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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

ANTS Student E-News - Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

In this message:

- Winter Registration in Progress
- Immunization Requirements
- Is Field Education in your future? October 30th *** New ***
- Closing of the Center of Faith, Health and Spirituality

Fellowship News:
- Special Election Day Worship & Party
- New Television
- Thursday UU worship Wilson chapel 1:00pm *** New **
- Informal Meeting for Humanists, Non-Theists, and Agnostics at ANTS,
November 12th *** New ***

Staff News: *** All New ***
- Inaugural Director of ANTS new MBS Media Center Hired
- Emily Leavitt promoted to Manager of IT
- Cindy Bolshaw resigned as Head of Circulation

Other News and Opportunities:
- Transforming Shoes into Playgrounds: Recycle your Sneakers!
- Pommern Village Choir from Tanzania concert in Natick on Sunday
November 2nd
- Invite...Earth-Care Festival, November 8th
- EDS Lectures, November 13th
- Ethics and Abuse In The Ministerial Relationship, January 20-24
- Housing opportunity *** New ***
- Donna Colletti Lowre being interviewed on Talk Radio WNTK 99.7 FM ***
New ***
- Invitation for women healers…The Hara Group
- Anyone with weaving knowledge?
- Art Night

Winter Registration in Progress
October 21-November 7; 9:00 am- Seniors registration start for Winter
Session courses .
October 27-November 7- 9:00 am- All other students registration start
for Winter Session courses.

Immunization Requirements
Massachusetts requires that all registered students, regardless of age,
provide proof of immunization for certain communicable diseases
-- 3 doses of hepatitis B vaccine are required for all full time and
part time graduate students.
-- All full and part-time graduate students (whether or not they
reside in campus) must: provide documentation of receipt of one dose of
meningococcal vaccine (within the last 5 years) or As an alternative
students may sign the Meningococcal Information and Waiver form to
indicate that they have read and understood the required information
related to the risks of meningococcal disease, and have elected to
decline the vaccine
-- 1 Td Booster within the last 10 years and
-- 2 Doses of MMR vaccine
If you have questions regarding this matter, please do not hesitate to
e-mail me at
Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.
Nayda G. Aguila

Is Field Education in your future? October 30th *** New ***
The second information session for students that will be entering into
Field Education in Fall of 2009 is Thursday, October 30th. It will be
held in the Peck Room from 1:00-1:45pm. Contact Jen Walker,, (617) 964-1100 ext 316, with any questions or

Best Wishes,

Closing of the Center of Faith, Health and Spirituality
Dear Members of the ANTS Community,

In 2000 the Center for Faith, Health and Spirituality was opened to
provide co-curricular offerings that could enhance students'
background and experience in the integration of spirituality and healing
in their personal lives, in the lives of their congregations and in the
world. For many years students and other members of our community
have benefitted from the ministries offered through the Center. In the
last few years several changes have happened on campus that have
directly impacted the operation of the Center. At the time of the
Center's founding there was far less attention given to spiritual life
on campus and there was no open space for meditative prayer or times for
informal group meditative or guided prayer. Now with the presence of
Wilson Chapel and it becoming the spiritual heart of the campus with
vibrant community worship, space for individual and small group
meditation and other worship experiences, as well as other important
events vital to the life of our community, it makes the Center less
necessary. The Dean of Students has now picked up the responsibility of
spiritual formation with the formation of student groups so that the
spiritual companioning groups offered by the center are no longer
needed. The Center housed the Ecology Ministry for several years and we
are grateful that its presence has helped assist this institution to
adopt core values and policies through the Board of Trustees that
commits ANTS to environmental responsibility in the years to come.
Although the Ecology Ministry has been discontinued as a field education
site, there is now an active Ecology Fellowship on campus that continues
the consciousness raising and ecological activism on campus, but this
does not require an office on campus. The Center housed the Reiki
Ministry up until last year, but with no continuity of leadership this
ministry has been closed. The Labyrinth Ministry will continue, if
there is adequate interest, under the auspices of the Director of the
Chapel. Joy Honen's deep commitment to using the arts as vehicle for
healing continues in her work with Worship, Theology and the Arts and
for the time being she will continue to use the art room with small
group workshops on the third floor of Sturtevant.

