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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

ANTS Student E-News - Tuesday, September 16th, 2008

In this message:

- Registrar Updates:
- Add/Drop and Late Fall Registration Continues through September
- List of Closed Courses: *** Check This Daily ***
- Don't Forget to pick up your Student Picture ID *** New ***
- Parking Permits
- Morning Worship Begins This Week
- Northern Baptist Scholarship
- Book Store News: Early closing on Thursday Sept 18 & more *** New
- Sign up for Community Day, Sept. 23!
- CPE Fair, Sept 24th *** New ***

Fellowship News:
- Journeys on the Hill, inter-faith student group of ANTS and Hebrew
- Labyrinth Walk *** Tomorrow - Sept 17th ***
- Peace and Justice Fellowship meeting Wed Sept. 17th
- Thursday Chapel - Preaching In the Black Church Tradition *** New
- Student Life Activity: Sept. 16th Free Ice at J. P. Licks with
college ID *** Today ***
- Episcopal Student Fellowship *** New ***
- SA News: meeting Sept 24th, office hours, tote bags *** New ***
- Prison Ministry Fellowship meeting, Mon Sept 29th
- ANTS Gardens--Please Be Respectful *** New ***

Business Office:
- Board Plan Rates for 2008-2009
- Student Health Insurance: Booklets Now Available in Business Office

Other News and Opportunities:
- Noel Paul Stookey Concert (Oct. 4th) *** Share the News ***
- Prayers for Christina Findlay *** New ***
- News from Texas and Burton's family *** New ***
- Lost and Found
- Ordination and Installation News
- Courageous Conversations (Oct. 3, 10, 17, 24, 31)
- Art Night

Registrar Updates:
- Add/Drop and Late Fall Registration Continues through September 20th

- The following courses are closed as of 16-Sept-08
CMFE620: Integrative Seminar
CMPR609: Preaching in the Congregation: An Intro. to the Pastoral
Pract. of Preaching
CMPR625: Holistic Preaching
CMPR730: The Jazz of Preaching
GCIM755: Views of the Messianic Age in Judaism and Christianity
OLDT509: One Love: Intro. to the Hebrew Bible I, Torah and Former
P3ETHI719: Social Teachings of the Christian Churches Practitioner
P3NEWT772: Paul as Pastoral Strategist Practitioner Program
P3OLDT509: One Love: Intro to Hebrew Bib. I The Torah & Former Prophets
Practitioner Program
P3PSYP611: Practices of Care in Congregations Practitioner Program
PSYC735: [PSYC735/835] Sexuality and Spirituality: Pastoral Counsel.
Pastoral & Congregational Care
PSYF762: [PSYF/CHRS/FHSP 762/862] Spiritual Practices for Healing and
PSYH784: [ELPSYH 784/884] The Psychology and Theology of Forgiveness
PSYP611: Practices of Care in Congregations
THEO611: Systematic Theology I

If you were hoping to take one of these classes, please contact Nayda
at as there may be an wait list option for the

Don't Forget to pick up your Student Picture ID *** New ***
A reminder that all students need to get their 2008-2009 ID's. If you
are a returning student and indicated that you would use the same
picture as last year, your new ID may already be printed and just
waiting for you to pick it up. Just bring your old ID to the office and
exchange it for your new on. ID's can be obtained in the Registrar's
office during the following hours; Mon, Tues & Wed from 8:30am until 12
noon and Thurs afternoons from 1 to 4. If you are unable to come by
during these hours please contact the registrar's office and
arrangements will be made. Your new ID's are needed to obtain your new
parking tags and to check books out of the library.

Parking Permits
We are now ready to distribute parking permits. Please stop by the
Building & Ground office during the following times to pick up your

Mon - Thurs. 8:00 a.m. - Noon, and 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Friday 8:00 am - Noon only

Please note that no permits will be given to any student without a NEW
'09 student ID which can be obtained at the Registrar's office.

Building & Grounds

Morning Worship Begins This Week
Morning Worship will begin in Wilson Chapel on Monday, September 15 at
8:15 am. Morning Worship is always different, and we hope always
centering. Join us in the small meditation room on the ground floor,
Monday through Friday all semester.
All are welcome!

If you are interested in leading morning worship throughout the
semester, please email Mary Luti

Northern Baptist Scholarship
Northern Baptist Scholarship Applications are available in the
Financial Aid Office. Any ABC-MDIV student may apply. Students must
submit a letter of support/endorsement from their home church along with
their application. Application and letter must be returned to the
Financial Aid Office by October 1.

