobley

New Testament Prof. Wan

History of Christianity Prof. Burrows

Theology Prof. Heim

Ethics Prof. Dixon

Ministerial Practice

Church and Ministry Prof. Boulton

Field Education Prof. Drummond

Psychology and Pastoral Theology Prof. Gill-Austern

Congregational Renewal

Christian Spiritual Resources Prof. Gill-Austern
Congregational Life Prof. Drummond

World Christianity Prof. Jeyaraj

Interdepartmental Studies Dean Herzog

If additional questions arise, you can discuss your academic programs with the directors of programs as follows:

MDiv – Prof. Heim

MA – Prof. Gill-Austern

STM – Prof. Jeyaraj

DMin – Prof. Thornton (fall), Prof. Drummond (spring)

Faculty members overseeing the Renewal Areas are:

FHSP – Prof. Gill-Austern

GCIM – Prof. Jeyaraj

TMPL – Prof. Dixon

WOTA – Prof. Burrows.

Any additional questions can be referred to Dean Herzog

Faculty Members on Sabbatical Leave in 2006 – 2007

Full Year Fall Spring

Prof. Pazmi*o Prof. Taylor Prof. Nordbeck

Prof. Valentin Prof. Thornton

A strong corps of adjunct faculty support the teaching of courses and the Dean’s Team are always available to assist you!

Witnessing Peace through Fasting - November 7th and 8th

Members of the Peace Fellowship at ANTS are inviting you to participate in a Fast as a communal act of conscience against all forms of violence in our world today.

Please consider whether or not you would be interested in acting with us, whether it be for two hours or twenty-four hours, all are welcome.

Whether or not you are participating, we will be gathering at the Peace Pole on the ANTS Quad on Tuesday evening at 6:00pm and ending at 6:00pm on Wednesday at the Peace Pole.

We invite all members of the ANTS community the opportunity to hold in prayer those participating in the Fast as well as the opportunity to offer up prayers, as you feel led, so that we may help bring peace and justice to our suffering world as one community. If you so desire, please fill out and tear off a prayer slip(s) (attached) and bring them to the start of the Fast on Tuesday, November 7th at 6:00pm at the Peace Pole. These Prayer Requests will then be distributed to the participants of the Fast so that they may pray over them and lift them up to the Lord during our time of self-sacrifice.

Matt 4:4 “But he answered, “It is written, ‘One does not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.’ ”

SA Meeting November 7, 2006
5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Dining Hall

The new SA budget will be reviewed.

Please submit any other agenda items to Len Hayward,, no later than Sunday, November 5th, Noon.

Hope to see you there!

Contact: Len Hayward

Shoebox Ministry Update

Hi all,

The first shoeboxes for this year's Annual Ministry for the local homeless have arrived. They were blessed after this week's wonderful Saint's Day Chapel service by Nick Carter and Nancy Nienhuis. Our seminary is off to a good start and in order to meet our school's goal of 500 boxes we will need you all to take this ministry back into your communities of faith, among your families, and to your friends so they can also build a spiritual community with those who are less fortunate. Another great tradition you all can begin is putting boxes together with young members of your families after the Thanksgiving meal. What a great way to spiritually prepare for the Holiday season! Many of the shoebox items can be purchased for under twenty dollars at dollar stores.

Homeless facts: Did you know that 75% of the homeless population have graduated out of foster care or have spent some significant time in the foster-care system during their lives? Did you know that a significant percentage of these same numbers of homeless people are veterans as well as past foster kids? The homeless are your neighbors; they are Americans without houses but America is their home! So let's try to help them in this very small way because chances are they have helped us all in a larger way at some point in their lives.

Keep those shoeboxes coming and may God bless you!

Baptist Fellowship

Please Remove Your "Free Books" from Sturtevant

A box of "Free Books" has been placed in the Student Lounge in Sturtevant. Will whoever put them there, please remove them.

The Student Lounge is NOT a dumping ground for unwanted books, furniture or other items. When such items appear, we are forced to take time out of our busy schedules to go to the trouble of discarding them properly.

If you want to give away or sell something, please use the "Classifieds" bulletin board on the "Campus Life" page in ANTS Connect.

Thank you,
The SA Exec

Interested in Pastoral Counseling as Ministry?