With these many changes it no longer seems a wise use of resources, in
both personnel and campus space to maintain a Center for Faith, Health
and Spirituality. This space, until future plans are announced, will
house an office (Rm.38) for Toni Di Lorenzo for the offering of
spiritual direction and pastoral counseling to students on campus, a
quiet room for meditation and two meeting rooms (Rm.39 & 32) that may
be reserved through the housing office, or used on a first come basis if
no one has reserved them or is meeting there. There will continue to
be special programs, workshops and offerings through the Chapel, Dean of
Students Office and the Psychology and Pastoral Theology Department that
will continue to weave the concern for the integration of faith, health
and spirituality into our life together on campus as well as into our
curriculum. Please contact me at extension 219 if you have any
questions, interests or concerns related to Faith, Health and

I wish to express my deepest thanks to the school for allowing this
unused space in Sturtevant to be transformed into the Center for Faith,
Health and Spirituality, to Mary Macrina Cowan for her vision and early
leadership of the Center, to Joy Honen for her faithful and caring
stewardship of the space of the Center for the last few years, to the
many students who have offered their gifts and talents to the leadership
of the Ecology, Reiki, Labyrinth, Healing Arts and Spiritual
Companioning Ministries and to the many students who have blessed this
space with their own work and healing.

With gratitude,

Professor Brita Gill-Austern

Fellowship News:
Special Election Day Worship & Party
Tuesday, Nov. 4, 1 pm, Wilson Chapel
A special Election Day worship service, lead by Mary Luti. Prayers for
our nation and Holy Communion.

Election Night Party
Tuesday, Nov. 4. Join the Student Association as we count the red and
blue states! Bring a snack or drink to share, and don't be shy to come
in pj's (in case it's another long night...) The TV will be on all day,
festivities will be full swing at 7 pm! All are welcome!


New Television
Notice anything different in the Upper Noyes Student Lounge? We have a
new, digital TV! The TV was purchased with money donated at the spring
Gala. Thanks to the Devleopment and Student Life offices for making this


Thursday UU worship Wilson chapel 1:00pm *** New **
Dear friends and colleagues,

Please join us for UU Worship on Thursday, October 30 at 1:00pm in
Wilson Chapel. Our service will be led by Nancy Nienhuis on the theme,
"Daughters of Jerusalem". Come and join us for this time of sharing and

Your worship coordinators
Morgan McLean & Bruce Taylor

Informal Meeting for Humanists, Non-Theists, and Agnostics at ANTS,
November 12th *** New ***
Dear Members of the ANTS Community -

Are you a humanist, non-theist, or agnostic at ANTS who would like to
gather for discussion and perhaps form a fellowship? If so, let's gather
together in the dining hall for an informal meeting on November 12 at
12:00. Bring ideas if you have them, or just join us to talk about what
a fellowship might do for our wonderful community on the hill. All are
warmly welcome.

Contact: Jason Bachand

Staff News: *** All New ***
Inaugural Director of ANTS new MBS Media Center Hired
President Nick Carter announced today that Robert Craigue, an Emmy
Award winning videographer, editor and producer, has been hired as the
first Director of the Massachusetts Bible Society MEDIA CENTER at
Andover Newton.

Craigue brings more than 30 years of experience to the position. For a
major portion of his career he worked for WBZ-TV (CBS-Boston) as a
videographer, editor and producer, playing a major role in the airing of
programs like "Sundays with Liz Walker," and providing news coverage for
political, sports and community events. Craigue has also worked in set
design and construction for groups like the Boston Ballet and for
feature films like "The Witches of Eastwick." He has been nominated for
13 Emmy Awards (local) and was awarded two for outstanding achievements
in film editing.

Craigue will be the inaugural director of the new Media Center at
Andover Newton, funded in part by a major grant from the Massachusetts
Bible Society. In this role he will have three primary areas of
responsibility: 1. work with students to advance their media IQ and
skills; 2. work with faculty to both enhance their classroom media use
and leverage their scholarship to reach a wider national and
international audience; and 3) work with churches and other non-profits
to produce high quality media resources. Among the things that are
envisioned are a certificate in "Media and the Contemporary Church," DVD
portfolios for every ANTS graduate, a streaming video library, and a
series of DVD and CD resources for use in the local church. Andover
Newton and the Massachusetts Bible Society will also work with Bob to
develop some joint resources targeted at Biblical literacy and giving a
more sophisticated media voice to the progressive church community.

