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Thursday, May 03, 2007

ANTS Student E-News Thursday, May 3, 2007

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- Golf Classic Thank You
- Matt Boulton's Farewell Reception


- Dr. Valerie Dixon opts to not stand for tenure: plans to leave ANTS next year
- Student Association Elections - UPDATED
- "Our Bin Runneth Over": ANTS Paper Recycling
- Lodging At UCC General Synod
- Missing tables
- Rationale for New Tuition Fee Structure, April 2007
- Writing Tutor Available
- Darrick Jackson's Farewell Reception - May 9
- Wilson Chapel Dedication and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony - May 18, 2007

Golf Classic Thank You
Mary Herzog and Debbi Carter would like to thank everyone who participated in making the First Annual Indoor Golf Classic a success. The people who attended are in agreement that it was a happy way to raise funds for such an important cause. The proceeds will all go toward the goals established through the Office of the Dean of Students, Nancy Nienhuis, which include:

1. First Aid kits for residence halls
2. Electrical Outlets for computer access in Kendall Hall
3. Full spectrum lights for Appleton Chase and Sturtevant
4. Desk chairs for study carrels for Fuller/Kendall
5. Needs approved by the Dean of Students that will serve to improve the quality of student life at Andover Newton

We received very thoughtful donations from a variety of individuals and businesses, which made it possible to have over forty silent auction items and an assortment of door prizes. Brita Gill-Austern was the winner of the raffle trip to Samoset Lodge in Rockport, Maine. Nancy Nienhuis was the winner of the indoor golf game tournament.

Several students from Andover Newton (Cass Poulos, Ruth Edens, Donna Colletti-Lowre, and Cristina Cabrera) did an outstanding job in helping to raise funds and to recruit other volunteers. We even had a local neighbor, Jim Karg, volunteer to help.
We thank everyone who assisted in making this event successful, and we anticipate another successful event in 2008!

Mary Herzog and Debbi Carter

Matt Boulton's Farewell Reception
Dear Friends:

Our farewell reception for Matt Boulton and his family will be held on Monday, May 7th at 3 pm in the Peck Room.

Be there to express your appreciation for Matt's wonderful ministry in our midst and to wish Matt and his family the very best as they enter this period of transition.

See you there.

Bill Herzog II
Dean of the Faculty

Dr. Valerie Dixon opts to not stand for tenure: plans to leave ANTS next year.
In recent months Dr. Valerie Dixon, Assistant Professor of Christian Ethics, shared with Dean Herzog and her faculty colleagues her decision not to stand for tenure. This significant moment in the long standing traditions of academia involves a great deal of reflection for any scholar. In the midst of preparing for her schedule tenure review, Dr. Dixon, who is a well known womanist scholar and social activist, decided that the road of tenured teaching was not consistent with her plans for herself and her beliefs about the future of academia. In addition, this juncture affords her a chance to pursue some doctoral teaching possibilities in a non-seminary setting, something that has been a growing interest for some time.

Dr. Dixon will remain a full and active member of the Andover Newton faculty and community for the next academic year. She has reached an agreement with the Dean to conclude her employment here in June of 2008. Since her announcement to the faculty Dr. Dixon has been an active participant in the search for new ethics faculty at Andover Newton and her voice helped shape the choices we have so proudly presented to our community in recent days.

Valerie has been a well-known presence in our community and, when the time is appropriate, we will find a way to honor her for her many contributions to this community, and we will have an opportunity to wish her well. Happily, she will be with us for another year so we can to benefit from her presence in our midst.

Nick Carter

Student Association Elections - UPDATE
There is a new candidate for Treasurer. Cristina Cabrera will be running for Treasurer in the place of Phillip Fitz. Phillip asked the Student Association to withdraw his name because his schedule next year would not allow him to give the time needed to fulfill the Treasurer's position.

The candidate's pictures and statements are now on the Student Association pages on Connect. Please take the time to read their statements.

Election of Officers will take place from Friday, May 4 to Thursday May 10 on line. The URL will be posted Friday, May 4 on the Student Association pages on Connect and on the ANTS home page. Please take the time to vote.



"Our Bin Runneth Over": ANTS Paper Recycling

The beloved community cares about creation, and the Spring Paper Drive is doing great! Thank-you to all who are responding so positively with encouragement, questions, and, of course, your paper.
*We have already collected about 1 ton of paper. That's halfway to our goal of collecting 2 tons by May 11, and thereby keeping our paper collection bin. If we collect more than 2 tons per month, we will start making money for ANTS.
*We are asking every member of the ANTS community to contribute at least one paper bag full of recycled paper by May 11. In addition, some people are bringing in paper from their households, churches, and businesses.This is great.
***The bin was emptied on Monday and is ready to receive your offering.
*Volunteer opportunities: emptying a paper collection box, monitoring signs, spreading the word. If you'd like to get involved, please contact Liz at <>.
Thank-you for your enthusiastic response--let's keep it up!