Want to deepen your Knowledge and Connections with Others Involved in

Pastoral Care/Counseling?

Pastoral Counseling as Ministry
Come find out about AAPC

(The American Association of Pastoral Counselors)

Thursday, November 9, 2006, noon – 2:00 p.m.

The Greene Room, Dabney Hall

Bring a bag lunch

For more info, contact the Rev. Dr. Leanne M. Tigert

603-224-1162, or


Do You Speak Swedish?

In my field ed site, an extended care facility, we are studying the
celebration of Christmas in many lands. One of my congregants is from Sweden
and asked to include Swedish hymns and carols in her native language. Now
that she is in her 80's, she doesn't remember them as well as she used to.
Can you help? If anyone speaks or knows of a native speaker of Swedish
church music, please contact me so that I may gather choral selections for
our upcoming worship. Thank you, Sherry Thomas.

Art Exhibit: Views from "Down Under" - October 2006 - January 2007
October 2006-January 2007
in the Meetinghouse

New Paintings from Recent
Artists-in-Residence at Andover Newton

Douglas Purnell
“Singing the Silences”


Wesley Campbell
“Grief 2006”

The paintings shown in this exhibit are recent acquisitions of Andover Newton Theological School, the new work of visiting artists Douglas Purnell and Wesley Campbell. In style and form, these painters from “down under” approach their medium from widely differing points of view. More information will be available soon on the Web site.

There’s a Meeting Here Tonight! - Nov. 18
Sponsored by Worship, Theology and the Arts

Saturday, November 18, 2006
7:30 pm
First Baptist Church in Newton

There's a Meeting Here Tonight!
A Production of Revels Circle of Song

The well known traveling singing troupe of the 19th century, the Hutchinson Family Singers of New Hampshire sang for concert audiences and appeared at Abolition and Women’s Suffrage rallies.
“There is a Meeting Here Tonight” recreates a reunion after the Civil War where family members reminisce about their experiences. The cast of characters includes P. T. Barnum and Frederick Douglass.

Ticket Prices
Adults: $15 in advance, $20 at door
Children 6-16: $5 in advance, $7 at door
Pre-paid tickets will be held at the door

More info and registration:

Winterim Commuter Housing

New forms for Winterim commuter housing are available outside of the Housing Office, Worcester 101. Please be aware that if you picked up a form before October 31, it was incorrect. Please take a moment to pick up and fill out the new, corrected form. Thank you for your patience - I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Amelia O'Dowd
Housing Coordinator

MCC Disabilities Network Conference
This year's Ecumenical Disabilities Network Conference will be held at the Wellesley Hills Congregational Church on Sat. Nov. 18, 2006 from 10-3 pm.

The conference is sponsored annually by the Massachusetts Council of Churches and the Rhode Island State Council of Churches. We hope that a Saturday conference (with lunch) will make it possible for more people to attend, especially those who prefer to drive during daylight hours. The conference draws persons with disabilities and those who advocate for their needs from Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

This year the MCC and the RISCC think it is important to focus on "Pandemic Flu Preparedness among special populations, such as persons with disabilities". This spring there were state and regional conferences for clergy, hospital administrators, public school superintendents, police, fire, social workers, etc. to assist in the development of coordinated plans for a disaster, such as Pandemic flu, but also in the event of a terrorist attack or a natural disaster. These conferences were held nationally and coordinated by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and state Department's of Public Health.

Our guest speaker at the conference will be Cheryl Bushnell, MS, RN, Center for Community Health, Massachusetts Department of Public Health. She will provide us with information on how persons with disabilities and their advocates should be planning for emergencies. We are grateful and excited to have Cheryl as our guest speaker. Please attend!

The Disability Network will also present its annual Allen Gund Disability Ministry Recognition Award to recognize and affirm individuals, congregations, and ecumenical bodies whose commitment and efforts are furthering the vision of inclusive churches in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Criteria for the award are found on the MCC website

The individual or congregation nominated will have made a substantial contribution to the inclusion of people with disabilities in the life of the church, for example, by teaching/ preaching a theology of inclusion; by fostering an attitude of welcome for all; by making facilities, worship, and church activities physically accessible to all; by involving people with disabilities in the life and leadership of the church; or by involving the church in advocacy for people with disabilities in the community and larger society. Special consideration will be given to candidates who have been involved in ecumenical initiatives toward the inclusion of people with disabilities.

