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Thursday, March 29, 2007

ANTS Student E-News Thursday, March 29, 2007

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- The Sodexho STOP Hunger Award: Recognizing students in the fight against hunger
- PilgrIMAGES - April 12
- Summer Course Update
- Interested in Political Activism?


- Cafeteria Meals
- Prof. Pazmi*o to Receive National Award
- For Your Curriculum Planning (Correction)
- Student Worker Needed
- Resident Representative Applications
- The Andover Newton Community Art Show - Deadline for Entries: March 30
- Andover Newton Indoor Golf Classic - April 28 - UPDATED
- Andover Newton Indoor Golf Classic - Can You Help?

The Sodexho STOP Hunger Award: Recognizing students in the fight against hunger

Action Requested: Please deliver the attached news release to your school newspaper

The Sodexho STOP Hunger Award is a new initiative to recognize and provide scholarships for students who have made a significant impact in the fight against hunger and its root causes. Student winners will each receive a $3,000 scholarship award and a $3,000 grant for the hunger-related charity of their choice. Winners will also receive an all-expense paid trip to the Sodexho Foundation Dinner in Washington, DC on June 11, 2007, where we will recognize these outstanding students.

Nominations for the Sodexho STOP Hunger Award will be accepted through April 30, 2007, and must be submitted online at <>; .

We need your help spreading the word throughout our accounts and soliciting nominations! Please deliver the attached news release to your school newspaper. You can also send it to your local community newspaper.

Additional resources are available on SodexhoNet to help you promote this award, including:

* A Poster you can print and display in your units

* A Web Banner you can post on your website with a link to <>;

* A Newspaper Ad you can request to be printed in your school or local newspaper

Log on to SodexhoNet and go to STOP Hunger > Sodexho STOP Hunger Award <>; .

Thank you for your support in communicating this award to our clients, customers and the communities we serve!

PilgrIMAGES - April 12
Join ANTS student Liddy Gerchman Barlow on Thursday, April 12 for a
journey through England and Wales in photographs, stories, poems, and
songs. Meet Celtic and Saxon saints, explore great cathedrals and
abandoned abbeys, and refresh your spirit at holy wells. Come "kneel
where prayer has been valid" and discover what the ancient practice of
pilgrimage can teach us today. Bring your lunch to Upper Noyes from
12:15 to 1:00 p.m.

Summer Course Update
Here is a revised title and course description of HIST 776J:

Complicity and Confession: Post-Holocaust Christian Interpretations of Guilt and Forgiveness

This seminar will comprise lectures and discussions on the behavior of Christian clergy and theologians in Nazi Germany, including the complicity and the broader legacy of this complicity for postwar Christian theological discourse on guilt and forgiveness. The seminar will also include special presentations on the discussion of these issues in postwar Germany, the way in which this topic continues to be a factor in Jewish-Christian relations today, and post-Holocaust Christian and Jewish understandings of guilt and forgiveness.
The course will be taught by Robert Erickson, Chair of the History Department at Pacific Lutheran University and the author of Theologians Under Hitler. Dr. Vicki Barnett is Director of Church Relations at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C.
June 11-15, 9-noon, 1-4 (all-day class)

Interested in Political Activism?
From time to time I receive calls from people working for political candidates who hope to connect with people of faith who may be interested in working on particular campaigns. If you are already active in the Democratic or Republican parties and would like to learn about such opportunities as I hear of them, please let me know. Even if you have no experience, let me know if this interests you. With the presidential campaigns ramping up I may begin to get these again. Whether you consider yourself to be conservative or liberal, campaigns need the voices and input of people of faith!

Nancy Nienhuis
Dean of Students and Community Life

Cafeteria Meals

For those of you on the meal plan please remember that when you go into the cafeteria you should take food for that meal only. Recently some students have been eating a meal and then leaving with food for later. Doing this will result in driving up the costs for everyone, as Liz and her staff prepare food for the number that is eating the meals, and not for more. Please abide by this policy, and remind your neighbors of this if you see them leave with food. Cafeterias are generally losing propositions, especially on small campuses like ours. We try to keep the costs down as much as possible. If you take more food than you eat at one sitting it is impossible for us to do this. If you have questions about this please contact me.

