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Friday, October 12, 2007

ANTS Student E-News - Friday, October 12, 2007

In this message:

- Thank you
- Chapel News (Oct. 15- Oct. 19)
- South Church in Andover celebrates Andover Newton bicentennial
- Funny Book
- From the Registrar's Office
- Book Store
- Lisa Durkee Abbott's Ordination
- Student Center Keys
- U2charist this Sunday
- Interested in Pastoral Counseling/Specialized Pastoral Care As

Thank you
Dear Andover Newton Community,

Thank you for the many expressions of warmth and support you've sent my
way over the past week, upon the loss of my mom. I deeply appreciate
the care and concern you've expressed. I return home daily to more
cards, and I'm reminded of the prayer support you're sending to me and
my family. Thank you also for the prayer blanket you gave me; I will
cherish that. Every death reminds us that each day is a wonderful
gift--may we all remember that.



Nancy Nienhuis
Dean of Students and Community Life

Chapel News (Oct. 15- Oct. 19)
Reflections at MORNING PRAYER for the coming week (Oct. 15-19) will
be offered by:

Monday: Ned Allyn Parker
Tuesday: John Brock
Wednesday: Nancy Willbanks
Thursday: Toni DiPina
Friday: Karen Hodges

EVENING PRAYER (COMPLINE) in the Episcopal tradition:
Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays - 9:00-9:15 p.m.
Prayer Room, downstairs in the Wilson Chapel
Hosted by the Episcopal Student Fellowship

Sarah Drummond will be offering the liturgy at our WEDNESDAY
COMMUNITY CHAPEL which is also our Commissioning for students
participating in Field Education. Please join us!

ANTS UU Worship is each Thursday @ 1:00pm in the Wilson Chapel.

With questions regarding worship in the Wilson Chapel, and upcoming
events, please contact Ned Parker at

South Church in Andover celebrates Andover Newton bicentennial
Dear Trustees, Faculty, Staff, and the entire ANTS community:

We'd be delighted if you would join us Sunday, October 21, 2007, as we

celebrate our 296th Anniversary as a congregation and the 200th
Anniversary of Andover Newton Theological School along with founding
families, Phillips Academy, and friends from the Town of Andover and
Andover Historical Society.

The events for the day begin with worship at South Church at 10:30am.
Andover Newton President Nick Carter will be our guest preacher. Please

arrive by 10:15 to pick up name tags (and find parking!)

After the service, please join us at Phillips Academy's Pearson Hall
12:30pm for an exchange of historical gifts. At 12:05, we will leave
South Church library (where we will have a finger food 'lunch') and
a walking tour up School St. to Pearson Hall. PA is hosting its
Weekend, and parking at the campus is off limits. (For those who need
assistance, we will have a few shuttle cars.) Please bring walking

At 1:00pm, we will walk to Missionary Rock via the Chapel Cemetery and

learn more about the missionary legacy started here in Andover. After
walking back to South Church, we will have more refreshments and food
for our guests.

Please feel free to attend any or all of the events of the day. If you

would RSVP to our South Church administrator, Linda Hacker, at
978-475-0321, or by email to
<>_, we will have name tags for you and
sufficient count for 'lunch'.


Charlotte Lyons
Chair, South Church Historical Committee

William Schroeder
South Church Moderator

Rev. Dr. Katherine Kallis '82
Minister of Spirituality and Vocation

Funny Book
Students may edit their entries in the 2007-2008 Funny Book from Friday
October 12 until the end of the day on Friday October 19. Copies will
be available at the front desk in Dabney, the Library and in the Housing
Office. The Funny Book will be available on the Andover Newton
website, through Connect! (password protected) sometime in November.

If you have any questions, please contact Amelia O'Dowd in the Housing
Office, Worcester 101, 617-964-1100 ext. 261,

From the Registrar's Office
Mid-Program Review for MDiv students
After completing at least 40 and not more than 55 credits, each M.Div.
student is required to complete a Mid-Program Review (MPR) to assess her
or his preparation for ministry. The student will meet with the MPR
committee to discern areas of strength and weakness and set goals for
the remainder of his or her studies. Guidelines for the MPR are
available in the Academic Dean's office.

