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Monday, April 28, 2008

ANTS Student E-News - Monday, April 28th, 2008

In this message:

- SA Officers for 2008-2009
- Caps and Gowns are here!!
- Timothy Fleming Memorial Notice
- Righteous Indignation: A Jewish Call for Justice
- Want to learn more about Al Qaeda?
- "The Light"
- From the Registrar's office
- Retreat: Dancing on Water: Discovering the Sacred in Our Daily Life
- An Evening of Sacred Song with MiXed Company - May 3rd in Wilson
- May Luncheon with Dr. Mark Burrows
- New - December graduation Policy
- Andover Newton Community Art Show Reception and Coffee House
- 'A Blessing of God's Seeds in our Lives'
- Andover Newton Community Art show
- 22nd Annual Thomas Nevola MD Symposium on Spirituality & Health

SA Officers for 2008-2009
Please join me in congratulating the newly elected SA Executive Board
for the 2008-2009 year!

Co-Presidents: Liz Miller & Ruth Edens
Vice President: Jeremiah Rood
Secretary: Liz Garrigan-Byerly
Treasurer: Rasheed Townes
Student Life Chair: Morgan McLean

We are truly blessed by their willingess to service, and we are also
blessed by Bill Gural's candidacy for Student Life Chair. While he did
not win, let us also thank him for his willingness to serve and his
stated desire to work with the newly elected Student Life Chair and the
rest of the SA Exec Board to assist in helping make ANTS a better
community for all of us.

Jason Boyd
SA Vice President (not for much longer)

Caps and Gowns are here!!
2008 Seniors
Caps & Gowns, invitations and reception tickets are available in my
Remember to fill out the Senior Exit Survey!

Timothy Fleming Memorial Notice
Father Timothy J. Fleming (Andover Newton D.Min 1990) was struck and
by a car on Feb. 13, 2008 in Tucson, AZ. A memorial service is planned
Saturday May 3 at 7pm St. Mary of the Assumption Church 3 Elm St (Rt.
Northampton MA 01060. More information about the death is available
from and KGUN 9 news in Tucson. Information about memorial

Righteous Indignation: A Jewish Call for Justice
Righteous Indignation: A Jewish Call for Justice
National Conference
May 4-May 6, 2008
Hebrew College-Andover Newton Campus
Newton, MA

What is the relationship between your religious identity and your
democratic values? How do issues of social justice and environmental
responsibility inform your political choices? What guidance can we
in classical and contemporary Jewish texts and traditions?

Please join progressive Jewish activists, intellectuals, and religious
leaders from across the country to explore these and other questions
about religion and public life during this historic election season.
The conference will include keynote addresses, panel discussions,
workshops-including Torah study and organizing training-and planning
summer and fall days of action and other voter education and
registration events.

Confirmed speakers and teachers include: Ruth Messinger, Rabbi David
Saperstein, Dr. Leonard Fein, Rabbi Arthur Waskow, Reverend Alexia
Salvatierra, Rabbi Or Rose, Idit Klein, Rabbi Sid Schwarz, Daniel
Sokatch, Rabbi Jill Jacobs, Dr. Aryeh Cohen, Rabbi Jonah Pesner,
McCoy, Rabbi Melissa Weintraub, Nancy Kaufman, and many others.

*To find out more information about the conference and to register,
please visit

**The Righteous Indignation Project is a non-partisan initiative.

Want to learn more about Al Qaeda?
Andover Newton graduate Karen Hernandez-Andrews will give a one hour
talk on
Al Qaeda for Professor Mark Heim's class, Hinduism, Buddhism and
This presentation is open to the entire Andover Newton community.
Karen will
cover the history of the movement, an understanding of Jihad, as well
as bring
a perspective to current world events.
When? Tuesday, April 29, 2008
Where? Davis 201
Time? 2-3PM
Questions can be directed to Professor Mark Heim at

Spring course evaluations will soon be posted online, and your comments
are important!
In the next few days, you will receive an email from Jennifer Shaw,
Administrative Assistant to the Faculty, inviting you to participate in
an evaluation survey for each course you have taken this semester.

When it arrives, please follow the link provided and complete the
survey. Be sure to check your course number to make sure you are
responding to the correct course!

We remind you that all responses will be confidential, and unlike in
the first semester of online course evaluations in the Fall, you need
not provide any documentation to your instructor to indicate that you
have completed the survey.
This new format for course evaluations improves response quality and
makes the collection process more efficient, getting valued feedback
into the hands of our Faculty quickly and clearly.

Note: Jennifer will be using course lists in Connect to send these
surveys to you. If you have not changed your Connect email address to a
preferred alternative, Connect will use your ANTS email account. Please
direct questions about Connect to Evn Tomeny,

"The Light"
"The Light" is a new group who meet on Wednesday by 12.00 for 30
minutes for prayer. We welcome everyone to join us and participate. We
also welcome prayer request. We meet at Noyes Hall, adjacent the School
Bookshop in the same building.
You are welcome.

From the Registrar's office
Register for summer classes!
No late fee will be charge.

