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Friday, November 07, 2008

ANTS Student E-News - Friday, November 7th, 2008

In this message:

- From the Registrar's office
- Immunization Requirements
- Archaeological discovery at ANTS!
- Brita Gill-Austern: Thank You and Welcome
- For Students Who Want to Work on Their Writing

Fellowship News:
- Foreign Movie Night, November 7th
- Informal Meeting for Humanists, Non-Theists, and Agnostics at ANTS,
November 11th
- BGLANTS worship service in Wilson Chapel Tuesday, November 11th
- Black Student Fellowship Gospel Chorus Rehearsal, November 13th
- NEW dates for the upcoming UCC Search & Call Events, November 14th
- Emergent Worship Service set for 1 p.m., Tues., Nov. 18 *** New ***
- Thanksgiving Dinner *** New ***
- Outreach for Prisoners
- Food Pantry

Other News and Opportunities:
- Recycle your Sneakers! Continues through Thanksgiving.
- Invite...Earth-Care Festival, November 8th
- EDS Lectures, November 13th
- Expert in Teen Substance Abuse to Speak in Sudbury, MA, November
- The Beacon Coffeehouse presents: Tripping Lily November 21st
- Housing opportunities
- Anyone with weaving knowledge?
- Art Night

From the Registrar's office
Friday, November 7: Last Day for Winter Session Registration
Border Crossing Trip Canceled

November 3 - 28; Monday - Friday

M.Div. Seniors anticipating May 2009 graduation shall go over their
programs with the Registrar to assure that all course requirements for
graduation will be met by the end of the next semester. Please send
e-mail to Nayda Aguila at for an appointment.

M.A., S.T.M. and D.Min. Candidates anticipating May 2009 graduation
shall go over their programs with the Program Director to assure that
all course requirements for graduation will be met by the end of the
next semester. Please contact them for an appointment.

Mid-Program Review
After completing at least 40 and not more than 55 credits, each M.Div.
student is required to complete a Mid-Program Review (MPR) to assess her
or his preparation for ministry. The student will meet with the MPR
committee to discern areas of strength and weakness and set goals for
the remainder of his or her studies. Guidelines for the MPR are
available in the Academic Dean's office.
A student who, without approval from the M.Div. Director, fails to
complete the Mid-Program Review within the required time will not be
allowed to take classes.

Immunization Requirements
Massachusetts requires that all registered students, regardless of age,
provide proof of immunization for certain communicable diseases
-- 3 doses of hepatitis B vaccine are required for all full time and
part time graduate students.
-- All full and part-time graduate students (whether or not they
reside in campus) must: provide documentation of receipt of one dose of
meningococcal vaccine (within the last 5 years) or As an alternative
students may sign the Meningococcal Information and Waiver form to
indicate that they have read and understood the required information
related to the risks of meningococcal disease, and have elected to
decline the vaccine
-- 1 Td Booster within the last 10 years and
-- 2 Doses of MMR vaccine
If you have questions regarding this matter, please do not hesitate to
e-mail me at
Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.
Nayda G. Aguila

Archaeological discovery at ANTS!
Archaeologists excavating in the general area of the Faculty Office
have discovered conclusive evidence that ANTS students wrote papers and
took exams as part of the Hill culture. Academic English translators
confirm that the subject matter clearly indicates that there were
sophisticated theological thought processes taking place as far back as
the pre-bicentennial Fall 2007 semester period....

OR, more to the point: Unclaimed course papers and exams from Fall 2007
and Spring 2008 remain in the Faculty Office (Worcester 105). Please -
PLEASE - stop by and pick yours up.