The MPR committee chair will supply a report of the meeting for the
student's permanent file. The report may suggest or mandate certain
binding actions that must be fulfilled before graduation. The student's
academic advisor will monitor the fulfillment of all such requirements.
If there is disagreement among the parties, the student may offer a
written response.

A student who, without approval from the M.Div. Director, fails to
complete the Mid-Program Review within the required time will not be
allowed to take classes. The student will be permitted only to register
"on leave" (if "on leave" registration would otherwise be allowed) until
the review is satisfactorily completed.

Student Responsibilities
Student contacts th Academic Dean's office to obtain the MPR guidelines
and for faculty chair assignments (please e-mail David Ames for
assignments at
Students contacts Faculty chair, advisor, denominational
representative and the student peer to arrange date and time.
Student reserves a meeting room.
Student assembles documents for review: unofficial transcript,
curriculum worksheet, admissions essay, preparation for ministry

May 2008 Graduation

October 29 - Nov 30
M. Div. Seniors anticipating May 2008 graduation shall go over their
programs with the Registrar to assure that all course requirements for
graduation will be met by the end of the next semester. Please send an
e-mail to Nayda Aguila at for an appointment.

D. Min. Candidates anticipating May 2008 graduation shall go over their
programs with the Director of the D. Min. Program to assure that all
course requirements for graduation will be met by the end of the next

MA Candidates anticipating May 2008 graduation shall go over their
programs with the Director of the MA Program to assure that all course
requirements for graduation will be met by the end of the next semester.

Oct 29-Nov 30 - Statement of Intention to Graduate forms for 2008
Commencement due in the Registrar's Office.

November 30-Certificate students anticipating May 2008
graduation-Statement of Intention to Graduate forms due in the
Registrar's office.

Book Store
The bookstore will be open tomorrow, Saturday, from 10 am - 2 pm to
welcome the participants in the joint conference of the Environmental
Ministries of the Mass. Conference/UCC and the Ecology Ministry of
Andover Newton, "Faith and Our Environment". Registration opens at 8

Lisa Durkee Abbott's Ordination
Having been called to serve as pastor and teacher of the First
Congregational Church of West Brookfield, MA, United Church of Christ,
Lisa Durkee Abbott will be ordained on October 21st. The service will
be held at her home church in Gardner, MA, 28 Green Street, at 4:00 p.m.
that Sunday, with a reception to follow. You are all invited!! If you
would let me know if you are planning to come, it would be great, so
that I can let the dear folks in Gardner know how much food to prepare.
If you aren't able to plan, but find yourself able to make the trip,
please come anyway! It takes just a bit over an hour from ANTS, and is
only a mile or so from Rte. 2--an easy trip! Oh, and please wear red!

Student Center Keys
Any student who wishes to do so can pick up a key for the new student
center in Upper Noyes from the Housing Office, Worcester 101, to have 24
hour access to the space.

U2charist this Sunday
A U2charist will be held this Sunday, October 14, at 5pm at the Edwards
Church in Framingham. Come and worship to the music of U2, as we join
together to fight poverty, hunger, and AIDS.

Interested in Pastoral Counseling/Specialized Pastoral Care As
Interested in Pastoral Counseling/Specialized Pastoral Care As
Want to Deepen your Knowledge and Connections with Others Involved in
Pastoral Care/Counseling?

Come Find Out About AAPC
(The American Association of Pastoral Counselors)
Thursday, October 18, 2007, 12:00- 1:30 pm
The Greene Room, Dabney Hall
Bring a bag lunch
For more info, contact Rev. Dr. Leanne M Tigert

The UCC Mass Environmental Ministries and ANTS Ecology Ministry are
hosting an all day conference on Faith & Our Environment this Saturday,
October 13, on Andover Newton's campus. ANTS students, faculty and staff

Registration opens at 8 a.m. outside Stoddard Auditorium with
beginning at 9:45 a.m. on the subjects of "leadership in times of
crisis," "using drama and humor to tell our Creation's stories,"
diet, " and more. The morning plenary session at 11 a.m. will feature
Carlos J. Correa Bernier speaking on the subject of environmental
Afternoon workshops at 1:00 p.m. include "the great turning," "lobbying
a faith perspective," "MA Interfaith Power and Light," with repeats of
morning subjects. The afternoon's plenary session at 2:15 features
Matthew Sleeth, author of Serve God, Save the Planet.

