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Thursday, November 06, 2008

School Closing Policy 2008-09

November 2008

TO: Andover Newton Faculty, Staff and Students
FROM: Nick Carter


It is Andover Newton's policy to remain open except in cases of
severely inclement weather. Normally the school will remain officially
open even if classes are canceled.

It is the responsibility of the Administration to determine if school
will be closed and/or classes canceled. The decision to close (no
business operations and no classes) and/or cancel (business operations,
but no classes) will be accessible through the school's telephone
number (617/964-1100), the website and designated radio and television
stations. The policy is available to the ANTS community through e-news
and bulletin boards.

The school recognizes that students and staff persons live both locally
and at a distance, making travel to campus possible for some but not for
others. Therefore, the following guidelines may be observed:

1. Individual classes may, by mutual consent of class members and
professor, agree to meet even if classes are canceled. Such agreements
will not be in force should the school be officially closed.

2. On storm days when the school remains officially open, staff persons
may make an individual decision in determining whether to come to work
or whether to leave early should a storm begin during business hours. We
ask for understanding if services or functions are delayed or
unavailable on storm days. However, the decision to have the school open
on a storm day indicates that all of the basic services of the school
will be available for those who are here.

No one will be penalized for failing to come to school on days when
local weather conditions make driving hazardous.

Television Channels: WBZ 4, WCVB 5, 7News & Channel 56
Radio Stations: WBZ-AM: 1030 (at :05 & :35 past the hour
starting at 5 a.m.)
WOKQ-FM: 97.5 (New Hampshire)