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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

ANTS Student E-News - Wedmesdau, August 27th, 2008

In this message:

- Registrar Updates:
- Add/Drop and Late Fall Registration Continues through September
- List of Closed Courses: *** Check This Daily ***
- Cancellation of Writing Tutorial
- Orientation and Fellowship News:
- Orientation Volunteers Needed!!
- Fellowship Fair in the Upper Noyes
- SA is looking for information from the Fellowship Leaders
- International Study Buddy & Hospitality Program *** New ***
- Bookstore Hours *** Updated ***
- Bookstore Launching Used Textbook Buy-Back and Resale!!!
- Library Updates Access to Databases

Business Office:
- Q&A on Student Health Insurance (Sept. 16th) *** New ***
- Board Plan Rates for 2008-2009 *** New ***
- Student Health Insurance: Booklets Now Available in Business Office
- 2007-08 Student Health Insurance Claims

Other News and Opportunities:
- The Future of Jewish-Muslim Relations: A Dialogue (Wed., Sept. 3rd)
- A Celebration of the Life of Edie Howe (Sept. 14th) *** New ***
- News from Ann Aaberg (Sept. 21st)
- Irvin Morgan is getting Ordained (Sept. 21st)
- Summer Art Night

Registrar Updates:
- Add/Drop and Late Fall Registration Continues through September 20th

- The following courses are closed as of 27-Aug-08
CMFE620: Integrative Seminar
CMPR609: Preaching in the Congregation: An Intro. to the Pastoral
Pract. of Preaching
CMPR625: Holistic Preaching
CMPR730: The Jazz of Preaching
OLDT509: One Love: Intro. to the Hebrew Bible I, Torah and Former
P3NEWT772: Paul as Pastoral Strategist Practitioner Program
P3OLDT509: One Love: Intro to Hebrew Bib. I The Torah & Former Prophets
Practitioner Program
P3PSYP611: Practices of Care in Congregations Practitioner Program
PSYF762: [PSYF/CHRS/FHSP 762/862] Spiritual Practices for Healing and
PSYP611: Practices of Care in Congregations
THEO611: Systematic Theology I

If you were hoping to take one of these classes, please contact Nayda
at as there may be an wait list option for the

Cancellation of Writing Tutorial
Owing to budget restraints, it has been necessary to cancel the Writing
Tutorial ably staffed by Dr. Helen Snively. We know that this will
cause a hardship for some students, and we will look for ways to lessen
that hardship. This year has brought a share of budget challenges, and
this decision represents one response to this difficult situation.

Dean Bill Herzog II

Orientation Volunteers Needed!!
The beginning of the school year is approaching and we are all busy
planning our schedules. Many new students getting ready to enter Andover
Newton for the first time, and we need your help in making their
orientation welcoming, informative and encouraging. If you are able to
join us for part of the weekend (see details below), we hope to have a
solid presence of returning students to welcome our new colleagues into
our community. As a volunteer you are invited to join us for breakfast
and lunch. Please contact if you're interested
and please include when you're available!

Also, ALL students and families are invited to the all-campus dinners
on Friday 6pm and Saturday 4:30.

When: Friday, September 5th and Saturday, September 6th, various times
What: (check times and activities)
*Hospitality Center (being present in the student lounge, answering
questions or simply inviting them to rest)
Friday 8:30-6, especially 2-2:30 during break
Saturday 8:30-2:15, especially 8:30-9am, 11-11:15am
*Tour Guides (Friday, 8:30am)
*Discussion Leader: Seminary Life as a Commuter (Saturday, 10am)
*Discussion Leader: Being a seminarian and a parent!!! (Saturday,
*Discussion Leader: Being the spouse/partner of a seminarian(Saturday
*Discussion Leader: Being a Young Adult Seminarian (Saturday 10am)
*Discussion Leader: Starting a Second Career (Saturday 10am)

*Q&A with Students and Dean (Saturday 11:15)
*Lead a walk around Crystal Lake or Webster Reservation (Saturday

Fellowship Fair in the Upper Noyes
Attention Fellowship Groups:

This year at Orientation we are hoping to have a "permanent" Fellowship
Fair in the Upper Noyes throughout the weekend. We invite you to create
a flyer, poster board, or other presentation, along with a sign-up sheet
to be on display to the incoming students. You may bring these to Upper
Noyes anytime the week of September 2nd.

There will be a Fellowship Fair on the Tuesday and Wednesday of the
second week of classes during the lunch period. Please mark your
calendars and look for further information to come.

We are also looking for fellowship groups to sponsor gatherings during
orientation, including an event such as a movie night Thursday and
Friday, and a block of time hosting the "hospitality" suite in Upper
Noyes from 8:30-6 pm on Friday and 8:30-4:30 on Saturday. Fellowships
are also encouraged to be present throughout the weekend in other ways,
including joining the all-campus dinners.

