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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

ANTS Student E-News - Wednesday, March 05, 2008

In this message:

- Non-Violent Atonement Conference
- "An Evening with Andover Newton" invitation
- What People of Faith Need to know about Immigration
- Online Room Reservation System
- Chapel News (March 2-8)
- Prof. Carol Fontaine named 2008-09 Henry Luce Fellow
- $750 Mercersburg Prize Competition
- Young Adults and the Church: Bridging the Gaps
- Black Student Fellowship Chorus - 1st Rehearsal
- UU Thursday worship schedule
- CPE Residency Positions AY09
- Women's World Day of Prayer: Friday, March 7
- Peace Week
- 3/15 Peace Vigil at St. Paul's Cathedral
- JOTH trip to MFA to view Koran art with curator, Thursday March 13 at

Non-Violent Atonement Conference
Friday, April 11th, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Andover Newton Theological School
Wilson Chapel

How can we begin to guide the church away from the wrathful God of
Constantinian Christianity and back into the arms of the loving God of
How can we begin to guide the church away from destructive readings of
the cross and theologies captive to a wrathful God who mandates
A team of speakers organized by the Preaching Peace movement will offer
a day of interactive dialogue with proponents of new perspectives on the
saving work of Christ. Each 20 minute presentation will be followed by
20 minutes of discussion and questions.
Mark Heim (author of Saved from Sacrifice)
Sharon Baker (author of By Grace? (An) Economy of Atonement)
Denny Weaver (author of The Nonviolent Atonemet)
Tony Bartlett (author of Cross Purposes)
Michael Hardin (editor of Stricken By God?)

Experience one full day of interactive dialogue with current writers
and proponents of this view of the saving work of Christ! With ANTS
professor Mark Heim, J. Denny Weaver, Tony Bartlett, Sharon Baker and
Michael Hardin.

For ANTS students, staff and faculty wishing to attend: Please e-mail
Mark Heim at The first 100 people will have their
registration fee waived.

For all others: Please e-mail Rev. Nancy Hitt at or go to the Preaching Peace website at

Registration fee is $30 for seniors and
students; $40 for general admission. Sign up early for a $5 boxed lunch
or bring a bag lunch.

"An Evening with Andover Newton" invitation
The Andover Newton community has the opportunity to welcome prospective
and newly admitted students at

"An Evening with Andover Newton"
Friday, April 11th, 2008

5:00 p.m. Reception
6:00-7:45 p.m. Dinner and Keynote Address (TBA)
8:00 p.m. Concert: A Reformed Cushite Worship Expression
9:00 p.m. Evening Prayers (Compline)

Space is limited; R.S.V.P is required. Please email
to R.S.V.P. by April 1st.

What People of Faith Need to know about Immigration
What People of Faith Need to know about Immigration: Border Crossers to
Present on March 14

All are invited to a presentation by students who completed the
US-Mexico "Border Crossing" trip led by Professor Brita Gill-Austern
and Dean of Students Nancy Neinhuis during the winterim session this
past January. On Friday, March 14 from 1:00 to 4:00 P.M. in Davis 201,
as guests of the "Justice Matters" class, the group will present
their findings and impressions of their study of immigration issues at
the southern border of the United States, specifically those relating to
southern Arizona.

With the issue of immigration being one of the primary topics in the
upcoming 2008 Presidential election, this presentation promises to be
timely, informational, and provocative. The group will address
immigration from a variety of perspectives and will offer concrete
action steps to be taken to raise awareness and encourage policy reform.

Online Room Reservation System
As you may have heard, we have installed a new room reservation system
that allows people to check events and reserve rooms online. We have
finally put in place all of the back end systems and stopped using the
"big paper book". Now we are ready to release the system to you
and have you make your reservations through the website system instead
of sending forms via email. We have already started using the web
system. Everyone that makes room reservations needs to get an account so
that they can log onto the system and be trained on that system. Evn
Tomeny is handling the account creation and training, so you need to
contact him at x314 or to schedule a 30 minute
appointment. You will need to come to the IT office during that 30
minute period and get your account information and personal training on
the system. Facilities will no longer take paper forms. Please help us
make this system successful by scheduling your appointment soon.


