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Monday, November 26, 2007

ANTS Student E-News - Monday, November 26, 2007

In this message:

- Update and Prayer Request for Dusty and Nicole Keeton-Williams
- Episcopal Student Fellowship
- Holiday Shoebox Ministry
- UUCANS Events
- Holiday Party
- Annual Andover Newton Hanging of the Greens Decorating Dalliance
- Chapel News (Nov. 26 - Nov. 30)
- Prison Ministries Fellowship meeting Dec. 3rd
- The Three Gifts of the Dream in Genesis
- Darkness and Light - A Celebration of the Jewish and Christian
Holiday Seasons of Christmas and Hanukkah
- Is Field Education in your future?
- Winter and Spring Course Changes
- Upcoming Labyrinth Walks
- Art & Spirituality discussion

Prayer Request
Please send your prayers along to Dusty, Nicole Keeton-Williams and
newborn baby Symphanie. Symphanie was born about a week and a half ago
she's been in the NICU at Brigham and Women's with some health issues.
prognosis is good though and she promises to be home very soon.

Also, an update:
I was just writing to give everyone an update on how things are going
with the baby. As of Nov. 16, my wife was overdue to the extent that
they scheduled her induction for then. Our baby was born on Nov. 17 --
so we are parents now! We named our daughter Symphanie Eirena.

In any case, I do have a bit of sad news. On Sunday, we noticed that
Symphanie was spitting up green stuff. She did this about 5 times in a
row and then began to turn blue. So, we had her carted down to the
nursery and they had to give her oxygen. They then admitted her to the
newborn ICU, where she has been ever since. :-(

They've been doing tests all week to find out what is wrong with her
and why she keeps having these blue spells. During her catscan, they
noticed that she had some blood at the base of her brain. However, they
think that is from the birthing process and that it will go away on its
own. Her cardiogram came back normal, so that's good. Apparently,
since she was so overdue, she ended up having several bowel movements
before birth and as a result ended up breathing in her own waste for a
couple of weeks. Apparently this gave her the infection which caused
the green spit up. She is on antibiotics for this, and it should clear
up. However, that doesn't have any relation to the blue spells,
apparently. They just did a pneumagram and tomorrow they are testing
for genetic disorders. I will keep everyone updated on her health.

Anyways, Nicole and I have spent the past week basically not sleeping.
They want us to pump for milk every 3 hrs. Then, since the baby is in
the ICU, we have to take the milk down to her and try to feed her.
Obviously, we want to spend as much time with her as we can.
Unfortunately, this has equated in sleeping for 1 hr intervals. We will
actually get more rest when the baby is allowed to come home, for then
we will be able to sleep the entire time she is sleeping. So, at this
point, I'm hopeful that everyone will give me a little bit of grace as I
attempt to finish up this semester.

Please keep all of us in your prayers.
Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving!

Episcopal Student Fellowship
The Episcopal Student Fellowship will be having a service of Holy
Eucharist in the Episcopal tradition on Tuesday, November 27th at 1pm in
Wilson Chapel. The Reverend Michael Hodges of St. Paul's Episcopal
Church in Dedham will be the preacher and celebrant. All are invited.

Holiday Shoebox Ministry
We have almost completed November and so far we have 50 promised
shoeboxes on the way. Our goal is 500 boxes. Remember this is a great
activity for your youth groups. Thank you to all who have contributed
thus far. As we head into December the Black Student Fellowship and the
Baptist Fellowship would like to remind you that shoeboxes can be
dropped off on Wednesdays at All School Chapel services and also anytime
during the week in Nancy Nienhuis' office. We would like to thank all of
the professors, staff, and students who are supporting us in our efforts
with this Ministry. We look forward to receiving your boxes and we hope
you will make this a part of your Thanksgiving rituals this year.

