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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

ANTS Student E-News - Tuesday, January 23, 2007

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- Andover Newton in the News
- Spring Course Closed
- Military Chaplaincy Recruiting on Campus
- Mold Remediation Jan 23-24 in Davis 101

Andover Newton in the News
Andover Newton is featured on the Web site of the National Ministries
of the American Baptist Churches USA. In an article titled "Mission
Begins at Home for Andover Newton Students", Eric Nelson describes
Andover Newton Theological School as "an academic institution that is
committed to more than 'head knowledge.' The school sees its mission as
reaching beyond the campus in Newton Centre, Mass."

Eric Nelson is pastor of the Washington Street Baptist Church, Lynn,
Mass. He is also editor of The Vine, the regional newsletter of The
American Baptist Churches of Massachusetts. He comes from an American
Baptist missionary family and has had a lifelong interest in national
and international missions.

Read article:

National Ministries Web Site:

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Spring Course Closed
THEO 514 is closed.

Military Chaplaincy Recruiting on Campus
We have had requests from various military offices to allow recruiting
at ANTS for the military chaplaincy. Many of us have problems with the
current war, and some of us have made a decision of faith and conscience
to oppose war in general (and violence) as a means for the resolution of
conflict. In a diverse campus body such as ours we have people of faith
who have made/are making decisions of conscience about difficult issues
every day. Some have made the decision to oppose war, while others, even
as they object to war, still feel called to minister to those who serve
in the armed forces and their families. Indeed, there are many
distinguished ANTS alums who have served (and continue to serve)
honorably and courageously for many years as chaplains.

The decision to allow recruiters to come to our campus for brief
periods each year acknowledges that some in our community may be called
to this kind of ministry. What this decision does not do, however, is
attempt to make a statement about our collective opinions about this war
or any other, or our students, faculty or staff who have heard differing
calls for their ministry.

We know that some of you may have strong feelings about this decision,
and we urge you to voice them. Toward that end we have set up a
discussion thread in Connect. To access this forum:

1. Log in to Connect.
2. Click Campus Life.
3. Join a discussion under Community Discussions.

We always want to hear from you.

Nick Carter, William Herzog, II, Nancy Nienhuis, Desne Crossley, Robert
ANTS Senior Management Team

Mold Remediation Jan 23-24 in Davis 101
Beginning tomorrow a team will be in Davis 101 to strip that room down
to the concrete floor. This is in response to the strong mold problem
we've had in that space. Workers will strip everything from the floor
in preparation for the laying of new carpet. That way we insure that we
have resolved the mold problem. An air quality specialist will be on
site the whole time to insure that the space is up to standards when
they leave. Let me know if you have any questions.

Nancy Nienhuis
Dean of Students and Community Life

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