Come one, come all, and be part of the first ANTS Community Service in Wilson Chapel, this year's Baccalaureate service on Friday evening, May 18, at 7:00pm. We'll gather in Wilson at 6:00pm sharp (one hour before the service begins), and learn the song we'll sing in the service.

Bring your friends! All are welcome to sing: students, staff, friends, and enemies!

Questions? Contact Professor Matthew Myer Boulton:

Lodging At UCC General Synod
UCC 26th General Synod

Hartford, CT

June 22-26, 2007

General Synod – Limited Alternative Lodging

There are a limited number of beds available at host homes in the Hartford Area for seminary students who are unable to afford the cost of hotel lodging. Reservations must be made in advance and will not be accepted after June 1. A Request for Home Accommodations Form is available by contacting Char Corbett, Co-Moderator of ANTS UCC Student Fellowship by email at Dates, the number of beds, room sharing, allergies and special needs must be indicated. Breakfast at these homes will be provided and you must secure your own transportation. Volunteers are also still needed for a variety of Synod tasks and can also be indicated on the form. If you have other needs, questions or concerns, please let Char know.

Missing tables

Last Monday we noticed two of our 6' plastic tables that were kept under the stairs near the Peck room were missing. If anyone has borrowed them or knows of their whereabouts, could you please return them to this location or let us know where we can find them, so we can pick them up. We really need all our tables for upcoming events.

Building & Grounds

Rationale for New Tuition Fee Structure, April 2007

Download PDF letter:

Dear ANTS Students,

Beginning next year we will be implementing a multi-tiered tuition structure based on the number of courses you're taking. We wanted to let you know about this new scale and explain why we are moving in this direction.

As you know, there are a number of services that support student life at ANTS, all of which come at a cost. Faculty, staff, the library, cafeteria, building infrastructure and upkeep, IT resources, and more all come at a cost. Regardless of whether you take 1 class or 8 over a given year, all of these resources need to be in place for each of you. Each tuition credit hour you pay provides a partial offset of these costs, although tuition does not cover the full cost of running the school. Up until now we have split these costs evenly across all students, even though those of you who pay more tuition in a given semester are actually contributing more to these costs than are those who take fewer classes. We feel that it is unjust to ask those of you who pay more tuition to continue to cover a disproportionate portion of these costs.

In order to address this concern we are moving to a multi-tiered tuition structure. The more courses you take, the lower your cost per credit hour. In fact, for the first time in recent history those of you who are full-time (24+ credits/year) will pay no increase in tuition at all next year, even though our operating costs have risen. We have elected to give you a 4% discount. Those of you who take 21-23 credits will face the standard 4% increase in tuition, or $450/credit hour. If you take 15-20 credits over the course of a year your tuition will be $500/credit hour, and if you take 0-14 credits your tuition will be $550/credit hour. The total credits for courses you take; fall, winter, spring, and summer, will be added together to get these totals.

Aside from the justice issue described above there are a number of other items we took into consideration as we made this decision:

- We want to continue to support part-time students. Unlike many of our peer institutions who require degree candidates to be full-time (in part because their costs per student go down when they do) we feel it is important to continue to have part-time students at ANTS. We appreciate what you contribute to this community.

- We want to raise the level of financial aid available to students. By making these adjustments we will be able to increase the amount we can discount your cost of attending ANTS. While we offered the equivalent of a 22% discount last year to those with greatest financial need, this year we are increasing that discount to 30%.

- We are concerned about student debt. We know from our own and national data that student indebtedness can make the difference between someone staying in ministry or leaving because they cannot pay back loans. We also know that students who move through seminary more quickly leave with less debt. We want you to have less debt.

- Church bodies have expressed concern to us about the length of time students are taking to complete their studies. We hope this change provides motivation for you to move through your ANTS work more quickly.

- We asked you! In a recent survey on course load many of you indicated that if we made it less expensive to take more courses you would probably elect to take more classes.

As we begin to provide a tuition structure that is fairer across students, we are also working to insure that our course offering match your schedules. We are trying to increase the number of times required courses are offered as well as adjusting the scheduling of these courses in order to make it easier for you to move smoothly toward your goal of graduation. At the same time, we still welcome those of you who want to take your time as you journey through seminary. And for those of you who are seniors, who have pursued your degrees full-time and have very few classes left to take next year, please contact me to discuss what we'll do for you in light of this new schedule. Let me know if you have any questions.

Take good care,

Nancy Nienhuis
Dean of Students and Community Life
Faculty of Theology

Writing Tutor Available
An end-of-semester reminder: I'm happy to work with you on final papers or anything else you might be writing (or contemplating writing!)