Nominations must be received by November 1, 2006, at The Massachusetts Council of Churches, 14 Beacon St., Rm. 416, Boston, MA 02108. Nomination forms may be downloaded at, or call (617) 523-2771 to receive one by mail.

The Rev. Dr. Carol M. Flett
Adjunct Associate Director
Massachusetts Council of Churches

Seminarians For Workers Justice - Get Out the Vote on Question 3
Sunday 11-5-06
Central Congregational Church, Jamaica Plain

Seminarians For Worker Justice is working to help Get Out the Vote for the Yes on 3 for Kids campaign.
We will be encouraging people leaving from church services to vote Yes on 3. We are targeting folks who are most affected by the lack of affordabale child care, those most likely to be using home-based child care.

Please join us in a social justice issue!

This campaign is working to pass a ballot initiative that would allow home-based childcare providers the right to organize for better wages and working conditions, a right they do not currently have under Massachusetts law. Massachusetts has the most expensive child care in the counrty. The average cost of care for an infant is 18% of Massachusetts' median family income.
More than 10,000 children are on the state's child care wait list, leaving these children without the safe, quality care they need.

Contact: Cass Poulos; Christina Findlay

Win a Free Course at ANTS - UCC 50th Anniversary Video Contest! - Nov. 1-30
Be a YouTube star! And win a free course at ANTS...

The United church of Christ is looking for home-made clips to celebrate the UCC at 50. These videos will be shared on YouTube.

The most entertaining video entries will be included in a web-cast on November 5 (we've missed the deadline for this early web-cast), and shown at the General Synod in Hartford, CT next June.

Andover Newton wants to get in on the fun, so we are asking for entries from ANTS community members.

- The winning entry will become the "official" Andover Newton video clip for the UCC 50th Anniversary Celebration AND win a free course at ANTS.

- The winning entry and runners-up will be displayed on the Andover Newton web site.

Instructions from the UCC:

The videos can be anything, really, as long as they are fun or meaningful to watch. Ideas might include:

- Silly take-off on a moment in UCC history or a joke about UCC identity.
- Unique, innovative rendition of "This Little Light of Mine," playing on the 50th's "Let it Shine" theme.
- New take on UCC's commercials.
- Animation or claymation.
- A monologue by a "really interesting character" in your school.
- A presentation of what makes your school so special.
- Use your imagination!

Contest Rules:

-Save your videos as either QuickTime .MOV, Windows .AVI, or .MPG files.

-Please create your video at a MINIMUM resolution of 320x240 pixels or the video will be very pixilated on youtube (which displays at 425x350)

-ALSO: There is a production length stipulation -- 30 to 60 seconds MAXIMUM. A lot can be conveyed in a brief time period.

Contest Dates: November 1 - November 30. All entries must be received by Monday, November 30 at Noon. The winner will be announced on December 15.

Submission: Submit your video file to Karen Brockney in Dabney 16. You can submit the file on CD or provide a Web link to a downloadable file.

Tune in to see what others are doing with their videos!

UCC 50th Anniversary Kick-Off
Live Web Streaming Event
All Saints Sunday, November 5
6 p.m. (ET), 5 p.m. (CT) 4 p.m. (MT), 3 p.m. (PT) 1 p.m. (Hawaii)

Questions? Call Karen Brockney at 617-964-1100 ext. 225 or send mail to

Art as Spiritual Practice
beginning Tuesday,
November 7

Tuesdays 6:30-8:30 in the Studio of the Faith, Health,
and Spirituality Center (third Floor Sturtevant)

Come join a small group of creative people exploring
art as spiritual practice and meditation. Previous
experience with mandalas, illuminating pages, or art
as journaling is helpful, but not essential. Time to
create and dialogue. Most materials supplied or bring
your own. Free will donation. Drop in once in a while
or come every week. Questions? Email Joy at

Upcoming Science Religion Events at the BTI - Nov. 5
The Science and Religion Program at Boston Theological Institute is planning an ambitious fall schedule of symposia and lectures. Put these dates on your calendar.

