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Thursday, February 07, 2008

ANTS Student E-News - Thursday, February 7, 2008

In this message:

- Spring 2008 Registration Continues On Connect!!
- Cafeteria News (updated)
- "War, Madness, and Delusion" opening reception
- News from Calob Rundell
- Upcoming ESF Events
- Chapel News February 3rd-9th
- Multicultural Festival Friday, Feb. 8!
- Call for volunteers
- Baptism
- Conference on Ministries
- Recycling Information
- Join the UCC Fellowship at ANTS on Connect!
- Message from the Writing Tutor

Spring 2008 Registration Continues On Connect!!
It is still possible to register for Spring 2008 classes. There will be
a late fee charged for new registrations, but not for those who have
already registered and are now changing their schedule.

Any students who were closed out of courses earlier during
registration, should recheck the courses to see if they have reopened
due to add/drops. The final add/drop date for Spring Registration is
February 15th, 2008.

Please note that Spring '08 Registration will be completed on Connect!

You can access Connect at using your Username
and Password. This Username and Password are the same ones that you used
for Fall and Winter Registration on Connect. If you do not have your
Username and Password for Connect, please call the Help Desk at
617-964-1100 x314.

There are detailed instructions for Online Registration on the main
page of the Student tab in Connect. Once you have logged in, click on
"Student" at the top of the page. You will be redirected to a page
containing the directions for Registration, Online Bill Payment, and the
Online Add/Drop procedures. Follow these instructions for registration.

PLEASE NOTE: Your Spring '08 Registration is not complete and will not
be finalized until you have filled out the Spring 2008 Registration and
Services Confirmation Form.
If you have any questions about this process that are not answered in
the Registration Instructions found on the Student Page in Connect,
please contact the Help Desk at 617-964-1100 x314.

Spring 2008
Courses Closed
CHRS720 - [ELCHRS] Life as Pilgrimage
CMPR 601- Christian Preaching
ETHI 780-With Head and Heart
PSYC 726- Idolatry or Illness:Pastoral Care/Counseling with Addictions
PSYF 684- Love Through the Seasons of Death

Spring 2008
Courses Canceled
P3 OLDT 512
WOTA 776 Creation Spirituality Penfold
NEWT 709 Exegesis: Matthew Pregeant
HIST 628 Women Leaders Coolman

Cafeteria News
I would like to Welcome everyone back to the cafeteria! Regular hours
will be back in full swing on Monday February 4th.

Breakfast -Tuesday through Thursday 7:30-10:00.
Lunch- Monday through Thursday 11:30-1:30.
Dinner- Monday through Thursday 4:30-6:30.

Please check out our website for weekly specials and menus.

Hours of operation for smart cart in Upper Noyes Monday through
Thursday 1:30-4:30 Friday's 8:30-4:30.

The Dining Hall will be open all day for beverages and snacks, between
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call me at x303

Employment: An opportunity has come to fill a space in the cafeteria.
We are seeking an employee to work 21 hours a week, running a cash
register and serving food. please call Liz in the cafeteria for more
information 617 964-1100 x303

Elizabeth Bostwick
Food Service Director
Andover Newton Theological School

"War, Madness, and Delusion" opening reception
A Juried Exhibit at Andover Newton
February 7 through April 15, 2008

Opening Reception for War, Madness, and Delusion
Thursday, February 7, 5:00 - 8:00 pm in the
Meetinghouse Gallery. All are welcome.

This powerful exhibit is on display in the
Meetinghouse and Wilson Chapel Galleries. Addressing
the experience and contested morality of war in our
times, with works from 33 selected artists confronting
the nature and meaning of war, and the challenges of
peacemaking in the midst of conflict.

March 13: Special Symposium featuring Bill Schultz,
former executive director of Amnesty International
USA, with exhibiting artists, activists, politicians
and veterans.

News from Calob Rundell
Andover Newton student Calob Rundell writes:

"Today was cold and wet in the Baghdad area. Not near as cold as
winter in New England or Colorado, but cold for a place that will be 120
in the summer.

I'm writing you as the newest, lowest ranking Non-Commissioned Officer
in the Army. Today I was "advanced" (not promoted because I still make
the same pay) from Specialist to Corporal. I'm also the company's
current "Hero of the Month" for serving as my platoon's rotating team

Things continue to be quiet for us and we hope they stay that way.
Thank you to everyone who was written or sent packages. It means a
great deal to get anything in the mail.

Peace out;

Calob Rundell

SPC Rundell, Calob L
972 MP Co
FOB Freedom
APO AE 09348

Upcoming ESF Events
The Episcopal Student Fellowship will gather for lunch and conversation
in the small dining room on Tuesday, March 26th at 12pm. All are

Holy Eucharist will be celebrated in the Episcopal tradition on
Tuesday, March 26th at 1pm in Wilson Chapel. The Reverend William
Bergmann, Chair of the Board of Examining Chaplains for the Diocese of
Western Massachusetts, will officiate. All are welcome.

Chapel News February 3rd-9th
Welcome back everyone!
Morning Worship is from 8:30-8:50 am, Monday through Friday.
The Liturgists/Homilists for the week of February 3-9 are:

Monday: Ned Allyn Parker
Tuesday: John Brock
Wednesday: Carmen Emerson and Bill Gural
Thursday: Liz Garrigan-Byerly and Kurt Walker
Friday: Jason Boyd and Ian Holland

Each liturgist and homilist share from their own faith traditions,
fostering interfaith worship services on campus. These Services are
open to the entire Andover Newton Community.

