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Monday, December 11, 2006

ANTS Student E-News Monday, December 11, 2006

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- Commuter Students Key Return
- Customer Service Department Announcement- New Classroom Chairs
- Spring Courses Closed
- Boston Theological Institute Symposia on Science and Religion
- The Spirit Among Us: Group Spiritual Direction at ANTS


- Making Peace: A Faculty/Student Conversation
- Winter Parking Ban - Extended
- New Addition to Summerim Courses
- School Closing Policy
- Special Spring Course -"Eros and the Poetics of the Search: Augustine and Rilke"
- Special Winter Course - "Contextual Theologies of the Third World"
- Workshop: Renewing Worship Without a Drumset - January 20
- Woodbury Management Workshop - February 8-9, 2007
- New Spring Course Show Me the Money! With Nick Carter
- Celebration of Light in Darkness
- Spring 2007 Registration Forms Available

Commuter Students Key Return
Attention Part-time Residents of Appleton-Chase and Farwell,

The end of the semester is here. Please find time to return your keys to my office, Worcester 101, no later than 4:00 p.m. on Friday December 15, 2006. If you do not return your keys on the 15th, you will be charged a daily late fee $10 (maximum charge is $50). If you have a conflict of any sort and do not want to be charged the late fee, please contact me immediately so we can make alternate plans.

Please be sure to remove all your belongings from your commuter room unless you have a contract for the same room during Winterim. All trash must be removed and the room dusted and cleaned (bathrooms also in Appleton Chase) before you leave. There is a closet with cleaning materials on each floor. Please see the resident representative if you have questions (Kate Johanson in AC 202 or Chandra Bellamy in Farwell 412). If rooms are not clean there will be a cleaning fee.

Please make sure both your room key and the exterior door key are clearly marked with your name and room number to ensure that you are not charged the late fee.

Amelia O'Dowd
Housing Coordinator
voice: 617-964-1100 x261
fax: 617-965-3528

Customer Service Department Announcement- New Classroom Chairs
The Dean's Office has a demonstration model of a chair being considered for the Davis classrooms. Please stop by, give the chair a "tush test" and give us your feedback!


Spring Courses Closed

ETHI780 With Head and Heart:The Writings of Howard Thurman
NEWT 662 Gospels-Prof. Haley
PSYP 607 Pastoral Care-Prof. Gill-Austern

Boston Theological Institute Symposia on Science and Religion

Inaugural Pollard Lecture on Science and Religion
"Physics and Religion in a Nuclear Age"

Dr. Andre J. de Bethune
Researcher - Manhattan Project
Professor Emeritus of Chemistry - Boston College

Wednesday Evening, December 137 p.m.First Church in Belmont404 Concord Ave., Belmont, Massachusetts Directions to First Church:

Lecture free and open to the public.

This symposium is the first in a series of lectures in honor of Dr. William Pollard. Pollard was a physicist and Episcopal priest who devoted his life
to scientific research and a life of faith. This lecture series is dedicated to scientists, exemplified by Pollard, who have honored the fruitfulness of
the relationship between science and religion.

Dr. deBethune was a colleague of William Pollard in the Manhatten Project, which was instrumental in development of the technology leading to the
nuclear bomb. Dr. deBethune will discuss Pollard's and his own reaction to the announcement of the dropping of the bomb on Hiroshima. deBethume is
professor emeritus of chemistry at Boston College.

Refreshments will be served.

The Spirit Among Us: Group Spiritual Direction at ANTS

"Spiritual Direction is a way of leading us to see and follow the real
Director - the Holy Spirit - hidden in the depths of our soul." Thomas

This is a unique opportunity to explore our own relationships with The
Holy and to learn more about accompanying others on their spiritual
journeys. Spiritual Direction helps participants enhance their
awareness of God or the Sacred in every day experiences and make life
affirming responses to the gifts of Grace. Following the tradition of
the Desert Mothers and Fathers, these group experiences will focus on
self-discovery and reality as paths to choosing "Life."