Please email Morgan at to let us know when and
how you can participate.

SA is looking for information from the Fellowship Leaders
Hello Fellow Fellowship leaders,

We are updating the Student Association records of every fellowship.
Please provide to us, if possible, a list of your leadership from the
last school year (2007-2008) and the upcoming one (2008-2009). As you
are aware, Student Association approves budgets for all the fellowships.
We would like you to provide for us your budget for the upcoming year,
as well as any events and meetings planned.

Also, we need some help with orientation, which is September 5th and
6th. As a volunteer you are an integral part of our welcoming
environment during orientation. Please contact
if you're interested and please include when you're available!

Thank you for your time and willingness to work with us this school

Jeremiah Rood (SA VP) and Rasheed Townes (SA Treasurer)

International Study Buddy & Hospitality Program *** New ***
The Dean of Students' Students Services Team would like to invite you
to participate in a new opportunity on campus. We are looking for
returning students, international and non-international., with relevant
experience or a willingness to help, to act as BUDDIES. Our goal is to
help incoming international students adjust to their new environment on
the Andover Newton campus. We would also like to extend the opportunity
to make new friends and/or learn about other cultures, and foremost to
strengthen a sense of community. This year we have four
international/exchange students coming to Andover Newton from Korea,
India, Germany and South Africa!

As a buddy, you are invited to attend various social events:
*1 hour orientation session, September 6th
*Luncheon September 15th
*Community Day, Tuesday September 23rd
*Monthly lunch gatherings
*Monthly international film nights and pot lucks
*Multicultural Festival, Friday, January 30th, 5-9 in Peck Room

If you are interested in being a buddy, contact Aga Cram at
In your e-mail, please answer the following questions:

Last Name:
First Name:
E-mail address:
Year in School:
Field of Study:

Please summarize some interests of yours outside of school, such as
music preference, personality, etc. In addition, please summarize the
reasons for your interest in this program. This is just to help make
the matching better for you and the international students!

We appreciate your consideration of this invitation,

Nancy Nienhuis, Dean of Students
Brita Gill-Austern, Faculty Liaison to International Students
Aga Cram, International Student Liaison
Ming-Wei Tsai, International Student

Bookstore Hours *** Updated ***
Hours from Monday, July 28 through August 29:
8:30-4:30 Mon.-Thurs.
8:30-1:00 Friday

The Bookstore will be closed on Friday, August 29 and reopen on
Tuesday, Sept. 2. at 8:30 am. Note the extended hours during new
student orientation: Friday, Sept. 5, 8:30 - 6 pm and Saturday, Sept. 6,
8:30 - 4 pm.

Bookstore Launching Used Textbook Buy-Back and Resale!!!
In an effort to help students lower the costs of their textbooks,
Andover Newton Bookstore will buy-back select texts now through
September 12 (the end of the first week of classes). The list covers
selected texts from several courses being taught this fall semester so
you will have an opportunity to reduce your expenses for the fall.

When you sell your books back to the Bookstore, you will receive a
store credit which can be used for any store purchase, whether books or
non-book items. The used books will be available for purchase as soon
as possible after the buy-back.

Look for the list on campus and dorm bulletin boards, CONNECT (within
the next day or two), or email for a copy.

Please note our new store hours beginning Sept. 2: We will open each
morning at 8:30 am if you need a quick stop before you go to 9 am
classes. We will close at 5:30 Mon-Thurs, at 4 pm on Fridays.

In addition we will be open extended hours during Student Orientation:

Friday Sept. 5, 8:30 am-6:00 pm
Saturday Sept. 6, 8:30 am-4:00 pm

Stop in during those two days to beat the rush the first week of

Library Updates Access to Databases
Over the summer we have been working on enhancements to your online
library experience. Now we have one-stop authentication for remote
access to all databases. You login just one time--no more different
passwords for different databases. Call Library Circulation Desk for
password information: 617 964-1100 ext. 251. Use of all database
products is limited to students and faculty because of license

On August 1 we will add a Biblical studies and worship resource,
iPreach. iPreach provides full text of several commentaries, including
New Interpreter's Bible. There are also lectionary commentaries,
theological dictionaries, and sermon aids. A trial version of iPreach is
available on the Library web site now.

Beginning with the fall semester many reserve readings will be
available as pdf files in Connect course sites, when fair use guidelines
of the copyright law permit.

In light of these additional full text resources, beginning August 1
all campus student printing will be centralized at the computer lab in
Stoddard Hall.

Q&A on Student Health Insurance (Sept. 16th) *** New ***
On Tuesday, September 16, from Noon-1:30 p.m., Mr. Scott Collins will
be available to give a general overview of the student health insurance
plan and answer any questions you may have. Mr. Collins is a Sr.
Account Executive with Harvard Pilgrim Health Care. This conversation
will occur in Upper Noyes in the Student Center. Please feel free to
bring your lunch.

