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Certificate Programs

Andover Newton Theological School is in the midst of a transition towards a new strategic direction. As the School develops a new long-range vision, responding to seismic changes taking place in the church and in theological education, we will not be accepting new applications for Certificate Programs.

Certificate programs provide members of the wider community an opportunity to sample the resources available at Andover Newton and to explore specific areas of interest. They also give degree program students the chance to develop a specialization for ministry.

Andover Newton offers the following certificate options:

Certificate in Theological Studies:
This program provides persons with the opportunity to complete five graduate-level theological courses that can focus on a variety of theological disciplines and/or ministry practices. Students who seek certificates are considered “Special Students". They may take more than five courses under this designation, but may not transfer more than five courses (15 credits) into an Andover Newton degree program.

Certificate in Advanced Theological Studies:
This certificate is awarded to students who wish to complete significant studies at the doctoral level but do not seek to pursue a DMin project. Students who meet the prerequisites for application to the DMin program may enter as Special Students seeking the certificate, or DMin students may retroactively change their designation from DMin student to Advanced Theological Studies Certificate candidate, after they complete course requirements. Requirements include the Seminar on Scholarship in Ministry (DMIN 801), Seminar on Theological Research (DMIN 802), and six courses at the 800-level in a focused area of study.

Focused Certificates in Theological Studies:
This program is similar to the general certificate program described above, but it invites students to take five courses in a single academic discipline under the advisement of a faculty member in that discipline. Unlike the general certificate described above, focused certificates may also be earned by students enrolled in degree programs, such as the MDiv and DMin, to recognize specializations that students develop through their elective courses.

Currently, students may pursue Focused Certificates in the following disciplines:

  • Ethics and Social Justice (5 courses with JUST designation)
  • Ministerial Leadership (5 courses with CMLE designation)
  • Spiritual and Pastoral Care (5 courses with CHRS, PSYP, PSYC, and/or PSYF designations)
Focused Certificate in Interfaith Leadership:

This program provides persons with the opportunity to complete five graduate-level courses in Interfaith Leadership. It is designed for students already enrolled in a program at Andover Newton or Hebrew College and for Special Students who seek training and certification in Interfaith Leadership without enrolling in a masters or doctoral program. Five courses are required and can be drawn from the following areas:

  1. A one-semester introduction to the basics of Christianity (for Jewish students) and Judaism (for Christian and Unitarian Universalist students), and to the field of interfaith learning. 
  2. A course offered jointly by Andover Newton and Hebrew College featuring instructors and students from both schools that focuses on classical texts.
  3. A course offered jointly by Andover Newton and Hebrew College featuring instructors and students from both schools that focuses on contemporary issues in theology, ethics, and/or ministerial practice.
  4. A course that focuses on a major world religion other than Judaism or Christianity, in the WREL area of the Andover Newton curriculum.
  5. A year-long interfaith leadership seminar in which a cohort of students meet and work on supervised interfaith projects under the direction of the faculty of Andover Newton and Hebrew College.

Boston Theological Institute (BTI) Certificates

The Boston Theological Institute (BTI) also offers two certificates that allow degree students to specialize in areas of study that draw on the collective strengths of the BTI consortium:

Certificate in International Mission and Ecumenism
The BTI program FETE (Focused Ecumenical Theological Education) provides students with an understanding of various Christian communities in the context of ecumenical dialogue. Each year thematic workshops overseas are offered for academic credit. The BTI awards a Certificate in International Mission and Ecumenism in recognition of courses taken in mission and ecumenism at member schools.

Certificate in Conflict Transformation
School of theology and divinity- and seminary-trained persons in all ministry settings should be prepared to respond to the realities of destructive conflict with peacemaking skills. Such work often requires converting one’s attitudes about conflict, and developing skills and practices that transform conflict into opportunities for learning, growth, healing, new relationships and stronger communities.

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