Sunday, November 5: 7:00 pm
Eighth Annual CHARLES TOWNES LECTURE sponsored by InterFase.
Lecturer: Renowned environmentalist, Mary Evelyn Tucker will speak on the involvement of religion on the environmental future.
For more information:

Wednesday, December 13: 6:30 pm
Symposium: Physics and Religion in a Nuclear Age
Presenter: Dr. Andre deBethune

Search and Call in the United Church of Christ - Begins November 9
"Search and Call in the United Church of Christ - A Series of Events for Seminarians" begins on November 9.

All events take place in the Meetinghouse at Andover Newton Theological School.

Are you graduating from seminary this year? Have you already graduated and are beginning the search process? Come to these upcoming events to find out how to enter the search process, meet with search committees, start your benefits, and enter a congregation!

Though everyone is welcome, these events are designed particularly for graduating seminarians who plan to search for a call as a pastor in a United Church of Christ congregation.

Entering the Search Process: Preparing Your Ministerial Profile
November 9, 2006
9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
- The In Care Process and the Search Process
- Writing a Ministerial Profile to get an interview
- Navigating the UCC Search and Call Network
Leaders: Associate Conference Ministers of the Massachusetts Conference, UCC

Meeting with Search Committees: Discerning a Match
February 8, 2007 (snow date Feb. 15)
9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
- Spiritual Discernment and the Search Process
- Reading a Church Profile
- Interviewing Skills: How to Answer and What to Ask
Leaders: Associate Conference Ministers of the Massachusetts Conference, UCC

Starting Your Benefits - Establishing Your Future: UCC Benefits and the Pastoral Call Agreement
March 15, 2007
9 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
- Elements of a Pastoral Call Agreement
- UCC Health and Pension Benefits
- Continuing Education and Ongoing Pastoral Formation
Leaders: representative from The Pension Boards, UCC

Entering a Congregation: Thriving as a New Pastor
April 12, 2007
9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
- Forming a Pastoral Identity
- Entrance Strategies for Pastors New to a Congregation
- Developing Healthy Habits and Practices of Ministry
Leaders: New Clergy Group Facilitators and Christina Braudaway-Bauman
Associate for New Clergy Development, MACUCC

Registration to attend all four events is $60. Registration for a single event is $20. (Fees cover the cost of materials and refreshments). Registration is due AT LEAST 1 WEEK before each workshop is scheduled.

Please send a check for the amount due ($60 for all 4 programs or $20 per session), made payable to MACUCC to:

Kris LoFrumento
One Badger Road
Framingham. MA 01702

More information and registration form:

Request to students for help at the Open House

Saturday, November 4:

1) If you represent one of the student groups or fellowships on campus, you are invited to participate in our Fall Open House, either by staffing a table at our Program Fair (Stoddard Lobby or Sturtevant Lounge) on Saturday, November 4 from 11:30-12:30 (followed by lunch!), or, if you can't be there, providing some written material or sending someone in your place. We would like to be able to show our prospective students the various opportunities for fellowship, fun and service available here at Andover Newton. Contact Peg Carroll at or 617-964-1100 x294.

2) We may need some help with hospitality for the event, picking and/or dropping off visitors up at the airport or train station (you would go in pairs and can get reimbursed for tolls, parking, etc.) A car is helpful/needed. If you can help with this, please contact Darrick at or 617-964-1100 x289.

We expect to have about 45-50 people on campus, 15 of whom are planning on staying in our residence halls beginning Friday night. If you are around, we hope that you will give them a warm welcome.

Thank you in advance for your hospitality.

Peg, Darrick and Alex
Admissions/Recruitment Office

Community Art Sale
Want to sell your hand made arts and also benefit a
good cause?
Here’s your chance!!!!

What? Andover Newton Community Art Sale
Where? In the Meetinghouse
When? Tuesday, November 28, (4-7pm)
Wednesday, November 29, (11-1pm, 4-6pm)
Thursday, November 30, (2-6pm)
Who benefits? You keep 90% of your profits, while 10%
goes to the Meetinghouse Fund
Tell me more!!!
Bring in any of your art forms. You or a person you
appoint must be available to be at your table during
the times designated. You keep track of your sales
and turn in your tithe to the Meetinghouse Fund.

Contact Joy at
with questions about buying or selling
or to reserve a table (by November 18)

ANTS E-news
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