Rev. Roger Spinney will be on campus to interview students Thursday,
October 2, 2008, 9:30 to 4:30.

Please stop by the Financial Aid Office to schedule an interview.

Book Store News: Early closing on Thursday Sept 18 & more *** New ***
PLEASE TAKE NOTE: The bookstore will close at 3:30 pm Thursday, Sept.
18 to represent the school at a book event in Boston. We will reopen
Friday at 8:30 am.

Buyback of used textbooks has been extended to Friday, Sept. 19.
After that date, no more used texts will be purchased from the current
list of books.

New, unsold, overstocked textbooks will be returned to publishers
beginning the week of Sept. 22. Make sure you have the texts you need
for the remainder of your course work. If you are purchasing your books
under a budget plan speak to Joyce Simon to make special arrangements to
guarantee that you get the books you need.

Sign up for Community Day, Sept. 23!
Community Day is nearly upon us! Mark your calendars for Tuesday,
Sept. 23 and plan to join us. For those of you who are new to the
community, on Community Day we close down classes for the day and go to
learn and do community service work off the hill. Faculty, staff,
deans, and the President all go together! We will be in small teams
heading off to various areas around Boston. This is an excellent way to
spend some out-of-classroom time with faculty and staff, as we all "roll
up our sleeves" for our neighbors in the greater Boston area. The day
will begin with a morning worship service in the Wilson sanctuary, and
end with a reflection once we're all back on campus. Sack lunches will
be provided for all.

This year one team will be going to build a Habitat for Humanity house.
In order to do this we need to raise $750 to cover the building
materials we need that day. If you would like to contribute to this
cost please get a check to me made out to "Habitat for Humanity."

9:30am-10:00am Worship Service, Wilson Sanctuary
10:00am-10:45 am Introduction to the Day (Nancy
10:45am-11:00am Pick up sack Lunches

11:00am-11:30pm Travel to work sites
11:30pm-12:30pm Work at sites
12:30 pm Lunch and Learning at Sites
1:30pm-4:30pm More work at sites

4:30pm-5:00pm Return to Andover Newton (meet on the quad)

You can begin signing up for Community Day now. Just send me an email
and let me know if you have any particular needs or restrictions. Come
for whatever part of the day you can. FYI, we go rain or shine!

Let me know if you have questions,


Nancy Nienhuis
Dean of Students and Community Life

CPE Fair, September 24th *** New ***
CPE Fair: On Wednesday, September 24, 2008, ANTS will host a CPE Fair
in the Meeting House from 11:00am -1:00pm. Supervisors from all over
New England will be present to share information about their programs
and to meet with students. They will offer a short program to explain
the benefits, requirements and educational process of Clinical Pastoral
Education. Now is the time to begin making plans for 2009 summer and
2008-09 extended units. Don't miss this opportunity to learn more
about this exciting and challenging aspect of your theological

Best Wishes,
Jen Walker
Administrative Assistant for
Contextual and Continuing Education
(617) 964-1100 ext 316

Fellowship News:
Journeys on the Hill, inter-faith student group of ANTS and Hebrew
Upcoming Events:

- Labyrinth "Spiritual Return"
Learn about JOTH and walk the labyrinth
Wednesday September 17, 6:15-8pm
Andover Newton Meeting House

- Opportunity to apply to participate in year-long monthly InterFaith
Learning Groups:
A particularly meaningful way to become involved is to participate in
an ongoing dedicated Interfaith Learning Group. This year we will have
two or three groups with ten students in each group, five from ANTS and
five from HC. These groups meet about six times to eight times per year
for evening meetings of three hours during which the members share a
meal and discuss topics of mutual interest, providing opportunities for
deeper and more intimate exchanges on matters of importance to the
religious traditions of the participants. Each participant plans and
facilitates one meeting with a partner from the other school. Students
who participate report that the connections made and the in-depth
learning will carry forward into their ministries.

To ensure a balance of backgrounds and commitment to the process, we
request that anyone interested complete an application by September 23,
2008. Groups will begin in October.

To apply for the Interfaith Learning Group, please complete the online
application by clicking on this link:

Peace and Justice Fellowship meeting Wednesday Sept. 17th
Peace and Justice Fellowship meeting Wednesday Sept. 17th at lunch in
the small dining room to discuss this year's plans.

Thursday Chapel - Preaching In the Black Church Tradition *** New ***
The Black Student Fellowship is having its first chapel of the school
year. Dr. Kirk Jones will be our preacher of the hour. BSF worships are
held monthly and are grounded in the history, traditions and culture of
the African American church. All are invited.