Nancy Nienhuis
Dean of Students and Community Life

Board Plan Rates for 2008-2009 *** New ***
Board Plan rates for the 2008-09 academic year were announced as
subject to change, and have now been revised to reflect an increase of
5%. The new rates now in effect are as follows:

1 Meal Plan $127 per semester (up from $121)
3 Meal Plan $367 per semester (up from $349)
Full Meal Plan $759 per semester (up from $723)

If you have already been billed for the previous amount, the increase
will appear as an additional charge to your student account.

Student Health Insurance: Booklets Now Available in Business Office
All Registered Students taking 9 or more credit hours are automatically
enrolled in the School Plan.
Massachusetts state law now requires all students not enrolling in the
student health insurance plan must bring physical proof of insurance to
the business office.
The premiums for the Student Health Insurance 2008-09 policy year (Sept
1 to Aug 31) are:

Student: $ 944.
Spouse: $3752.
Each Child $1878.

Starting this year, students enrolled in the plan may elect to cover a
domestic partner at the spousal rate. The web site for the insurance
carrier, United Health Care Student Resources, is
Student Health Insurance Plan booklets are now available in the
Business Office. These booklets explain in detail what and who is
covered ANTS' Student Injury and Sickness Insurance Plan for the
Academic Year 2008-09, and how much it will cost to participate.
Included are the forms you will need if you decide to include your
spouse, domestic partner, or dependent children in the plan.

Student registered for 9 or more credits for the upcoming Fall Term
will be automatically enrolled in the Plan. If you have other medical
insurance and want to waive this automatic participation, you must
provide proof of this insurance (your insurance card will do) to the
Business Office,even if you did so last year. Your proof must be
renewed every year in the fall before the end of the Add-Drop Period.

2007-08 Student Health Insurance Claims
A number of students who participated in ANTS Student Health Insurance
Plan for the 2007-08 academic year have recently had their insurance
claims denied by United Health Care Student Resources (uhcsr), the Plan
Administrator, which has asked students to submit proof of their
enrolled status at ANTS in order to process claims. The Claims
Department at uhcsr informs us that these student status verification
letters were sent out in error; they are no longer sending the letters
out to ANTS students and are releasing and/or reprocessing any claims
that were pended for a response to them. If you receive or have
received one of these letters, you do not need to respond to it;
however, you may call Peter Gibson in the Business Office (617 964 1100
x218) if you would like him to contact uhcsr to make sure that your
claim is processed correctly.

The Future of Jewish-Muslim Relations: A Dialogue (Wed., Sept. 3rd)
Dr. Eboo Patel and Rabbi Or Rose
Moderated by Dr. Jennifer Peace

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hebrew College
Berenson Hall
7:30 p.m.

$10 general admission; $5 students

Please register online by copying and pasting the following link:

Why have relations between Jews and Muslims been so complicated over
the centuries? What lessons might we learn from our shared history? How
might we forge a new path together, engaging in honest, respectful, and
mutually enriching ventures? Join us for an exciting evening as two
leading young religious leaders discuss the challenges and opportunities
for interreligious cooperation among Jews and Muslims in the
contemporary world.

Hosted jointly by Hebrew College and Andover Newton Theological School,
in partnership with Brandeis University Interfaith Leadership
Development Program and Cooperative Metropolitan Ministries.

A Celebration of the Life of Edie Howe
Join family and friends from Andover Newton, Hebrew College, the
Daughters of Abraham, and First Church in Cambridge in giving thanks for
the life of ANTS M. Div. student and interfaith champion, Edith Crary
Howe, who died peacefully at her home in Cambridge, MA, on July 6, 2008.
The celebration will be held in the Wilson Chapel at 4 p.m. on Sunday,
September 14, followed by a reception hosted by Edie's family. All are

News from Ann Aaberg
I am pleased to share some good news from Ann Aaberg. She has
accepted a call to be the Pastor at Mystic Congregational Church in
Mystic, CT, beginning in mid-October. Her ordination will take place at
her home church, North Community Church UCC in Marshfield Hills, MA on
Sunday, September 21 at 3:00 PM. Let's keep Ann in our thoughts and
prayers as she moves into this next stage of her ministry. If you would
like to send Ann words of support and congratulations her email address

Nancy Nienhuis
Dean of Students and Community Life

Irvin Morgan is getting Ordained (Sept. 21st)
Irvin Morgan is getting ordained into the American Baptist Churches on
September 21, 2008 at 3:00pm.
Myrtle Baptist Church
21 Curve Street
West Newton, MA

All are welcome to attend.
Congratulations Irv!

Summer Art Night
Art Night continues all summer! 7-10pm, Thursdays, in the lower studio
of the Meetinghouse. You don't even need to consider yourself an artist,
just come and play. The studio is a cool place (in both senses of the
word)! Free will donation to buy supplies.

Contact Joy with questions (