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Campus Work Orders

WHO should submit a Work Order to B&G* (Building and Grounds/ Maintenance)?

It is the responsibility of ALL community members (residents, commuters, staff, and faculty) to fill out a work order whenever something that needs attention from our maintenance department is noticed.  One should not assume that someone else will report a problem.  Do not be concerned that B&G may receive multiple work orders for the same problem.  They would rather get multiple notifications than none at all.  

WHEN should a Work Order be submitted to B&G?

A Work Order to B&G should be submitted as soon as possible whenever you see, hear, smell something anywhere on campus that does not appear to be functioning correctly or that needs attention from B&G.

If washers or dryers need repair, contact Mac-Gray at:  1-800-mac-gray or
If it is a computer or wireless problem, contact the IT Help Desk at 617-831-2402.  

HOW to fill out an online Work Order! (Telephone or in person reports are accepted only in cases of extremely time related emergencies)

Click on “login”
In customer login box, both account name and password are STAFFF99 (yes, 3 f’s)
At the top of the page, right hand side, click on “add new request”
On work order request, fill out (at least):
“requested by”
“floor #”
“req. email”
“room/office #”
“work description” be concise and exact
Then click on “save new record” on left side, top of page.  (At this stage you are finished even though it doesn’t seem so!) Within 24 hours you should receive a confirmation that the problem has been assigned for attention

*Note, as of June 29, 2017, B&G functions as a department of Eversail, LLC, not Andover Newton. Phone numbers and email addresses will remain unchanged.

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