The Art of Theological Reflection - Integrate faith practices and
ministry development. Perfect for those preparing for ministry and those
engaged in the ministry of assisting other in reflecting theologically
on their ministry experiences. Richard Dickey (CMFE 734/834J)

God At Work - Situate Christian theology of work within the multiple
contexts of the current "faith/spirituality at work" movement in
pluralistic corporate settings of the United States, the economic
globalization process, and human flourishing. Nimi Wariboko (ETHI 785J)

Justice Matters - Take a personal tour of civil rights landmarks in
Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi. Engage history and consider the
legacy of civil rights for ministry today. Nancy Nienhuis (INTE 602J)

Heroic Traditions in the Bible - Learn to read the Bible as an
adventure story with attention to popular culture, mythology, and
comparative literature. Greg Mobley (OLDT 654J)

Ethics in Literature - Read both classical and contemporary literary
works through the interpretative lens of ethics. Valerie Dixon (ETHI

Grounded in God - Consider structures and processes of
twenty-first-century congregations and organizations and explore how
spiritual discernment practices can be integrated into decision-making
processes. Margaret Benefiel (PSYF 778J)

Recovery from Bereavement - Learn about the psychology of loss, types
of loss, trauma theory, phases of bereavement, disordered mourning,
dynamics of grief in families, and pastoral care to the bereaved.
J. Earl Thompson, Jr. (PSYP 648/848J)

Worship & The Arts Summer Institute - "Hearts Ablaze". Focus on the
renewal of worship through the creative use of the arts. Featuring Marty
Haugen and Susan Briehl, the Institute offers a blend of varied forms of
worship, keynote addresses, workshops, and informal occasions for
discussion and interaction on issues related to hymnody, music, and
worship. Ellen Oak (WOTA 715J)

Writing From the Soul- Reach deeply into your soul and practice
language as a transformative medium. Bonita S. Penfold (WOTA 760J)

Developing the Disciple-Forming Congregation - Explore the key elements
of discipleship and the qualities that are essential to being a
disciple-forming community. Jeff Jones (CMLE 759J [EL])

Introduction to Christian Ethics: Principles and Virtues - Be
introduced to key theories, methods, figures, and terms of Christian
ethics. Most readings are in the primary works of significant authors in
the field. James Gubbins (ETHI 640J [EL])

Be Not Afraid: Introducing the Academic Study of the Bible - Be led
through an encounter with the major issues and methods of Old Testament
scholarship. Greg Mobley (OLDT 515J [EL])

The Bible of Hollywood - Develop and impart critical skills for
analyzing the role of the Bible and religion in popular culture through
our analysis of influential biblical blockbusters. Briallen Hopper (WOTA

Retreat: Dancing on Water: Discovering the Sacred in Our Daily Life
Dancing on Water: Discovering the Sacred in Our Daily Life
A Poetry & Spirituality Retreat led by Poets Judith Valente and Charles

The Lay Committee on Contemporary Spiritual-&-Public Concerns (the CSPC
Committee) of St. Paul Parish, Cambridge, in Harvard Square, will hold
the ninth presentation of its series on Saturday, May 3, 2008, 9:00
am-3:00 pm. Poets and Retreat presenters Judith Valente and Charles
Reynard will lead an inspiring poetry and spirituality retreat centered
on the theme, "Dancing on Water: Discovering the Sacred in Our Daily
Life." They will in corporate poetry, photographic images, and film
clips as aids in revealing the sacred in the everyday. This retreat
will build on the successful poetry panel Valente and Reynard conducted
last year entitled, "On Poetry and Spirituality," when they discussed
Twenty Poems to Nourish Your Soul (Chicago: Loyola Press, 2005), a book
the pair co-edited. The retreat will be held in the Cullinane
Conference Center of Youville Hospital, 1575 Cambridge Street,
Cambridge, MA, and will require reservations. Please see below.

Judith Valente has built an award-winning journalism career in print
and broadcast media. She has worked for The Washington Post, The Wall
Street Journal, and The Dallas Times Herald, a medium where she has been
twice a Pulitzer Prize finalist. She is a frequent contributor to the
PBS-TV news program, ôReligion & Ethics NewsWeekly,ö and has been
honored for her work with eight broadcast awards. She is a commentator
for National Public Radio and Chicago Public Radio. Ms. Valente will
begin to co-host a new weekly program for Chicago Public Radio called,
"Through the Lens," which will examine the dimensions of religion and
spirituality in current news events. The program is expected to air
this spring.

The Hon. Charles Reynard, an Illinois Circuit Court Judge of the
Eleventh Judicial Circuit, has had the very rare ability to combine a
legal career with the writing of poetry. Judge Reynard was assistant
state's attorney, followed by 10 years in private practice in which he
was also one of several appointed public defenders. He was the State's
Attorney of McLean County, IL, for 15 years (1987-2002). He has been
nationally recognized for his work in child sexual abuse and domestic
violence. He was appointed to the founding Board of Directors of the
Illinois Violence Prevention Authority (1995-2002) and has served as
co-chair of Fight Crime: Invest in Kids Illinois, a bipartisan,
nonprofit, anti-crime organization. Since 1999, he has been an active
member of the Corporate Alliance to End Partner Violence. Mr. Reynard
co-authored Voir Dire in Child Victim Sex Abuse Trials: A Strategic
Guide for Illinois Prosecutors (1995, 1996 editions) and authored The
Violence Stops Here: Prosecuting Domestic Violence (1999). His passion
for poetry has enabled him to express the extraordinary human suffering
he witnesses in family court. His poems have been published in
AfterHours, The Crab Orchard Review, and also in Illinois Poets: Where
We Live
Ms. Valente and Judge Reynard are married and reside in Chicago and
Normal, IL.

