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Friday, October 19, 2007

ANTS Student E-News - Friday, October 19, 2007

In this message:

- Monday Service for Nicole Kirby
- Update from Kim Wadhams
- Chapel News (Oct. 22- Oct. 26)
- ANTS Alum Arthur L. Whitaker dies at 86
- There is no choir next week (Oct. 24)
- Andover Newton Community Art Sale
- Planning for World AID's Day Service
- Refrigerator in Student Center Kitchen
- ANTS has a new food cart in the student lounge
- Lisa Durkee Abbott's Ordination

Monday Service for Nicole Kirby
A service to celebrate Nicole Kirby's life will be held Monday evening
at 5:15 pm in the Wilson Chapel sanctuary. Please join us. We are
assembling a collage of photos of Nicky in preparation for the service.
If you have a digital photo you would like to share please send it to with the subject line "Nicki Kirby pic."

In addition, we will have a journal available for you to sign to relate
your favorite stories and memories of Nicky. We will be sending the
journal to Nicky's family. If you have any questions please contact

Nancy Nienhuis
Dean of Students and Community Life

Update from Kim Wadhams
As many of you know, Kim passed out in chapel on Wednesday. Since so
many of you have been praying for him, he writes with the following
update: "Having completed a close inspection of the floor in Wilson
Chapel, I can assure you it will last for many years to come . . . and I
hope to do the same. My cardiologists have assured me that I may
continue with "business as usual," and I fully intend to take them
up on it. I'll be returning to class on October 24th.
Thank you for your concern and your prayers. The nurturing love I
experienced on Wednesday at Chapel helps to remind me how blessed I am
to be a part of the ANTS community.
God bless you all,
Kim Wadhams"

Chapel News (Oct. 22- Oct. 26)
Reflections at MORNING PRAYER for the coming week (Oct. 22-26) will
be offered by:

Monday: Ned Allyn Parker
Tuesday: Heather Lucas
Wednesday: Ned Parker (Ned's parents, the Rev. Patricia Parker and
the Rev. Dr. Kenneth Parker, will be visiting this morning > come and

meet them!)
Thursday: Liz Garrigan-Byerly
Friday: Kurt Walker

EVENING PRAYER (COMPLINE) in the Episcopal tradition:
Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays - 9:00-9:15 p.m.
Prayer Room, downstairs in the Wilson Chapel
Hosted by the Episcopal Student Fellowship

The Baptist Felowship will be offering the liturgy at our WEDNESDAY

ANTS UU Worship is each Thursday @ 1:00pm in the Wilson Chapel and
will be led by Christina Sillari on Oct. 25.

With questions regarding worship in the Wilson Chapel, and upcoming
events, please contact Ned Parker at, and please
remember that the semester is flying by - so be in touch if you would

like to offer a reflection at morning prayer.

Ned Allyn Parker
Admission Counselor / Chapel Steward

ANTS Alum Arthur L. Whitaker dies at 86
Rev. Dr. Arthur L. Whitaker (STM '54, DMin '73) died in his sleep
Tuesday at the age of 86. Andover Newton President Nick Carter, who
knew and worked for a time with Arthur, said "He was a strong leader,
a gentleman, and a fine Christian disciple."

Born and educated in Malden, MA, Whitaker entered the army, served
under General Patton and received four battle stars and several other
citations before being honorably discharged in 1946. In 1948 he married
his life long friend Virginia Carter at Union Emmauel Baptist Church in
Malden. Whitaker graduated from Gordon College, Harvard Divinity School,
and then received both his STM and DMin degrees from Andover Newton.
While serving in Rochester, New York, Arthur wrote the book, Anatomy of
a Riot, about the 1964 summer riots in that city. He served many years
for the American Baptist denomination in Massachusetts and New York, and
was the first African American Executive Minister ever appointed in the
ABC-USA. Funeral services will be held in the Memorial Chapel at
Harvard on Monday, October 22 at 10:30 AM. For more information contact
Weir-MacCuish Golden Rule Funeral Home in Malden.

There is no choir next week (Oct. 24)
There is no choir next week (Oct. 24).
There WILL be choir the following Wednesday, Oct. 31, at 11:50 in
Wilson Chapel.


Andover Newton Community Art Sale
Want to sell your hand made arts and also benefit a
good cause? Here's your chance!!!!

*What? Andover Newton Community Art Sale
*Where? In the Meetinghouse
*When? Monday, November 26 (4-7pm)
Tuesday, November 27, (11-1, 4-7)
Wednesday, November 28 (11-1)
*Who benefits? You keep 90% of your profits, while 10%
goes to the Meetinghouse Fund

*All forms of art welcome. You or a person you
appoint must be available to be at your table during
the times designated. You keep track of your sales
and turn in your tithe to the Meetinghouse Fund.

*Contact Liz at
with questions about buying or selling
or to reserve a table by November 1st.

The Worship and the Arts Program at Andover Newton is sorry to announce
that the Parables Symposium that was to take place on October 20th has
been cancelled due to low enrollment, and will be rescheduled for
another time.

The Charles McCollough exhibit of "the Art of the Parables" is still
ongoing in the Wilson Chapel.

We would also like to take this opportunity to inform you of an
upcoming Advent Planning workshop, led by Maren Tirabassi, that will
take place on November 10th, from 9:00am - 4:00pm. Please watch the
website, e-news and further publicity for more details.

Planning for World AID's Day Service
Any of those people who are interested in planning them World's AIDS
Day service for December 1st we will have our first gatherings at 5
p.m. on Tuesday October 23rd in the cafeteria and Tuesday October 30th
at 12 in the cafeteria. The theme this year will be focused on African
American women and AIDS in the U.S. Could you please let me know if you
are interested in planning the service and will be able to attend either
of these meetings. Professor Brita Gill-Austern
ext. 219

Refrigerator in Student Center Kitchen
We are working on getting a 2nd refrigerator in the Student Center
kitchen area. What we thought was a spare one turns out to be one that
SODEXHO owns. We know students need a refrigerator there so we are
working to remedy this situation quickly!

Nancy Nienhuis
Dean of Students

ANTS has a new food cart in the student lounge
ANTS has a new food cart in the student lounge. Open daily Monday
through Friday 10am-6pm.
Come in and check it out! We have salads, sandwiches, fruit cups,
parfaits, desserts, cookies, brownies, cold beverages, coffee and
Please stop by and say Hi to Sheela Jeyraj, she will help you with
anything you need.

Elizabeth Bostwick
Food Service Director

Lisa Durkee Abbott's Ordination
Having been called to serve as pastor and teacher of the First
Congregational Church of West Brookfield, MA, United Church of Christ,
Lisa Durkee Abbott will be ordained on October 21st. The service will
be held at her home church in Gardner, MA, 28 Green Street, at 4:00 p.m.
that Sunday, with a reception to follow. You are all invited!! If you
would let me know if you are planning to come, it would be great, so
that I can let the dear folks in Gardner know how much food to prepare.
If you aren't able to plan, but find yourself able to make the trip,
please come anyway! It takes just a bit over an hour from ANTS, and is
only a mile or so from Rte. 2--an easy trip! Oh, and please wear red!