Peace and Blessings,

ANTS Baptist Fellowship
ANTS Black Student Fellowship

- UUCANS Business Meeting Tuesday November 27th Upper Noyes 12:00-1:00

- Next lunch gathering is Wednesday 11/28 in Upper Noyes 12:00-1:00

- UU Worship Thursday November 29th 1:00-2:00 PM Wilson Chapel Michael
Hall Preaching:

The ANTS UU student worship services are held on Thursdays at 1:00pm
in Wilson Chapel. Everyone is welcome. Michael Hall will lead our
worship service this coming Thursday, November 29: That's Heresy! It
has almost become a badge of honor in our time, and in our
comfortable pluralistic society, to be labeled a heretic. Today the
term has devolved into meaning something roughly equivalent to
"liberal minded". Or is it used as a label in our mental museum of
crazy religious ideas? Michael will explore why heresies and heretics
are as central to our denomination's present as they were to its past.
Come and join with your colleagues for a peaceful hour, to feed your
spirit and refresh your mind! Here is our remaining schedule for the
fall semester.

- Next Pot Luck Forum is Monday 12/10 at 5:00 PM with Nick Carter in
the Peck Room.
Please bring food to share. All are welcome.

Any questions contact Christina Sillari

Holiday Party
December 11th - Holiday Party - Meeting House - 5:00 pm to whenever

We will be holding the annual Holiday Party in the Meeting house this
year. on December 11th. This is a buffet Dinner with holiday music in
the back ground playing. It will be a time to give and receive christmas
good wishes, cheers and ados in celebration of the holiday season and
the close of the fall sememser.
Because of the space change we will need a head count. Keep your eyes
open for more info in the up and coming weeks. The party is sponsored by
Student Life and will be free of charge. For more info you can contact or

Annual Andover Newton Hanging of the Greens Decorating Dalliance
Please consider joining us as we work to ready the campus for the

Where: Meeting on the Quad
Date: November 29th
Time: 2:30pm to 4:30pm
Refreshments: Hot Cocoa in Dean Nienhuis' office immediately

Chapel News (Nov. 26 - Nov. 30)
Reflections at MORNING PRAYER for the coming week (Nov. 26-Nov. 30)
will be offered by:
Monday: Ian Holland
Tuesday: Ned Allyn Parker
Wednesday: Ned Allyn Parker
Thursday: John Brock
Friday: Kurt Walker

EVENING PRAYER (COMPLINE) in the Episcopal tradition:
Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays - 9:00-9:15 p.m.
Prayer Room, downstairs in the Wilson Chapel
Hosted by the Episcopal Student Fellowship

Professor Mark Heim will be sharing the message at WEDNESDAY
COMMUNITY CHAPEL, which gathers every Wednesday of the academic year
@ 1:00pm.

Wednesday Choir Practice will be held at noon in the sanctuary.

Take advantage of the community forum at Morning Prayer and think
about offering a short reflection to your friends and family here on
campus. It's been a beautiful and uplifting experience. With
questions regarding worship in the Wilson Chapel, and upcoming
events, please contact Ned Parker at

Prison Ministries Fellowship meeting Dec. 3rd
The Prison Ministries Fellowship will meet in the Peck Room at 7 p.m.
Dec. 3rd to talk about the upcoming visitation program through
Partakers, and to have some more some mores.

We now have three of the requested four volunteers for our ANTS
visitation team, and need just ONE MORE so let Bill Gural know if you
might be interested. or 781-698-6753
Mt. 25:43.

Still deciding which Winterim course to take? Come meet Reverend Mary
Westfall this Thursday evening and learn more about her January Course,
Color of Hope is Green: Eco-Theology For Our Times. Rev. Westfall is
of Durham Community Church in NH and editor of The Greening of Faith.

Rev. Westfall is visiting our campus at the request of the Emerging
Fellowship and will be available for informal discussion during dinner
for a few hours into the evening. Come join us and learn more about
green ministry and the class she'll be offering this January.