Under Mr. Craigue's direction the school has already purchased a host
of new media resources (high quality digital cameras, lighting, audio
equipment, editing computers and software, etc) and they are just
completing the construction of a state-of-the-art recording and editing
studio. Craigue will be recruiting a cadre of students to work with him
on filming, directing and editing a wide range of resources when he
begins his work January 3rd, 2009.

Emily Leavitt promoted to Manager of IT
Emily Leavitt has been promoted to IT Manager, effective October 1,
We congratulate her and wish her much success in her position.

Robert MacDonald
V.P. of Finance and Operations
Andover Newton Theological School

Cindy Bolshaw resigned as Head of Circulation
We regret to announce that Cindy Bolshaw has resigned her position as
Head of Circulation, Trask Library, effective November 7. For the past
11 years Cindy has been an invaluable member of our staff, providing
personable service at the main circulation desk.

Please stop by the Library to greet Cindy and wish her well in her new
position at Goddard Library, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.

Jeff Brigham
Diana Yount

Other News and Opportunities:
Transforming Shoes into Playgrounds: Recycle your Sneakers!
Your fellow student Allen Vander Meulen III just alerted me to the fact
that Nike recycles old athletic shoes and uses them to create basketball
courts, running tracks, and playgrounds. Toward that end I will be
collecting your old sneakers in a box OUTSIDE (!) my office through the
Thanksgiving holiday. Allen will then bundle these up and send them on
to Nike. If you have shoes to contribute please feel free to drop them
by, and if you can also contribute $1.00 toward defraying postage please
give it to Jennifer Shaw in Worcester 105.

Nike has some guidelines about what their shoe grinding machines can

● Athletic shoes only (any brand)
● No shoes containing metal
● No cleats or dress shoes
● No wet or damp shoes

For more information see:

So bring me your worn out sneakers and we'll get them off where they
can do some good!

Nancy Nienhuis
Dean of Students and Community Life
Worcester 104

Pommern Village Choir from Tanzania concert in Natick on Sunday
November 2nd
Imagine you are sitting next to a small, red brick church in the
Tanzanian sun. A group of villagers, some holding infants, others
holding drums, rattles, reed
shakers, and other ancient rhythm instruments, produce Swahili sounds
which capture your sensibilities. As the group sways and shuffles, their
voices, hands
and feet recreate the roots of rhythm which remain in our familiar folk
and blues, jazz and gospel music. With their blend of folk and sacred
songs, their contagious
energy is transmitted to audiences of all ages.

You can live this wonderful experience directly when the Pommern
Village Choir comes to the First Congregational Church of Natick on
Sunday, November 2nd at 3:00 PM. It's a cross-cultural, musical
experience not to be missed! A free-will offering will be received at
the concert to help support the drilling of wells and provision of fresh
water in Pommern and surrounding villages. The First Congregational
Church of Natick is located at 2 East Central Street in the center of
Natick, at the intersection of routes 27 and 135.

Jason Boyd
Interim Assistant Minister
First Congregational Church of Natick

Invite...Earth-Care Festival, November 8th
When: Saturday, 11/8 from 5-8pm
Where: 39 Edwards St., Framingham, MA

-co-sponsored by Edwards Church, UCC & Grace Congregational, UCC,

What to expect: Energy saving info. for all budgets, door prizes that
save $ and the planet! Drama by the Just Peace Players that will
entertain & educate (suitable for all ages)

more info: or OR call
Edwards church office: 508-877-2050
Bring a dish for potluck dinner at 5:30, beverages & coffee provided.

EDS Lectures, November 13th
Please join us in person, or via a live webcast for...

- The Joanna Dewey lecture in Feminist Biblical Studies:
"Baking Cakes to the Queen of Heaven: God, Goddesses, and Growing up
Black and Female in America," The Rev. Renita J. Weems, Lecturer

- The Carter Heyward Scholars Program Lecture:
"Is Marriage a 'Must' or a 'Bust'? Enlarging the Justice Agenda," The
Rev. Dr. Marvin M. Ellison, Lecturer

Thursday, November 13, 2008, 4:00 - 9:00
For more information or to register please contact Priscilla Burns at or 617.682.1506. Preregistration is requested.