Student Life Activity: Sept. 16th Free Ice at J. P. Licks with college
ID *** Today ***
Sept. 16th Free Ice at J. P. Licks with college ID.
Contact Bill at 781-698-6753 or if you'd like to meet
in the evening for ice cream.

Episcopal Student Fellowship *** New ***
The Episcopal Student Fellowship will be gathering every Thursday from
12-1 in Upper Noyes. Please come join us for conversation and fellowship
when you can.

Johanna Tabor
Holly Hartman

SA News: meeting Sept 24th, office hours, tote bags *** New ***
The first SA meeting of the year will be next Wednesday, September 24th
from 5-6pm in Upper Noyes. Come hear about some of the things in store
this year. If there is anything you would like on the agenda, please
email by next Monday, the 22nd.

Office Hours and Tote Bags:

This semester, SA officers will observe the following office hours:
Monday 1-2 (Morgan)
Tuesday 12-1 (Liz GB), 4-5 (Ruth)
Wednesday 4-5 (Rasheed)
Thursday TBA
Friday 12-1 (Liz M)

This year the SA is giving tote bags to all ANTS community members. If
you have not gotten yours yet, please stop by the office during one of
our office hours. If that does not work for you, email us at
to schedule another time.

Prison Ministry Fellowship meeting
Mark Hemenway of New England Prison Ministries will be visiting Monday
Sept. 29 at 5:30 for dinner and conversation in the dining room.

Questions? Contact Bill Gural at or 781-698-6753.

ANTS Gardens--Please Be Respectful *** New ***
As many of you know, students this summer had the opportunity to have
garden space on campus (behind Davis Hall). This is the time of year
when we get to enjoy the fruits of our labor. unfortunately, some of us
have had produce go missing. Please be respectful and DO NOT glean from
the student gardens. If you are in need of food, please use the food
pantry, located in the kitchen of Upper Noyes. Gardeners will place any
extra produce there.

Business Office:
Board Plan Rates for 2008-2009
Board Plan rates for the 2008-09 academic year were announced as
subject to change, and have now been revised to reflect an increase of
5%. The new rates now in effect are as follows:

1 Meal Plan $127 per semester (up from $121)
3 Meal Plan $367 per semester (up from $349)
Full Meal Plan $759 per semester (up from $723)

If you have already been billed for the previous amount, the increase
will appear as an additional charge to your student account.

Student Health Insurance: Booklets Now Available in Business Office
All Registered Students taking 9 or more credit hours are automatically
enrolled in the School Plan.
Massachusetts state law now requires all students not enrolling in the
student health insurance plan must bring physical proof of insurance to
the business office.
The premiums for the Student Health Insurance 2008-09 policy year (Sept
1 to Aug 31) are:

Student: $ 944.
Spouse: $3752.
Each Child $1878.

Starting this year, students enrolled in the plan may elect to cover a
domestic partner at the spousal rate. The web site for the insurance
carrier, United Health Care Student Resources, is
Student Health Insurance Plan booklets are now available in the
Business Office. These booklets explain in detail what and who is
covered ANTS' Student Injury and Sickness Insurance Plan for the
Academic Year 2008-09, and how much it will cost to participate.
Included are the forms you will need if you decide to include your
spouse, domestic partner, or dependent children in the plan.

Student registered for 9 or more credits for the upcoming Fall Term
will be automatically enrolled in the Plan. If you have other medical
insurance and want to waive this automatic participation, you must
provide proof of this insurance (your insurance card will do) to the
Business Office,even if you did so last year. Your proof must be
renewed every year in the fall before the end of the Add-Drop Period.

Other News and Opportunities:
Noel Paul Stookey Concert (Oct. 4th) *** Share the News ***
In his fourth decade as the 'Paul' of Peter, Paul, and Mary,
Stookey's music continues to challenge, encourage and entertain. His
music has spanned a spectrum from 'I Dig Rock And Roll Music', his
'60's satire on pop trendiness, to one of the best loved solo
records, 'The Wedding Song', which reached the top 30's of the pop
charts in the early '70's. His lyrical style, humor, and stage
presence have marked the American musical and cultural scene for almost
half a century, embodying his passionate commitment to border-crossing
through song and witness.

Saturday, October 04, 2008
7:00 PM-9:00 PM
Location: Wilson Chapel

Tickets at the door (if available): $30

Advanced ticket sale prices are:
$25 general admission
$20 seniors and students
$20 per person for groups of 5 or more

To order tickets in advance: email with your name,
phone number, and number of tickets requested. We will call you for
credit card purchases and billing information. Or mail your check by
Sept 10th to: Concerts At Andover Newton, c/o Institutional Advancement,
210 Herrick Road, Newton, MA 02459.