Evn Tomeny
Help Desk Manager &
Application Support Specialist
Andover Newton Theological School
(617)964-1100 x314

Chapel News (March 2-8)
Reflections at MORNING PRAYER for this week (Feb. 3-7) will
be offered by:
Monday: Ned Allyn Parker
Tuesday: Sean Porter
Wednesday: Bill Gural
Thursday: Ned Allyn Parker
Friday: Sherry Thomas

EVENING PRAYER (COMPLINE) in the Episcopal tradition:
Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays - 9:00-9:15 p.m.
Prayer Room, downstairs in the Wilson Chapel
Hosted by the Episcopal Student Fellowship

As part of the Great Preaching Series, Rev. Heidi Neumark will be
sharing the message at WEDNESDAY COMMUNITY CHAPEL, which gathers
every Wednesday of the academic year @ 1:00pm.

Wednesday Choir Practice will be held at 12:40pm in the sanctuary.

Worship in the UU tradition will be hosted by Julianna Donofrio on
Thursday at 1:00pm.

The Korean Evangelical meets twice weekly in the lower sanctuary in
the Wilson Chapel. Bible study is at 7:30 pm on Wednesdays and
worship is Sunday mornings at 11:30am.

Take advantage of the community forum at Morning Prayer and think
about offering a short reflection to your friends and family here on
campus. It's been a beautiful and uplifting experience. With
questions regarding worship in the Wilson Chapel, and upcoming
events, please contact Ned Parker at

Prof. Carol Fontaine named 2008-09 Henry Luce Fellow
Word has been received from the Association of Theological Schools that
Dr. Carol Fontaine has been selected as one of seven scholars in the US
to be a 2008-09 Henry Luce III Fellow in Theology. The program, one of
the premiere fellowship programs for theological scholarship, recognizes
excellence and creativity in its awardees' work.

Dr. Fontaine's study proposal is entitled The Gazelle, the Tree and
the Goddess: Visual Theology in the Song of Songs, Biblical Israel and
Today. The selection committee noted the creativity in the subject
matter and the design.

The grant supports the recipient in a year-long study and then invites
them to a special dinner and symposium to present their studies.

The program, which was begun in 1993, is supported by a grant from The
Henry Luce Foundation, honoring the late Henry Luce III. Previous
Andover Newton faculty members to be awarded Luce Fellowships were Dr.
Mark Burrows and Dr. Sze-Kar Wan.

$750 Mercersburg Prize Competition
The Mercersburg Prize is given to the best student paper on any topic
(historical, theological, liturgical, ecumenical, contemporary
expressions, etc.) pertaining to Mercersburg Theology. The paper may
arise from independent study or study within an established seminary
course. The paper should be approximately 15-20 pages in length,
complete with appropriate documentation. The recipient of the prize
will receive $750 and be asked to present the paper at the Mercersburg
Society Convocation in June 2009. The paper may also be published in
the "New Mercersburg Review." Proposals are due June 1, 2008 and should
be sent to Dr. Anne Thayer, Lancaster Theological Seminary, 555 West
James Street, Lancaster, PA, 17603. Questions may be addressed to Prof.
Thayer at

I need your help! If you have had an experience as a member of a
Search Committee (either for an interim or settled pastor or any other
church position), I'd like to interview you for about 20 minutes by
I am collecting confidential data for my research paper for my MA in
Theological Studies. I am especially interested in hearing about
when the Search Committee (and the congregation) were disappointed
maybe even surprised) that the candidate did not actually turn out as
Committee hoped after she/he was hired. I also need to hear about

I will call you when you are available. Please send me an email with
phone number and the best times to call during the next couple of
weeks. Or
call me at 978 346-1116. Thanks so much! Julia Steer

Young Adults and the Church: Bridging the Gaps
Members of the Justice Matters class invite you to a panel discussion

Young Adults and Church:Bridging The Gaps

Monday March 10

4:30pm to 6:00pm

Stoddard Hall

Join panel moderator and ANTS alum Darrick Jackson and a panel of young
adults from various faith traditions as we seek to learn from them:

* How they experience church
* What "church" and "worship" mean to them
* How our churches engage young adults...or not
* Ways to improve our connections to young adults

There will be time for discussion and Q & A so bring your dinner, bring
your questions, and bring a friend to this exciting event on a topic
that will need to be addressed by all future church leaders.