Nancy Nienhuis
Dean of Students and Community Life

Prof. Pazmi*o to Receive National Award
Dr. Robert W. Pazmi*o, Andover Newton's Valeria Stone Professor of Christian Education, has been selected by the American Baptist Churches USA - National Ministries to receive the 2007 Luther Wesley Smith award, which honors distinguished service in strengthening educational programs at an American Baptist-related college or seminary.

This award is scheduled to be given at a National Ministries event during the ABC-USA biennial in Washington DC. on July 2, 2007.

For Your Curriculum Planning

Please note that there was an error in the listing of anticipated CMLE courses for next year. Jeff Jones will not be teaching "Leadership Practices" in the fall, but rather Ken Reeves will be teaching "Congregational Leadership from a Systems Perspective." I apologize for the error and any confusion it might have caused.

Sarah B. Drummond, M.Div., Ph.D.

Dear Students,

Beginning in the fall of 2007, two curricular areas, CMAD/CMLE (Church Administration/Ministerial Leadership) and CONG (Congregational Life) will be merged into one area: Church and Ministry: Leadership, or CMLE.

If you have already taken one course in CMAD/CMLE or CONG, you will have already met the requirement for CMLE. You still must earn 90 credits in order to meet the expectations of an MDIV, however, so bear this in mind as you plan your courses for the future.

For students who have only taken CMAD/CMLE or CONG, but not both, I recommend you consider taking an additional course in leadership next year in the CMLE area. We anticipate that the following courses in CMLE will be offered next year (this will not be set until the catalogue is published in July):

Fall: Congregational Life, Sharon Thornton
Spring: Ministerial Leadership in Program Planning and Evaluation, Sarah Drummond, Seeing Things Whole, Margaret Benefiel
June: The Disciple Forming Congregation, Jeff Jones, E-Learning; Leading from Within, Margaret Benefiel, E-Learning

Please feel free to contact me with questions or concerns.

Sarah Drummond
Asst. Prof. of Ministerial Leadership
617-964-1100 x 230

Exploring Our Lived Experiences
of Reproductive Choice Through
Worship, Ritual, Journaling, and Art

Thursday – April 19, 2007 – 9am-5:45pm
Andover-Newton Theological School
Peck Conference Room

WHAT THIS IS: A worship-full retreat for ministerial and rabbinical students of the Boston Theological Institute. This day-long event will include worship, ritual, journaling, individual/collective collage making, and respectful conversation, all as a way to reflect on our lived experiences on matters of reproductive choice. Additionally, we will share fellowship and meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner are covered by the registration fee).

WHAT THIS IS NOT: A continuation of the polarizing debate about abortion.

TO REGISTER: Send a 3-4 sentence paragraph about your interest in attending the retreat. Why does it interest you? What do you hope to experience during the day? How would you like this retreat to inform your future ministry? Please include your name, address, and preferred contact information (email &/or telephone number):

Email: or

We'll respond with detailed information about the day, including an agenda, our proposed covenant for our time together, and information for payment.

DEADLINE: Space is limited - please register no later than April 10, 2007.

REGISTRATION FEE: $25 if registered by March 31, 2007; $30 thereafter. Registration fee includes all journal and art materials, as well as breakfast, lunch, and dinner. A limited number of partial scholarships are available (inquire in your email about scholarships).

SPONSORED BY ANDOVER-NEWTON SEMINARIANS FOR CHOICE, WITH SUPPORT FROM THE RELIGIOUS COALITION FOR REPRODUCTIVE CHOICE; for more information about the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, visit their website at

Student Worker Needed
The Dean of Students and Housing offices are looking for a student to work 5 to 10 hours a week. Duties will include making appointments, filing, copying, research and other tasks as needed. We are looking for someone organized and efficient who will be able to work into the summer. Please submit a letter of intent and a resume to Amelia O'Dowd in the Housing Office.