This concert will sell out quickly, so order today!

Prayers for Christina Findlay *** New ***
Recent Andover Newton graduate Chris Findlay is having bypass surgery
on Sept. 24 (next Wednesday). She welcomes your prayers during this
time. She has good support from friends and family. If you would like
to write to Chris you may do so electronically at under
"Patients and Visitors 'welcome.' " She will be at:

Fanny Allen Campus
Fletcher Allen Health Care
790 College Parkway
Colchester, VT 05446

Nancy Nienhuis
Dean of Students

News from Texas and Burton's family *** New ***
Thanks to so many of you who have expressed your care and concern about
my home state of Texas and my family during the difficult days following
Hurricane Ike.

Like so many of our fellow Houstonians, we still don't have power.
While power is being restored across the area, as of Monday afternoon,
CenterPoint Energy had restored power to 550,000 customers, out of a
total of 2.6 million customers. CenterPoint first restored power to
several priority customers, including Hobby Airport and Ellington Field
as well as several local hospitals. With over two million customers
still without power and tempuratures rising to 90 degrees with extremely
high humidity, it is a dangerous time for many folks with fragile

My spouse Ron evacuated to his parents' home on Lake LBJ in the Texas
Hill Country with over a dozen family members and our precious Scottish
Terrier Roosevelt. They remain there as schools have yet to reopen.

We sustained minor damage to our roof resulting from a large fallen
tree. God blessed us with neighbors who rushed to cover the wholes with
a tarp.

Ron rushed our 84 year old aunt to a Hill Country hospital yesterday
with congestive heart failure, but she seems to be in stable condition

Please continue to remember these folks in your prayers, especially the
people of Galveston, which has been so devastated by the storm. Most of
the city remains without power, water or sewage service. Thanks again
for your prayers and your care.

Grace and Truth,

Lost and Found
Someone's left a key purse at the Front Desk here in Dabney. The purse
is black, with flowers on it, and there are 4 keys in the purse.

Front Desk

Ordination and Installation News
Ann Aaberg. Ordained on Sunday, September 21 at 3pm
Location: North Community Church UCC
Marshfield Hills, MA

Irvin Morgan: Ordained on September 21, 2008 at 3:00pm.
Location: Myrtle Baptist Church (ABC)
21 Curve Street
West Newton, MA

Courageous Conversations (Oct. 3, 10, 17, 24, 31)
Courageous Conversations: Finding the Other without Losing Yourself
Led by Robert Sarly
In the Peck Room, 9:00 am - noon, October 3, 10, 17, 24, 31

This five-week interactive series will help you discover how courageous
dialogic conversation can become an important everyday spiritual
practice which teaches us how to engage with the other without losing
ourselves. Courageous conversation can create new possibilities for
connection which leads to healing and to a greater sense of wellbeing
for self and other. These classes are intended for pastors, seminarians
and laypeople who want to improve their communication skills and become
better at the art of healing conversation.

* The program of workshops is cumulative, so participation in all four
sessions is requested. Registration is limited to 18.

The cost of the 4 workshops is $25 for students, $50 for pastors and
laypeople. Scholarships are available if needed.

To register please contact Jennifer Shaw at or call 617
964 1100 ext. 228.

Art Night
We are ALL made in the image of a creating God! A special welcome to
new students and a welcome back to returning students!

Art night is a year round, drop in, safe, "no rules," open studio
experience held every Thursday, 7-10 pm in the lower studio of the

Art Night consists of a group of adult artists ranging in skill level
from complete beginners to professionals who gather to explore a wide
range of visual arts for the purpose of experiencing revelation,
healing, fellowship and fun! Work on class assignments, special
projects you've always wanted to explore, or come and be inspired by
others in the group.

Sometimes there is a learning theme (paper making, mosaic fundamentals,
finger painting, etc.) and sometimes it's completely open ended.
Watch for flyers about workshops each semester on topics like mandala
creation, beginners' manuscript painting techniques, journal making
and collaging.

Many supplies are available (acrylic paint, brushes, water colors,
markers, colored pencils, scissors, glue, various kinds of paper, mosaic
supplies and tools, collage papers, paper making materials, some beading
equipment, etc.) or bring your own.

Free will offering for supplies.

Contact Joy (Resident Teaching Artist at ANTS) with questions