Jennifer Shaw
Faculty Assistant & Lead Excavator

Brita Gill-Austern: Thank You and Welcome
By now, you are aware that the program in Faith, Health and
Spirituality will close for the reasons that Brita so eloquently
enumerated in a recent enews column. The influence of the emphasis on
faith, health and spirituality will continue in the new curriculum in
ways that Brita has indicated. But the purpose of this note is to
express my deep and abiding gratitude for Brita's leadership. It was
Brita's vision that gave us the program in Faith, Health and
Spirituality, and it was her vision that encouraged us to relinquish
this program precisely because it had fulfilled its mission and purpose
so well. Now, Brita's vision has led her to provide leadership for the
border crossing experiences and emphases that will be essential to the
new curriculum. She is already investing herself in this new adventure
and exhibiting the combination of insight and intensity that marked her
earlier work. So we can say simultaneously, "Thank you for all you have
given this school, especially the program in Faith, Health and
Spirituality, and welcome to your new role.

Bill Herzog II
Dean of the Faculty

For Students Who Want to Work on Their Writing
After some discussion, we have put in place a series of opportunities
for students who wish to work on their writing skills. Judy Brandon,
Brenda Hermanson and Sherry Thomas have agreed to conduct two Group
sessions each week, beginning on Tuesday, November 4 and Thursday,
November 6 in Worcester 303. The Groups will meet from 11:30 am to 1:30
pm, except for the first session which will end at 1:00 pm. The fee will
be $5 per session.

In addition, tutoring will be available on an individual basis. The
first half hour is free. Thereafter, the fee will be $15 per hour or $10
per half hour. Tutoring sessions may be done on line after the first
session which must be done face to face. The cost is determined by the
length of the paper at a fee of $1 per page.

As soon as this system is in place and working and Helen Snively
returns,, we will turn our attention to arrangements for the Spring
semester. I want to express my gratitude to Judy, Brenda and Sherry for
their interest in contributing to the development of writing skills that
are so essential to ministry.

Stay tuned for further developments.

Dean Bill Herzog II

Fellowship News:
Foreign Movie Night, November 7th
Foreign Movie Night - "CAPE OF GOOD HOPE"
Friday, November 7th, 2008, 5PM-8PM, Wilson Chapel

Join us and international student Nanette Savides for a South African
movie and discussion that engages the issues South Africa has overcome
and continues to struggle with.

"Cape of Good Hope"
Filmed in Cape Town in 2005, this thought-provoking comedy explores the
ever-present friction between class, race, and faith in modern-day South
Africa, tracing the intersection of multiple lives.

Movie night will be proceeded by beverage tasting event. Bring your
favorite tea, coffee, wine, etc. and share it with us!

Informal Meeting for Humanists, Non-Theists, and Agnostics at ANTS,
November 11th
Dear Members of the ANTS Community -

Are you a humanist, non-theist, or agnostic at ANTS who would like to
gather for discussion and perhaps form a fellowship? If so, let's gather
together in the dining hall for an informal meeting on November 11 at
12:00. Bring ideas if you have them, or just join us to talk about what
a fellowship might do for our wonderful community on the hill. All are
warmly welcome.

Contact: Jason Bachand

BGLANTS worship service in Wilson Chapel Tuesday, November 11
Bisexuals, Gays, Lesbians at Andover Newton (BGLANTS) will host a 1
p.m. Tuesday, November 11 worship service in Wilson Chapel focusing on
"Inclusivity". The service will give any opportunity for students to
share their gift.

Black Student Fellowship Gospel Chorus Rehearsal, November 13th
The Black Student Fellowship Gospel Chorus will have its second
rehearsal will be next Thursday 12:30-1pm. We will be singing for BSF
Chapel on November 13th 1-2pm, immediately after next Thursday's

All are welcome! If you would like to sing, but can not make this
Thursday's rehearsal, please contact Ngozi Robinson (
for song information.

NEW dates for the upcoming UCC Search & Call Events, November 14th
Announcing NEW dates for the upcoming Search & Call Events. It was
brought to our attention that HDS and BUSTH students generally don't
have classes on
Fridays and that our original Thursday pick conflicted, at least this
semester, with 2 of the largest classes at ANTS. So.we hopefully have
accommodated more of you with the schedule listed below.

If you are a UCC student who is a middler or senior please consider
attending these events as they provide invaluable guidance, advice, and
insight into the different steps of the UCC's Search & Call process.