Amelia O'Dowd
Housing Coordinator
voice: 617-964-1100 x261
fax: 617-965-3528

Resident Representative Applications
For the 2007-2008 academic year the Dean of Students office will hire six Resident Representatives, two in Farwell and one in each of the other resience halls. Applications will be available Friday March 30, 2007 at the Housing Office (Worcester 101) and are due Friday April 13, 2007.

Living in community in ANTS can be one of the most meaningful experiences ANTS students have while pursuing their degrees. Resident Representatives (RRs) play a critical role in the fostering and nurturing of community life. Resident Representatives are ANTS students who are employees of the ANTS Dean of Students and Community Life office (DOS) and work closely with the Housing Coordinator to supervise and facilitate the day-to-day operation of ANTS residence halls. Being a Resident Representative provides an excellent opportunity to exercise the gift of hospitality, among others. The selection process is open. Current RRs are encouraged to reapply; their experience and performance will be taken into consideration; and they are in full competition with other applicants.

Please contact Amelia O'Dowd in the Housing Office if you have any questions.

Amelia O'Dowd
Housing Coordinator

The Andover Newton Community Art Show - Deadline for Entries: March 30
April 9, 2007 - Commencement

You (students, faculty, staff, friends and relatives) are invited to submit art for The Annual Andover Newton Community Art Exhibit (April 9- Commencement) to be held in the Meetinghouse.

Each person may submit up to four pieces of any art form.

Please submit art before Friday, March 30 by giving it to Joy, OR bringing it to the Meetinghouse and following directions posted in the front lobby, OR by emailing Joy ( to set up a time to deliver it.

For each piece you submit, please write an "artist's statement" including your name, the name of the piece, the medium, and a short (3-4 sentences) explanation of your process, intent or anything interesting you have to say about yourself or the art.

Support the ARTS at ANTS by participating in this opportunity!


Are you graduating from ANTS this May? Then enter the 2007 ANTS Koinonia Preaching Festival, and share your gifts for preaching!

Entering rounds will be held between now and April 9, 2007, and finalists will preach in Community Chapel on Wednesday, April 11. If you are interested in entering, please contact Prof. Matthew Myer Boulton:

Come celebrate preaching at ANTS!

Andover Newton Indoor Golf Classic - April 28 - UPDATED
April 28, 2007
Noyes Hall
2:00 - 4:00 P.M.
*No golfing experience necessary

Win a Vacation for Two at
The Samoset Resort
On the Ocean
Rockport, Maine
3 days and two nights
plus $300 cash voucher
toward recreation and meals
(Trip to be taken within one year)

The First Annual ANTS Indoor Golf Classic is a fun-filled family experience. You will compete in nine table games that involve rolling a golf ball by hand. Enter the "hole in one" and putting contests, too. Scores are arbitrarily given out by game attendants. If you don't like your score, you can pay an extra dollar for another chance. Anyone can win! Silent auction table and dance lessons for $5 for 15 minutes every hour. Bring the whole family!

Tickets: $10
Raffle Tickets: $10, 3 for $20

For information and tickets, call
Mary Herzog
Andover Newton Theological School
210 Herrick Rd.
Newton Centre, MA 02459-2243
Phone: 617-964-1107 ext. 208

On campus, tickets are available from the receptionist at Dabney Hall.

All proceeds will be donated to the Office of the Dean of Students for the purpose of improving the quality of student life.


Andover Newton Indoor Golf Classic - Can You Help?
You can help in the following ways:
1. Help us physically set up the room on the morning of the event.
2. Help us sell tickets…they are $10.00 each.
3. We need items donated for the silent auction. Suggestions are: a theme basket of school or office supplies (or any other theme you have in mine), sports tickets, theater tickets, a weekend get-away, a jewelry item, a musical instrument, etc. We have already received a variety of gift certificates from local stores and businesses.
4. Ask your business or church to sponsor a hole. We will advertise all sponsors in the printed programs that will be given to participants.

Your support of this project will be most appreciated. The ANTS Development Office has provided office space and a phone for Mary Herzog at 617-964-1100, ext. 208 for ticket sales and questions. You can always call Debbi Carter at 617-964-1100, ext. 264.

ANTS E-news
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