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BPSI Deutsch Prize Presentation

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

8:00 PM-9:00 PM

Location: Berenson Hall, Hebrew College

Topic: “A Gay Old Time, Part II: The Clinical Implications of Evolving Psychoanalytic Paradigms of Homosexuality.” Andover Newton community invited.

Deutsch Prize Recipient
Chair, Joint Curriculum Committee/Faculty Executive Committee, BPSI; Clinical Instructor, Harvard Medical School; Private Practice, Cambridge, MA

Recent Chair, American Psychoanalytic Association Committee on Gender and Sexuality; Faculty, New Center for Psychoanalysis, Los Angeles, CA; Founding Member, THRIVE Infant Family Program;
Private Practice, Los Angeles, CA

Since Sigmund Freud began his revolutionary text Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality in 1905 with a detailed study of homosexuality, our efforts to understand same-sex attraction and behavior have played a central role in psychoanalytic theory. The paper describes the historical evolution of four psychoanalytic paradigms of male homosexuality: Freud’s search for understanding, homosexuality as illness, homosexuality as health, and the deconstruction of categories of illness and sexuality. A close examination of the underlying assumptions of each paradigm shows the strong influences that cultural context and prejudice have had on psychoanalytic theory. For this program, Dr. Friedman will present new clinical material to illustrate how a deeper understanding of these historical paradigms can enrich our psychoanalytic work with gay men.

Learning Objectives:
Participants will be able to:

  1. Describe the key features of the four psychoanalytic paradigms of homosexuality.
  2. Describe how cultural context and prejudice have influenced psychoanalytic theory.
  3. Describe how these paradigms influence contemporary psychoanalytic work.


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This program is FREE and open to the public. Continuing Education certification for this event is available for a $30 fee. The fee is waived for BPSI trainees and members.


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