Ethics and Abuse In The Ministerial Relationship, January 20-24
You are invited to participate in an upcoming seminar designed to help
you meet the ethical challenges of congregational life and ministerial

Ethics and Abuse In The Ministerial Relationship
January 20 to 24, 2009 Tuesday to Saturday 8:30 am to 12:30 pm

An ethical analysis of the ministerial relationship, outlining the
ethical risk of sexual and interpersonal abuse inherent in ministerial
practice and highlighting skills and strategies for relational
competence for ministry; designed to help clergy and lay leaders
identify unethical conduct and potentially abusive situations, to
develop preventive strategies and healing skills in theirs and others'
ministries and to engage in ethical and effective ministries.
Theological, ethical, psychological and pastoral concerns are considered
along with related organizational, insurance, legal and public relations
matters. Presentations include videos, case studies, lectures,
role-playing and worship.

The seminar leader is the Reverend Dr. Deborah J. Pope-Lance, a
Unitarian Universalist Minister and Licensed Marriage and Family
Therapist, who has been researching, writing, and teaching in the field
of clergy and congregational ethics since 1985.

Don't Minister In Church or Community Without This Seminar designed to
help you

* maintain integrity of ministerial relationships
* appreciate the connection between your ethics and your effectiveness

* develop relational competence for ministry
* consider theological, ethical and pastoral issues
* develop prevention strategies and skills
* identify sexual and interpersonal abuse by clergy
* exercise interventions to stop misconduct
* respond effectively to abuse situations
* use policies/procedures for prevention and intervention
* understand legal and insurance issues
* support congregations, victims/survivors, bystanders, clergy and
* appreciate the challenges of ministering after a betrayal of trust

To register or for information contact Deborah Pope-Lance at (978)
443-4393 or
Cost: $465 plus materials.
Housing available upon request. Financial support for UU seminarians
and ministers through the UUA Ministry & Professional Leadership Staff

Sponsored by UUCANS and held on the campus of Andover Newton
Theological School, Newton Centre, MA. This seminar is not an ANTS
Winterim Course but academic credit may be arranged.

Emily Melcher
54 Wayte Rd.
Bedford, MA 01730
(781) 325-1070 (home)
(617) 489-7954 (home)

Housing opportunity *** New ***
Housing opportunity:
-Great 1 bedroom apt. for rent. $780: includes heat & utilities.
-Location: Millis, MA (approx. 35 min. from Newton)
-Smoke free & pet-free environment
-Good storage/closet space
-Quiet, country setting (across from beautiful yoga center/Ashram)

Contact: Guruatma at: 508-353-5327

Donna Colletti Lowre being interviewed on Talk Radio WNTK 99.7 FM ***
New ***
The show is Twin State Journal and will be live Tuesday, Nov. 4 th
from, 6-7pm. The host is Janine Weins who will be talking with Donna
about her one woman play, In Her Own Voice. Donna wrote and performed
in April 2008, while an M. Div senior at Andover Newton.

There has been a lot of interest in the play from churches across the
country (most recently at the ABC Conference in Greenlake, WI).
Donna will be bringing the play, with an interactive workshop, to
churches in the coming months.

Take a break from election night and listen about your bible sisters of

Invitation for women healers…The Hara Group
Interested in sharing your experience as a woman healer in a safe and
meditative environment? (Experience ranges from Reiki, reflexology and
ministry-open to a variety of women holistic practitioners). Our intent
is to share our holistic understandings which will help us better serve
the community. The Hara Group meets Thursdays, 7:30pm - generally 1 or
2x per month. Location: Belmont.

Contact: Debbie Jenney (certified reflexologist) at: 781-405-2385
Or email Heather Lucas:

Anyone with weaving knowledge?
The Andover Newton Community Art Studio in the Meetinghouse has both a
floor loom and a table loom. There are several people who are eager to
use these, but we need some knowledgeble person to help us set up and
get started. If you are that person or know someone who might be able
to help, please contact Sandy at or talk to Joy
(Resident Teaching Artist).

Art Night
Art Night is a drop-in open studio opportunity to explore art in a
safe, no rules atmosphere. We meet every Thursday night from 7-10 pm in
the lower studio of the Meetinghouse. All materials provided. Fun,
fellowship and theological reflection. Free will donation.

Contact Joy (Resident Teaching Artist at ANTS) with questions