Two groups will begin in February, 2007
Meeting in Sturtevant Hall: Center for FHS, 3rd Floor, Room 32
Each group is limited to 8 participants.
Cost for 6 sessions: Sliding Scale: $40-$80

Group for all denominations: Thursdays: 10AM - Noon
2/15, 3/01, 3/15, 3/29, 4/19, 5/3

Group for Unitarian Universalists: Thursdays: 10AM - Noon
2/8, 2/22, 3/8, 3/22, 4/12, 4/26

Directed by The Rev. Jade Angelica, certified spiritual director,
Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation. Rev. Angelica received her
MDIv from HDS in 1992, is a UU Community Minister, and is currently
enrolled in the DMin program for Faith, Health and Spirituality at ANTS.

To register for the group, please contact Rev. Angelica (781-648-1525
or Financial Assistance is available.

So all may attend in good health, groups will be fragrance free.

Sponsored by Faith, Health and Spirituality, Andover Newton Theological


Making Peace: A Faculty/Student Conversation

Special Guest: Dr. Sharon Thornton

Monday, December 11th, 5 pm to 6

In the Meetinghouse – Bring your dinner tray

Join Professor Sharon Thornton and the Peace Fellowship for another informal discussion about what making peace means to us as individuals, as members of this community, as future ministers and as educators. Bring your dinner tray to the Meetinghouse to hear his thoughts and feelings, and share your own.

This is the third in a series of conversations sponsored by the Peace Fellowship, which is bringing together faculty and students at Andover Newton to share our understandings of how peace-making fits into our lives personally, politically and theologically. Each conversation will feature a different faculty member as the guest presenter and discussion leader.

However we may understand Jesus from our different denominational backgrounds, his blessing of the peace-makers is indisputable. Peace was at the center of his ministry. Where do we place it in our own? How will we answer his call to make peace?

Monday, December 11th at 5 pm in the Meetinghouse. See you there.

Winter Parking Ban - Extended
We have decided to extend the parking ban an extra hour, so the hours that the Quad should remain empty now are 11:00pm through 7:00am, for the dates November 15 through April 15.

Building & Grounds

New Addition to Summerim Courses
Spiritual Practices for Healing and Wholeness Psy F 762 will be offered May 29-June 8th from 8 to 11:50 a.m.
This class meets the M.Div. requirement for Spiritual Resources, as an FHS Renewal Course and as elective in Ministerial practice. Yoga is offered from 8 to 9 as part of the course. Please see description under fall 2006 offerings in catalogue.

Brita L. Gill-Austern, M.Div., Ph.D.
Austin Philip Guiles Professor of Psychology and Pastoral Theology
210 Herrick Rd.
Newton Centre, MA 02459
617 964 1000 ext. 219

School Closing Policy
It is Andover Newton's policy to remain open except in cases of severely inclement weather. Normally the school will remain officially open even if classes are canceled.

It is the responsibility of the Administration to determine if school will be closed and/or classes canceled. Once the decision to close and/or cancel has been made, a message regarding the situation will be placed on the school's main telephone line, the Web site and designated radio and television stations will be notified. We advise everyone to call the School number (617/ 964-1100) for details, to check the Web site and/or the TV and radio stations. This information is shared with the ANTS community through e-news and bulletin boards.

The school recognizes that students and staff persons live both locally and at a distance, making travel to campus possible for some but not for others. Therefore, the following guidelines may be observed:

1. Individual classes may, by mutual consent of class members and professor, agree
to meet even if classes are canceled. Such agreements will not be in force should the school be officially closed.

2. On storm days when the school remains officially open, staff persons may make
an individual decision in determining whether to come to work or whether to leave early should a storm begin during business hours.

No one will be penalized for failing to come to school on days when local weather conditions make driving hazardous.
Television Channels: CBS4, WCVB: 5, 7 News and Channel 56 by the end of December
Radio Stations: WBZ-AM: 1030 (at :05 & :35 past the hour starting at 5 a.m.)
WRKO AM: 680
WOKQ-FM: 97.5 (New Hampshire)

Special Spring Course -"Eros and the Poetics of the Search: Augustine and Rilke"
Join Professor Mark Burrows and a dozen apostles of the arts for a unique venture exploring the constructions of two theologians living at the boundaries of cultural change: the epochal theologian Augustine, whose "Confessions" stand as a marker at the turning of a cultural era; and, the brooding genius Rainer Maria Rilke whose poetic works began to chart the path beyond "modernity" through a radical project of reimagination. This course is limited to an apostolic 12; permission of the instructor required. Fridays, 9 - 12 and two additional sessions; course ends on April 13 (three additional sessions planned, one of which will be a field trip to the Museum of Fine Arts).
Course Description:

Special Winter Course - "Contextual Theologies of the Third World"
Announcing: A new once-in-a-lifetime course with Professor M. P. Joseph, on "Contextual Theologies of the Third World."