Each session is $20 or all 3 for $50.please send in a check, made
payable to MACUCC, ATTN: Kris LoFrumento, MACUCC One Badger Road
Framingham, MA 01702 *or* bring it with you to the first event (BUT drop
me an email or call me to tell me you're coming). Please let me know by
Wed 11/12 if you are planning on attending the 1st event so that I can
be sure to prepare enough materials for everyone.

The newly updated and final calendar is as follows - please mark your
calendars and register soon.

Friday, November 14 (NEXT FRIDAY!!!!)
Search & Call: Beginning the Process

Friday, February 6, 2009 (snowdate 2/13/09)
Search & Call: Meeting with Search Committees

Friday, March 20, 2009
Search & Call: Benefits and Call Agreement

Each session will start promptly at 9AM and will end by 12:30PM.
Breakfast pastries and beverages will be ready by 8:30AM. Every session
will be held at Andover Newton Theological School in Davis 101.

Emergent Worship Service set for 1 p.m., Tues., Nov. 18 *** New ***
Come participate in an Emergent Worship Service. The Evangelical
Fellowship at Andover Newton is exploring Emergent worship practices. We
are edge-walkers. We see seminary as a wonderful laboratory where we can
explore this fascinating developing phenomenon.

The service will be at 1 p.m., Tues., Nov. 18 in the sanctuary of
Wilson Chapel.

Please come to our next worship planning meeting at 5 p.m., Thursday,
November 13 in the Small Dining Room of Noyes Hall.

The Evangelical Fellowship at Andover Newton is working to discover how
we can be both progressive and gently evangelical.

Thanksgiving Dinner *** New ***
Will you be on campus for Thanksgiving. Join us in Upper Noyes Hall for
a festive pot-luck dinner, games and fellowship. Please RSVP if you plan
to come and we will jointly arrive at a time. In past years we have
begun our dinner at 4 or 6 PM.
Contact Judy Brandon: or

Judy Brandon
210 Herrick Road Box 27
Newton Centre, MA 02459
(617) 964-1525

Outreach for Prisoners
Boxes for collecting books for prisoners are in Upper Noyes, Stoddard
Hall, and the Dining Hall. They will be delivered Sat. Nov. 8th.

The Prison Ministry Fellowship will be giving gifts to children of
prisoners for the holidays. We are committed to presenting gifts to
twenty children in an area north of Boston. Each child will receive two
gifts (approx. $15-20 in value).
Please contact Bill Gural at or Tonia Petty at

Food Pantry
A can of soup; a box of pasta; crackers; a prepared non-perishable
meal. Could you pick one of these up the next time you go to the grocery
store and donate it to the food pantry? The ANTS food pantry is located
in the kitchen of Upper Noyes and is available to all students. Please
use it as you need and contribute as you can.

Other News and Opportunities:
Recycle your Sneakers! Continues through Thanksgiving.
Your fellow student Allen Vander Meulen III alerted me to the fact that
Nike recycles old athletic shoes and uses them to create basketball
courts, running tracks, and playgrounds. Toward that end I will be
collecting your old sneakers in a box OUTSIDE (!) my office through the
Thanksgiving holiday. Allen will then bundle these up and send them on
to Nike. If you have shoes to contribute please feel free to drop them
by, and if you can also contribute $1.00 toward defraying postage please
give it to Jennifer Shaw in Worcester 105.

For more information see:

So bring me your worn out sneakers and we'll get them off where they
can do some good!

Nancy Nienhuis
Dean of Students and Community Life; Worcester 104

Invite...Earth-Care Festival, November 8th
When: Saturday, 11/8 from 5-8pm
Where: 39 Edwards St., Framingham, MA

-co-sponsored by Edwards Church, UCC & Grace Congregational, UCC,

What to expect: Energy saving info. for all budgets, door prizes that
save $ and the planet! Drama by the Just Peace Players that will
entertain & educate (suitable for all ages)

more info: or OR call
Edwards church office: 508-877-2050
Bring a dish for potluck dinner at 5:30, beverages & coffee provided.