Black Student Fellowship Chorus - 1st Rehearsal
An open rehearsal for the Black Student Fellowship Gospel Chorus will
held Thursday, March 6th from 1-2pm in the Peck Room. All are

UU Thursday worship schedule
Dear friends and colleagues,

The ANTS UU student worship services are held each Thursday at 1:00pm
in Wilson Chapel. Everyone is welcome. Come and join with your
colleagues for a peaceful hour, to feed your spirit and refresh your

This week's service will be titled "Reclaiming Divine Feminine" and
will be led by Julianna Donofrio.

Here is the remaining schedule for the Spring semester:

March 13 : BSF / UUCANS (William Schultz preaching)
April 3 : Mark Richards
April 10 : Black Student Fellowship
April 17 : Tim House
April 24 : Leslie Becknell-Marx
May 1 : April Spencer
May 8 : Black Student Fellowship

Blessings from the worship coordinators,
Bruce Taylor (
Cathy French (

CPE Residency Positions AY09
CPE Residency Positions AY09

The CPE program at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
is encouraging applications for its yearlong residency program. They
prefer people with an MDiv and prior CPE experience. The stipend is
$26,000 + benefits, $28,500 in the 2nd year. Inquiries and applications
should be sent to:

The Rev. Michael Schirmacher
Chaplaincy and Pastoral Education Department
M.D.Anderson Cancer Center, Unit 005
1515 Holcomne BLVD.
Houston, TX

Women's World Day of Prayer: Friday, March 7
Friday, March 7 is a very special day because it commemorates the
World Day of Prayer, a tradition which has an almost 200 year history.
Beginning in 1812, women in mission auxiliary associations began
prayer. By 1861, against opposition of all male mission boards, women
founded their own organizations for foreign and domestic mission
directly with women and children. In 1887, Methodist and Presbyterian
called for dedicated days of prayer in support of home and foreign
work and the Baptists followed suit in 1891. A coordinated effort of 6
denominations was begun in 1897 and finalized in 1912 when The Women's
of Foreign Missions declared a world-wide united day of prayer.
( )

Since 1927, prayer themes for individual countries have been
This year, the intercessory country is Guyana, one of the few
countries in South America, and the theme is, "God's wisdom provides

A special morning worship service is planned in Wilson Chapel this
beginning with meditation from 8:00-8:20AM and liturgy from
Please join us in solidarity with our sisters around the world as we
pray at the same time for the same purpose.

Peace Week
Peace Week at ANTS will be Holy Week March 17-21.

On Holy Week we remember the Prince of Peace and his journey toward
Golgotha. The Peace and Justice Fellowship is planning a few modest
events to help us to remember our commitment to a life which brings
liberation and healing, in the the midst of the threat of powers and

March 19th marks the 5th anniversary of the start of the war, and we
have a gathering at the quad at 11:40 for a litany of lament, prayers
for peace, and a short message.

We ask you and your teachers to continue devotions this week which
address our spiritual journey to peace in the midst of a struggle for
justice, for love inevitably leads us to struggle for and with those who
are oppressed.

Morning worship will be lead by the Peace and Justice fellowship. We
also welcome speakers and liturgists for these services, and your
prayers for peace and healing.

Please share your input and participate as you are able.


Bill Gural
Peace and Justice Fellowship

3/15 Peace Vigil at St. Paul's Cathedral
There will be a peace vigil at St. Paul's Cathedral on March 15 from
1-3 pm. All are welcome to participate. For more information please
contact Barbara Walker at

JOTH trip to MFA to view Koran art with curator, Thursday March 13 at
Journeys on the Hill is sponsoring a trip on Thursday, March 13th, to
Boston Museum of Fine Arts for a personal tour by the curator of a new
exhibit of Muslim Kufic Art, beautiful calligraphy of the Quar'an. Our
will leave at 5 p.m. from the main entrance of Hebrew College, and
about 8 p.m. We'll have some time after the presentation to review the
on our own. Free of charge including museum admission. Please let us
know if
you're attending, so we can plan: for ANTS, pls. email Joy Fallon at; at HC, email Lisa Barrett at

The MFA explains: "Kufic Korans," on display in the Islamic Corridor,
features a broad range of visual cultures, from Egypt to Iran, united
by an
appreciation for beautiful Arabic text. Calligraphy serves many
purposes in
Islamic art, from conveying meaning to acting as decoration, and its
importance began in the early days of Islam, when Muslims believe that
first revealed the Koran to Muhammad. The Koran is the holy text and
foundation of Islam, and skilled calligraphers throughout centuries
strived to make the text itself beautiful."