Dr. Joseph is one of the leading voices among liberation theologians writing today. Having grown up in Kerala, India, and received his informal theological training by living with poor fishermen in the southwestern coast of India, Dr. Joseph earned his Ph.D. from Columbia University and Union Theological Seminary in NYC, and has taught at various universities and seminaries in North America and Asia. He is among the leading voices in the EATWOT, the "Ecumenical Association of Third World Theologians," and currently teaches at Tainan Theological College and Seminary in Taiwan. His course explores emerging, radical voices in the global theological scene, and the unique methods employed in their theological method and approach. A course not to be missed; spaces are still available.

For further information, contact the registrar at ANTS: Class begins on Monday, January 15, and concludes on Friday, January 26, 2007.
Course Descripion:

Workshop: Renewing Worship Without a Drumset - January 20
A Workshop for Clergy and Worship Committees
who haven't given up hope…

January 20, 2007
9:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
The Meeting House
$35 registration fee includes lunch

Leader: Rev. Dr. Rochelle A. Stackhouse

Are you looking for a way to recharge the energy, meaning, and spirit of your worship services? Are you working with limited resources and a slightly more "traditional" worship framework? In this Saturday workshop, worship leader Rev. Dr. Shelly Stackhouse explores words and silence, sacraments, space and media, music and the arts, and forgotten liturgical traditions to delve into various aspects of worship and how they might be revitalized from within our traditions.
More information:

Woodbury Management Workshop - February 8-9, 2007
A Ministerial Leadership Workshop
with President Nick Carter
February 8-9, 2007
Thursday, 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Friday, 9:00 a.m. - Noon

Fact: The church, like the world around it, is undergoing radical change
Fact: Pastors need to be prepared to lead thoughtful, God-centered change
Fact: Change is difficult
Fact: There are insights and skills church leaders can cultivate to help their ministry to thrive in times of change

The ability to function within a changing culture is essential for the 21st century ministerial leader. Understanding how change works is one way in which a pastor can effectively interpret the change taking place in a congregation and lead the change needed for a church's ministry to be vital and relevant.

Participants in the workshop will
- learn ways to assess the organizational dynamics of congregations;
- develop skills for leading change that address those dynamics;
- be introduced to a theology of institutions that both recognizes their fallen state and proclaims the hope for their transformations

More information:

New Spring Course: Show Me the Money! With Nick Carter

CMLE 658 - Show me the Money!- N. Carter-Th; 6-8:50
After establishing the theological grounding for giving, class particicipants will examine the major approaches to and tools for funding-raising, as well as the place of restricted and unrestricted giving in the sustainability of churches and other non-profit settings. It is suited both to those preparing for ministry and those engaged in helping ministries. This course fulfills the CMAD/CMLE requirement. Limit: 20. Priority will be given to Seniors.
Course option: students may take the course for free if they commit to an active fund raising project during the course (all proceeds go to students' personal scholarship support).

Celebration of Light in Darkness
A contemplative, educational, and songful winter gathering in the spirit of Advent, Chanukkah, and Christmas.
Tuesday, December 12, 2006
5 - 7 PM
ANTS Meeting House

Delicious holiday fare like latkes (potato pancakes), gingerbread cookies, and mulled cider will served.
This is the third annual "Celebration of Light in Darkness" sponsored by Journeys on the Hill, the group of students from Andover Newton and Hebrew College who are committed to increasing interfaith dialogue and understanding. We invite all Hebrew College and Andover Newton Theological School students, faculty, and staff. We will come together in the joy of the season.
For more information contact (ANTS) or Brian Besser (HC)

Leslie Becknell

Conversation that Matters

Spring 2007 Registration Forms Available
Spring registration period-December 4-15, 2006. Register early to avoid full classes. Students who are interested in housing should contact Amelia in the Housing Office at (617) 964-1100, x 261.

Registration and payment forms for SPRING Term 2006 are now available on the ANTS web site at:

Leave of Absent/Thesis or Continuation of Degree Form for MA's, STM's and MDiv's

DMin's Thesis Registration Form

Spring 2007 Course List:

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