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Monday, May 21, 2007

ANTS Student E-News - Monday, May 21, 2007

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- Sze-kar Wan Accepts Call to Perkins School of Theology
- Course Listings for 2007-2008 Available
- Catalog 2007-2008 Now Available
- Lights Under the Tent
- Bordercrossing Trip Information for January
- 60th Birthday Celebration for Nick Carter
- Library Summer Hours

Sze-kar Wan Accepts Call to Perkins School of Theology
Members of the Andover Newton Community:

It is with a genuine sense of loss that I must tell you that Sze-kar Wan has resigned his position on the Andover Newton faculty to accept a call to the biblical faculty of the Perkins School of Theology where he will serve as Professor of New Testament. Commenting on Sze-kar's resignation, President Nick Carter said, "He is a fine scholar and a person of deep faith. Sze-kar has opened our eyes to important issues of diversity as well as the opportunities for cooperative ventures in East Asia. We will miss his warm presence and lively intellect at Andover Newton."

Professor Wan has served on the Andover Newton faculty for seventeen years. He was well loved by the many students who took his courses and joined in the sessions of "table talk" he conducted in the cafeteria at lunch time. Despite keeping a busy travel schedule of lectures and conferences, he was available to his students. He served on important committees and recently chaired Greg Mobley's Promotion and Review Committee. He was an active participant in faculty meetings. Even when he might advocate an unpopular position, his dissent was tempered by a gentle and thoughtful spirit.

Currently, Professor Wan is out of the country. When he returns in late June, we will find an opportunity to honor him and recognize his many contributions to the Andover Newton community. Dean Herzog said, "Sze-kar's departure is a loss to this community. We will miss the many ways he contributed to this community on the hill. As scholar, teacher, colleague, friend and conversational partner, he has served the students, staff and faculty of this school. We will feel his absence but we also rejoice with Sze-kar and pray that this move will open a new and fulfilling chapter in his life, and we hope that this time of transition will go well for him and his family."

Sze-kar's departure leaves some courses that need to be staffed. I am already working on arrangements to cover all New Testament courses for the Fall semester. More details will be available within a week.

Bill Herzog II
Dean of the Faculty

Course Listings for 2007-2008 Available
The course listings for 2007-2008 are now available on the ANTs Web site:

Fall 2007

Winter 2008

Spring 2008

Summer 2008

Catalog 2007-2008 Now Available
The following sections of the Catalog for 2007-2008 are now available online:

- Course and Programs 2007-2008

- Admissions and Financial Aid 2007-2008

The Student Handbook 2007-2008 will be available soon.

View and download the Catalog:

Lights Under the Tent

A set of decorative Christmas lights were left on the stage under the tent last night. They were not there this morning and need to be returned to their owner. They are white lights with thin brown/transparent leaves around them. If anyone knows where they are, please let me know.

Thank you,

Amelia O'Dowd
Housing & Facilities Coordinator

Bordercrossing Trip Information for January
A Border Crossing: A Transformative Journey
Professor Brita Gill-Austern
Dates January 21-31, 2008

This year's Border Crossing trip will take place on the border between Mexico and the U.S. with the majority of our time being spent in Nogales, Mexico, a border town near Tucson, Arizona. This class will study the complex issues of immigration, the related issues of global economics that drive immigration and the implications of the militarization of the border on those who cross. We shall study multiple perspectives on immigration with the goal of empowering persons to address and respond to a critical and divisive issue in our society and in churches. We will join with the bi-national, non-profit organization of Borderlinks for our time at the border. Students need to preregister with Professor Gill-Austern by September 15th.

This class fulfills three renewal area requirements, FHS,GCIM and TPL as well as the Justice Matters class.

60th Birthday Celebration for Nick Carter
Date: Monday, June 11, 2007
Time: Any time between 3-5 p.m.
For: Cake and Ice Cream and lots of Candles

You are cordially invited to an Open House at the:

President's House
196 Herrick Road
Newton Centre, MA 02459

No gifts please, but let's shower him with cards.
(Funny cards are most welcome.)

Library Summer Hours
The library begins a reduced schedule on May 11:

Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Saturday-Sunday closed

The regular academic session schedule will resume with the summer term, May 29.

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