For further information on this and other lectures in the series,
please visit our website:; or to make
reservations for this retreat, please respond to

An Evening of Sacred Song with MiXed Company - May 3rd in Wilson
The Massachusetts Bible Society hosts MiXed Company in Wilson Chapel,
Saturday, May 3, 2008 at 7:00pm
For more information visit

Bill Humphrey III and Jessica Rechner are MiXed Company, a Christian,
married, interracial duo. Jessica is a classically trained vocalist.
is a saxophonist, composer, and arranger. They choose to come together
praise God with each of their own individual gifts. The message they
is "even though we are different, we can still worship together with
differences intact."

The music of MiXed Company is a unique blend of their separate
traditions and musical training. As an African American Christian,
felt he had to choose which culture he was going to worship God in.
in an interracial marriage complicated the matter. Bill was called to
create a form of music merging their cultures so they both could
worship God
together. The result is MiXed Company. We hope you enjoy and are
by our music.

May Luncheon with Dr. Mark Burrows
The Massachusetts Bible Society hosts a Luncheon with Dr. Mark Burrows
Speaking on the Topic "Can Poetry Save Us?"
Wednesday, May 21, 2008, noon to 1:15pm
Paulist Center, 5 Park Street, Boston <>

Can poetry save us?" Such a question seems initially misplaced, if
ridiculous. Poetry? As something that saves us? How? And, from
Not all artists will understand the purpose of their vocation in this
but the effect of their work often lifts us into a dimension described
one poet as "the only whole thinking." He went on to suggest that "God
the poetry caught in any religion," and "full religion" as he calls it
the large poem in loving repetition" (Les Murray). Perhaps what our
requires is a "salvation" that behaves like a good poem, which points
toward a truth that lives beyond words, a goodness that is more than
duty, a
beauty that exceeds the reach of concepts. Thus, Murray: "Nothing's
till it's dreamed out in words/ and nothing's true that figures in

For luncheon reservations, please call 617-542-2230 or email before Monday, May 19th. Suggested Lunch Donation

New - December graduation Policy
The school has institute a December graduation date, with no December
ceremony, to provide an option by which students who have completed
their requirements may have a complete transcript after the fall term.
If you are planning to finish all your degree requirements by the end
of the summer or by the end of the fall semester, please e-mail
( the Registrar to schedule an appointment during
the summer.

Andover Newton Community Art Show Reception and Coffee House
Take a break from the papers and studying!
Come to the Coffee House
(hosted by our own talented musican/performer, Donna
(DJ) Collins)
Meet the artists who contributed to this year's art
show and share in the performance skills of musicians,
dancers, poets, story-tellers, comedians, and other
talented people from the ANTS community.
Sign up by emailing Donna (DJ) Collins, with a brief description of your
intended performance or come ready
to be a performer (a few spots will be available)
or come and be part of the audience.
Wednesday, April 30
8:15- 9 pm-snacks and reception
9pm- performances begin
in the Meetinghouse

'A Blessing of God's Seeds in our Lives'
Worship Service to be held on April 28 at 1:00 p.m. in the Wilson

Come and experience a creative worship service celebrating Rogation, or
the blessing over newly planted fields. Deep within us, God plants
seeds of hope, reconciliation, patience, charity and compassion.
God's intention is that such seeds would take root, grow and bear
fruit. How might we celebrate the growth of such goodness? Come and

The service, with Holy Eucharist, is open to all and will be led by the
Rev. Hannah Anderson, Rector of St. Stephen's Episcopal Church in
Pittsfield, MA. Hannah recently completed her DMin. Thesis entitled:
'The Artist Priest's Guide to Parish Ministry' from Seabury
Western in Evanston, IL. She is a visual artist and founder of a
non-profit called The Blessing Cup where art, faith and advocacy for
children are combined.

Andover Newton Community Art show
Be sure to visit –

The Andover Newton Community Art Show

This year's exhibit of art done by students, staff,
faculty, family and friends of Andover Newton
celebrates creation and creativity in many inspired
forms including painting, sketching, collage,
ceramics, assemblage, photography, mosaics and more!

On display in the Meetinghouse and Wilson Chapel
Gallery now through May 30

22nd Annual Thomas Nevola MD Symposium on Spirituality & Health
22nd Annual Thomas Nevola MD Symposium on Spirituality & Health
Hands-on Spirituality: Clinical Approaches & Personal Resilience.
June 10, 2008, Colby College in Waterville, Maine. Registration is $75
(includes lunch & CE certification). For more information and to
please call 207-626-1889.