Thursday, November 29
5:00 - 8:00 p.m. in the Student Lounge in Upper Noyes
For more information visit,

The Three Gifts of the Dream in Genesis
Journeys on the Hill (JOTH)
Andover Newton and Hebrew College Interfaith Student Community invites
to Dinner, Lecture, Learning & Book Signing

The Three Gifts of the Dream in Genesis

Please join us to learn from author, Rodger Kamenetz, about the power
dreams in your spiritual exploration.

Discover how Genesis promises 3 gifts of the dream: knowing your
seeing your essence, and exploring the realm of the soul. Learn how
promises can be realized today and how to use your dreams to access

Rodger Kamenetz is the author of NY Times bestseller The Jew in the

Thursday November 29
5:30pm Dinner
6:15pm Lecture and Learning
8:15pm Book Signing

Hebrew College Library

Bet Midrash

Third Floor Study Room

Directions: From ANTS, take the stairs between Dabney Hall and the
President's House. Enter the building, turn right to elevator to 3rd
walk forward, turn right.

We would appreciate an email to if you're
to come. And you're welcome to come at the last minute as well!

Darkness and Light - A Celebration of the Jewish and Christian Holiday
Seasons of Christmas and Hanukkah
To all students, faculty and staff of Andover Newton.

This event has been extraordinarily popular over the past few years and
hope that all can participate as all are welcome.

Please consider joining members of Journeys On The Hill in the Wilson
on Thursday, December 6th from 5:00pm to 7:00pm for our annual
of Darkness and Light.

We will be explaining, discovering and celebrating the various
songs and scriptures of both Christian and Jewish traditions.

Food will be offered.

Is Field Education in your future?
Is Field Education in your future?

The first information session for students that will be entering into
Field Education in Fall of 2008 is Thursday, November 29. It will be
held in the Peck Room from 1:00-2:00pm. Contact Jen Walker,, with any questions or concerns.

Winter and Spring Course Changes

The following CHANGES have been made to Winter Courses:

CANCELED: INTE638W -Introducing Islam to Rabbinic and Ministerial

The following CHANGES have been made to Spring Semester Courses:

CANCELED: PSYF/FHSP 702S The Spirit Among Us: Group Spiritual
ADDED: WCHR/GCIM 717S North American Contributions to World
Christianity: A Survey - Prof. Jeyaraj
CHANGED: OLDT/WOTA 648S Psalms and Worship in Israel - time change from
Tuesday evening to afternoon

For other course and schedule information, please check the ANTS

The Sacred Journey: Leading a Congregation Through Lent
Saturday, January 26, 2008 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
$40 includes lunch

How does your congregation observe the season of Lent?

In this workshop, led by Shelley Stackhouse, we will explore both
ancient and new traditions for walking the journey through Lent on
Sunday mornings. We will also discuss other possible observances in
worship, prayer and other disciplines that might happen throughout the
Since the journey has a destination, if not an ending, we will also
focus on how to celebrate Palm Sunday and shape a rhythm of worship
through the other Holy Week services culminating in Easter.

See the website for a flyer and registration form.

Upcoming Labyrinth Walks
Thursday, Nov. 29 in the Meetinghouse
Thursday, Dec. 6 in the Meetinghouse

Come anytime between 7:30 and 9:30 p.m.

All are invited. If you have never walked a labyrinth before, we will
be glad to get you started.
This is a great way to reduce end of the semester stress!

Questions? Contact, Martha Bays,

Art & Spirituality discussion
Faith, Joy, and...Karen?!??
ANTS Artists Talk about Spirituality in Their Artwork

This Thursday, Nov. 29, 5:15 p.m.
Small (downstairs) Chapel

Come on down & hear about connections between the visual and the
beyond-visual; the temporal and that which is beyond time.

Short presentations followed by lively discussion, and if you're
inspired further, you can go to Art Night afterwards (7-10 p.m.)!