Advance registration can be made on the Massachusetts Conference
Church of Christ website:

If you can help with registration they are looking for a few volunteers
please be in touch with Elizabeth England at

If you have any questions on the conference, please call Cristina
Cabrera at
617-872-8275 or email her at (phone is best).


Morning Workshops
9:45 am
Davis Hall
Lobbying From a Faith Perspective: How can people of faith be true to
our values and traditions, and also strategic and effective in
communicating with government decision-makers about public issues? In
this workshop you will learn suggestions gathered from professional
staff of Christian denominations who served as lobbyists for their
national church organizations. And learn the importance of being a
"faith" lobbyist.

Using Drama and Humor to tell our Creation's Stories: Learn to use
humor and drama to help people hear our planets stories. We will provide
a variety of resources for youth groups, young adults, worship leaders
and people who want to talk about ecology and faith. Bring your
resources to share as we enjoy this interactive, intergenerational

"Public Policy Responses to the Climate Change Crisis"- A Panel
Discussion: Rob Garrity, Executive Director of MCCAN (Mass. Climate
Change Action Network), Helen Waldorf, MA Dept. of Environmental
Protection, Bureau of Waste Prevention, Katy Krottinger, Clean Water

Healthy & Beautiful Spa: Learn about: toxic ingredients in personal
care products linked to cancer, birth defects and other ailments;
options for safer alternatives, including making your own cosmetics; and
how you can help change safety standards for cosmetics and other common
household goods that contain toxic chemicals.

The Great Turning: this workshop is based the landmark film of David
Korten's Lecture with features from his book by the same title. It is
fashioned to serve as a springboard for a dialog and discussion.

Carbon Diet: Human carbon-dioxide emissions come mainly from two
sources: burning fossil fuels and changes in land use, such as
deforestation. Americans are the climate's worst enemy. On average, each
of us is responsible for about 22 tons of carbon-dioxide emissions every
year, according to the United Nations, compared with an average of six
tons per person throughout the rest of the world. That means the typical
U.S citizen emits the equivalent of four cars.

Global Warming Solutions - Energy Efficiency and Conservation and
Renewable Resources: Learn how to conserve energy and become more energy
efficient at home and at work. Discuss how implementation of energy
efficiency will save money at home while saving the environment through
very easy and practical means. Learn about the different types of
renewable resources, and discuss how to invest/purchase them on both an
individual and community level.

Afternoon Workshops
1:00 pm
Davis Hall

Developing Our leadership in Times of Climate Crisis: How do we nurture
our own spirits and develop leadership in others to take effective
action on global warming? This workshop will provide a wide range of
approaches and methods, frameworks and tools to engage different types
of personalities and support people at different stages of their
personal unfolding. Scientific insights, psychological styles,
eco-spirituality, community development and more to support us in facing
the crisis and increasing positive leadership.

Global Warming and Impacts to the Northeast: A citizen-based solutions
approach: Learn about the latest reports on climate impacts to the
Northeast, specifically Massachusetts over the next century. The
collective actions we make now will drastically affect the long-term
climate impacts in the future. Hear about ways that you can make a
difference through personal action, community outreach, and political

Finding the Environment in Hymns and Scripture: Interested in planning
worship service focused on respect for earth and its creatures-Earth Day
or any other day? A wealth of scriptural and hymn resources are
available; in this workshop we will share ideas about how to incorporate
nature themes, biblical texts, and hymns into worship services.

Using Drama and Humor to tell our Creation's Stories: Learn to use
humor and drama to help people hear our planets stories. We will provide
a variety of resources for youth groups, young adults, worship leaders
and people who want to talk about ecology and faith. Bring your
resources to share as we enjoy this interactive, intergenerational

Toxics and the Environment: from The Massachusetts Conference of

Massachusetts Interfaith Power and Light: Did you know that houses of
worship leave a notable environmental imprint? Per capita, per hour of
use, houses of worship are often among the biggest wasters of energy,
and the United States has more houses of worship than any other country!
Although most congregations recognize the moral imperative for
stewardship, they do not always stand on the moral "high ground" when it
comes to actual energy usage. We need to become better stewards and, in
the process, encourage and inspire our congregants to do better at home,
school, and work.