Wednesday Community Chapel for February 6th will be led by Burns
Stanfield and the message will be offered by President Nick Carter.

Keep your eyes open for "Chapel Notes," a weekly newsletter and
calendar of worship events on campus. If you would like to participate
in worship or add anything to this regular ENews announcement or Chapel
Notes, please contact Ned Allyn Parker at:

Multicultural Festival Friday, Feb. 8!
Come one and all to the annual Andover Newton Multicultural Festival.
Friday, Feb. 8, 6:00 pm in the Meeting House. Bring a dish that
represents your heritage or just come--we'll have plenty for everyone.
Please consider sharing music, poetry, dance, or whatever might reflect
your heritage. This event is co-sponsored by the international students
at Andover Newton and my office. I hope many of you will be with us!

Nancy Nienhuis
Dean of Students

Call for volunteers
On May 10th Andover Newton is going to host a major conference on the
future of mission as part of our Bicentennial celebration. The title of
the event is "The Majority Speaks: Global Perspectives on Mission in
the 21st Century". Some of the key program elements for this event
are: a keynote speaker and panel presentations from 2/3 World
representatives, discussion groups with international guests for lay
leaders and pastors, to showcase "best practice" missional programs,
to have 20 workshops on mission programs and resources, to exhibit
information on leading programs and agencies, to have a special
missional worship service and registration.

As you can see we have a full day of activities planned and will need
the help of volunteers with mailings, registration, worship, exhibits
and displays, transportation, promotion, hosting guests and clean up.
If you have a couple of hours to spare between now and May 10th and
would like to give us a hand please contact Rev. Miriam Baez at or at (617) 964- 1100 x280.

This Sunday, Feb. 10, 2008 will be the baptism of our baby daughter,
Symphanie Eirena. Any of our friends here in the ANTS community are
welcome to attend. It will be at Hope Church, 5.30 pm.


Conference on Ministries
Fellow Students,

Andover Newton will be holding its Conference on Ministries/Spring Open
House on February 22nd and 23rd and we need your help.

We all know that discerning a call to seminary is an exciting, scary
and overwhelming process. Your invitation to a member of your home
church, a member of your field education congregation, or any member
inside of and outside of your faith tradition to attend our Conference
on Ministries could be all that she or he needs to take the next step
and respond to God's call. So, we are asking you to do just that -
offer an invitation to anyone seeking to respond to a deeper call,
anyone looking to feed a hunger for intellectual exploration and
spiritual growth to visit your seminary on February 22nd and 23rd.

Participants in our Conference on Ministries will have the opportunity
to meet our faculty, staff, Deans and President Carter, attend sample
classes, interact with current students in small groups, tour the
campus, participate in roundtable discussions on life after college as
well as the transition back to school, worship, and listen to some great
gospel music while in fellowship with our community.

The Conference on Ministries is a wonderful opportunity for prospective
students to share stories and experiences, meet extraordinary people,
and receive answers to their questions about Andover Newton and a
theological vocation. Attached is a flyer with information on the event
and below is a link to the online registration form. Housing is
available for students traveling from a distance. Please pass on the
information and invite someone to respond to their call at your seminary
- Andover Newton.


Sean Porter
Director of Recruitment & Admission
Andover Newton Theological School
617-964-1100 ext. 313

Recycling Information
As you know, our recycling options on campus have expanded.
However, it is important that we recycle properly; when the wrong items
in a bin, the companies throw out the entire bin! Please note what is
acceptable and what is not (there has been confusion around whether
commingled bin takes cardboard--it DOES NOT. This has been confirmed by
company). Thank you!

Commingled Bin
- Metals (steel food/soup cans, aluminum cans, aluminum foil and
empty aerosol cans, empty and dry paint cans)
- Glass (cear bottles, green and brown bottles, plate glass)
- Plastics
#1 (PET) plastic containers (soda bottles
#2 (HDPE) plastic containers (milk jugs, laundry detergent bottles)
#3 (PVC) plastic containers (shampoo bottles)
#4 (LDPE) plastic containers (margarine tubs)
#5 (PP) plastic containers (yogurt cups)
- Cardboard milk and juice cartons (no other kind)

- NO cardboard, trash, oil or hazardous chemicals, propane tanks,
regulated medical waste, food waste, foam cups or foam plates, paper
cups or
paper plates, plastic bags or plastic wraps, wood waste, rubber waste,

All containers must be rinsed prior to recycling.

Paper Bin
- All computer paper, magazines, newspapers, junk mail and the like
- No cardboard or phonebooks
- Please DO NOT place the paper in plastic bags

--The Emerging Ecology Fellowship

Join the UCC Fellowship at ANTS on Connect!
To join the UCC Fellowship at ANTS, sign on to Connect and add us to
your group list. Planning and meeting announcements are posted and
emailed to members through Connect. Only activities of general interest
are announced through E-News. If you have any questions contact , or .

Message from the Writing Tutor
Just a reminder: I'm happy to work with you on anything you might be

I'm on campus Tuesdays 10 to 3, and alternate Thursdays 12 to 3, in
Worcester 302, and will also be here two Mondays: Feb. 11 and March 3.

Drop in if you like, but it's better to email me for an appointment.
And yes, we can work by phone and email, once we've met in person.

Also note: The small lunchtime writing groups are getting going again,
on Tuesday and Thursday. We welcome a few more people. Email me for

I look forward to working with you!

Helen Snively
ANTS Writing Tutor
617-964-1100 x 282