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Thursday, November 09, 2006

ANTS Student E-News - Thursday, November 9, 2006

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- Veterans' Day Holiday - Friday, Nov. 10
- Weight Watchers at ANTS


- Student Loan Information Sessions
- Orphaned Coffee Mugs
- Winterim Commuter Housing
- Win a Free Course at ANTS - UCC 50th Anniversary Video Contest! -
Nov. 1-30

Veterans' Day Holiday - Friday, Nov. 10
The school offices will be closed on Friday, Nov. 10.

Classes will be in session.

The Library will be open from 12:30 p.m. until 4:30 p.m.

Weight Watchers at ANTS
An Invitation for all Students, Staff and Faculty


There are a few of the staff at ANTS that would like to have Weight
Watchers come to the "Hill" to help us with our growing problem. At this
age it is no longer "baby fat" and I do not expect a growth spurt any
time soon.

So if you would like to make the Hill lighter, please e-mail me as we
will need a head count before they commit to coming to us.

Mary McKearney (Gifts and Records)


Student Loan Information Sessions

Student loan informations session will be held in the Peck Room

Thursday November 16 12:00 to 1:00
Friday November 17 12:00 to 1:00

Students who have not attended a session must attend one of the sessions
in order to receive a spring loan payment.

Orphaned Coffee Mugs

I have a growing collection (now 2) of orphaned thermal coffee mugs -
one (brushed stainless steel & black plastic) was left in my office at
the end of last week; the second (red & black plastic, OXO by name) I
found this afternoon on the Quad.
They're quiet at the moment, but if I end up having to wash their mouths
out with soap I may consider them mine...

David Ames

Winterim Commuter Housing

New forms for Winterim commuter housing are available outside of the
Housing Office, Worcester 101. Please be aware that if you picked up a
form before October 31, it was incorrect. Please take a moment to pick
up and fill out the new, corrected form. Thank you for your patience -
I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Amelia O'Dowd
Housing Coordinator

Win a Free Course at ANTS - UCC 50th Anniversary Video Contest! - Nov.
Be a YouTube star! And win a free course at ANTS...

The United church of Christ is looking for home-made clips to celebrate
the UCC at 50. These videos will be shared on YouTube.

The most entertaining video entries will be included in a web-cast on
November 5 (we've missed the deadline for this early web-cast), and
shown at the General Synod in Hartford, CT next June.

Andover Newton wants to get in on the fun, so we are asking for entries
from ANTS community members.

- The winning entry will become the "official" Andover Newton video clip
for the UCC 50th Anniversary Celebration AND win a free course at ANTS.

- The winning entry and runners-up will be displayed on the Andover
Newton web site.

Instructions from the UCC:

The videos can be anything, really, as long as they are fun or
meaningful to watch. Ideas might include:

- Silly take-off on a moment in UCC history or a joke about UCC
- Unique, innovative rendition of "This Little Light of Mine," playing
on the 50th's "Let it Shine" theme.
- New take on UCC's commercials.
- Animation or claymation.
- A monologue by a "really interesting character" in your school.
- A presentation of what makes your school so special.
- Use your imagination!

Contest Rules:

-Save your videos as either QuickTime .MOV, Windows .AVI, or .MPG files.

-Please create your video at a MINIMUM resolution of 320x240 pixels or
the video will be very pixilated on youtube (which displays at 425x350)

-ALSO: There is a production length stipulation -- 30 to 60 seconds
MAXIMUM. A lot can be conveyed in a brief time period.

Contest Dates: November 1 - November 30. All entries must be received
by Monday, November 30 at Noon. The winner will be announced on December

Submission: Submit your video file to Karen Brockney in Dabney 16. You
can submit the file on CD or provide a Web link to a downloadable file.

Tune in to see what others are doing with their videos!

UCC 50th Anniversary Kick-Off
Live Web Streaming Event
All Saints Sunday, November 5
6 p.m. (ET), 5 p.m. (CT) 4 p.m. (MT), 3 p.m. (PT) 1 p.m. (Hawaii)

Questions? Call Karen Brockney at 617-964-1100 ext. 225 or send mail to

ANTS E-news
Karen Brockney and Jason Bachand