I'm on campus Tuesdays 10 to 3, and alternate Thursdays 12 to 3, in Worcester 302. I will be here May 1, 8, 10, and 15. So catch me soon!

Feel free to drop by during my hours, but it's usually best to make an appointment by email.

Helen Snively
ANTS Writing Tutor
617-964-1100 x 282

Darrick Jackson's Farewell Reception - May 9
Dear friends and colleagues,

Please set aside Wednesday, May 9 from 3-4:30 as a time to thank Darrick and wish him well as he leaves to begin his new position as the Assistant Director of Youth Ministries at the Unitarian Universalist Association. Be sure to congratulate him on obtaining his Master of Divinity degree as well! We will have desserts and beverages in the MEETINGHOUSE. All faculty, staff and students are welcome to attend this event. If you find you are unable to attend, please make it a point to stop by the Admissions/Recruitment Office (before May 16, his last day!) to express your personal appreciation for the contributions Darrick has made to the Admissions/Recruitment Office, Student Services in general, and the larger campus community.

So put the date on your calendar and come and join us as we bless Darrick on his way to a new adventure!
Thanks so much,

Wilson Chapel Dedication and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony - May 18, 2007
Friday, May 18, 2007
12:00 - 12:45 PM Lunch on the Quad
1:00 P.M. Dedication fo Wilson Chapel
2:00 PM Tours of the new chapel, cake and punch

On May 18, 2007, ANTS will be hosting the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and Dedication for the New Wilson Chapel. The Quad will be covered by a large tent insuring the celebration will occur rain or shine ( of course we expect a beautiful day).

A light lunch will be served from 12:00-12:45 and the Ceremony will begin at 1PM and should conclude by 2PM.

If you are coming to lunch, PLEASE RSVP to Evan Page so that we can order enough food and drinks for all attending (Trustees, Faculty and Staff do not have to RSVP since we have included you in our numbers). Since classes will be ended, we do need to know the number of Students, Alumnae/i,Guests and Friends who will be attending. The tent will accommodate up to 600 individuals.

After the Ceremony, cake and punch will be available as well as tours of the New Chapel. Please join us !

RSVP to Evan PAge
Phone: 617-964-1100 ext. 201

More info:
Photos of Chapel:

Courses Slated for P3
Dear MDiv and MARE students,

Next year, students in their required year of Field Education must, each semester, take one course designated "P3" and participate in its discussion section for Field Education students. P3 stands for the "Professor-Practitioner Program;" these courses will have a Resident Ministry Practitioner on-hand for course meetings who will also lead the discussion sections.

Here is a tentative list of the courses that will have P3 designations, their meeting times, and the section times for the Field Education small group. Please know that this list is subject to change, as the catalogue for next year is still being finalized. The Field Education Program will have a list of the Resident Ministry Practitioners assigned to each group before registration for the fall begins. Please note that sections WILL BE CAPPED at 8 participants, so advance planning and early registration would be wise.

CMED 601 Intro. Religious Ed.
Course time, Mon. Morn.; Section, Mon. 2-3:30

THEO/WOTA/TMPL 712 Screening Theology
Course time, Tues. Aft.; Section, Tues. 10:30-12

HIST 645 American Hist.
Course time, Wed. Morn.; Section, Wed. 2-3:30

CMLE 734 Congregational Life
Course time, Wed. Aft.; Section, Wed. 10:30-12

NEWT/WOTA 762 Parables
Course time, Wed. Eve.; Section, Thurs. 7:30-9

CMPR/OLDT 664 Preaching scripture
Course time, Fri. Morn.; Section, Fri. 2-3:30

WOTA 667 Aesthetics
Course time, Mon. Morn.; Section, Mon. 2-3:30

PSYF 784 Bereavement
Course time, Mon. Eve.; Section, Mon. 3:30-5

CMLE 624 Planning/Evaluation
Course time, Tues. Morn.; Section, Tues. 2-3:30

HIST 698/798 New Religious Mov.
Course time, Wed. Aft.; Section, Wed. 10:30-12

NEWT 748 Revelation
Course time, Wed. Eve.; Section, Thurs. 7:30-9

CMED 605 Rel. Ed. Lifespan
Course time, Wed. Morn.; Section, Wed. 2-3:30

THEO 786 Atonement
Course time Thurs. Eve.; Section, Thurs. 3:30-5

OLDT 512 Old Testament
Course time, Fri. Morn.; Section, Fri. 2-3:30

Thank you, and please do not hesitate to get in touch with questions or concerns.

Sarah B. Drummond, M.Div., Ph.D.
Asst. Prof. of Ministerial Leadership & Director of Field Education
Andover Newton Theological School
210 Herrick Road
Newton Centre, MA 02459
(617) 964-1100 ext. 230