EDS Lectures, November 13th
Please join us in person, or via a live webcast for...

- The Joanna Dewey lecture in Feminist Biblical Studies:
"Baking Cakes to the Queen of Heaven: God, Goddesses, and Growing up
Black and Female in America," The Rev. Renita J. Weems, Lecturer

- The Carter Heyward Scholars Program Lecture:
"Is Marriage a 'Must' or a 'Bust'? Enlarging the Justice Agenda," The
Rev. Dr. Marvin M. Ellison, Lecturer

Thursday, November 13, 2008, 4:00 - 9:00
For more information or to register please contact Priscilla Burns at or 617.682.1506. Preregistration is requested.

Expert in Teen Substance Abuse to Speak in Sudbury, MA, November 17th
Talking With Your Teen About Alcohol: "What's Really in that Water
to be presented by Dr. Henry D. Abraham, psychiatrist, author and

Monday, November 17
7:30PM to 9:00PM
At Sudbury United Methodist Church
251 Old Sudbury Road (Route 27)
Sudbury, MA

The Youth Empowerment & Support (YES) Committee of the Sudbury United
Methodist Church invites the public to a lecture and discussion with Dr.
Henry Abraham on "Talking With Your Teen About Alcohol: What's
Really in That Water Bottle?" All are welcome.

Parents are increasingly concerned about the use of alcohol and drugs
among local youth. Teen drinking at high school sporting events, the
death of a teen following a party, and hospitalizations of teens due to
alcohol abuse have prompted the YES Committee to launch a series of
events designed to help parents understand the issues and learn how to
deal with the challenges. This lecture and discussion is the first
activity planned in this series.

Dr. Henry Abraham is a psychiatrist and lecturer, with extensive
clinical experience in substance abuse, and author of the book What's
A Parent to Do? Straight Talk on Drugs and Alcohol. Dr. Abraham will
discuss the environmental factors that lead to experimentation, use, and
abuse of substances by teens, as well as review specific actions that
parents can take to combat these exterior influences.

The lecture and discussion is open to the public.

For more information, contact Andy Andrews
Email: or
Phone: 978-443-4351 ext. 208

The Beacon Coffeehouse presents: Tripping Lily November 21st
Tripping Lily
Wonderful folk trio (or more?)
Friday, November 21st @ 8pm (doors open at 7:30)
Tickets: $15 (call for reservation)

First Baptist Church in Newton
848 Beacon Street, Newton Centre, MA 02459
(Corner of Beacon and Centre Streets in Newton Center)
For more info call (617) 244-2997 or visit

Housing opportunities
Housing opportunity:
-Great 1 bedroom apt. for rent. $780: includes heat & utilities.
-Location: Millis, MA (approx. 35 min. from Newton)
-Smoke free & pet-free environment
-Good storage/closet space
-Quiet, country setting (across from beautiful yoga center/Ashram)
Contact: Guruatma at: 508-353-5327
Apartment for Rent
Cozy, one bedroom immaculate apartment for rent at Newton Corner. Easy
access to Mass Pike and Route 95. Bus stop to the T, local buses and
buses to downtown Boston is one block from apartment. Walking distance
to many stores and a beautiful park across the street. Quiet, secure
building with laundry on premises. $1100.00 includes heat and hot water.
On site parking is optional and is $75 a month. Move-in date can be
either Nov.15th or Dec.1. E-mail me if interested at or call 617-304-7734.

Anyone with weaving knowledge?
The Andover Newton Community Art Studio in the Meetinghouse has both a
floor loom and a table loom. There are several people who are eager to
use these, but we need some knowledgeble person to help us set up and
get started. If you are that person or know someone who might be able
to help, please contact Sandy at or talk to Joy
(Resident Teaching Artist).

Art Night
Art Night is a drop-in open studio opportunity to explore art in a
safe, no rules atmosphere. We meet every Thursday night from 7-10 pm in
the lower studio of the Meetinghouse. All materials provided. Fun,
fellowship and theological reflection. Free will donation.

Contact Joy (Resident Teaching Artist at ANTS) with questions