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Concord Regional Visiting Nurse Hospice Program
30 Pillsbury Street
attnL Hospice House

Site Description

The Concord Regional VNA Hospice program covers a significant geographical territory in central New Hampshire. Hospice patients are cared for and holistically supported in their residence, whether they are in private homes, living with family or in nursing homes. In addition, some patients in the acute stage of their dying process receive skilled care in our ten-bed Hospice House. This is on the same campus as Concord Hospital. The total patient census can run from 70 to 100 patients, and encompasses one year of bereavement support for their families and the wider community. According to our statistics only 20 percent of the patients name a connection, historically or currently, to a particular faith tradition and/or community. Many of the families are also interfaith. There is increasing diversity, both ethnically and economically. Hospice has always served patients of any age.The Concord Regional VNA has demonstrated a long history of mentorship in a variety of disciplines: nursing, social work and pastoral care. Students' personal and professional goals become the focus of their experience with this Hospice program. (I can speak from personal experience; I was both a field ed intern and a CPE student for this agency prior to being hired as their Spiritual Care Counselor.) A positive experience with a local Clinical Pastoral Education site prompted our desire to expand this to include seminary field education interns. As a non-profit agency the Hospice program values its interns and volunteers, and considers their positive experiences crucial to the success of the program.

Stipend Expectation

This site does not meet the stipend expectation

Student Involvement

Students at the Concord Regional VNA Hospice program will work primarily in the Hospice House as part of a Spiritual Care team to minister to the spiritual needs of persons coping with the awareness of their impending death. Under the supervision of a board certified chaplain he /she will develop skills in spiritual assessment and support for patients and their families. He/she will be exposed to a variety of faith traditions, spiritual practices, as well as ministry to the unchurched. There will be an opportunity to enhance team-building skills through working with an interdisciplinary team that includes medical social workers, hospice certified nurses, aides, a medical director, healthcare management and volunteers. There are additional opportunities to work within the bereavement program doing bereavement assessment, support, program development and the facilitation of bereavement groups. Memorial services for patients are also often a part of the spiritual care team's responsibilities.

Commitment to Educating Ministers

The Teaching Site Committee is an interdisciplinary team committed to the hospice program's endeavor to embrace those called to journey with those at end of life and their families. It currently consists of a retired minister/field ed supervisor/spiritual care volunteer, a nurse, a chaplain, and a medical social worker. The primary supervisor is board certified with the Association of Professional Chaplains and a Quaker graduate of ANTS.

Special Considerations

A student who has had end of life experience, clinical pastoral or field education, hospice volunteer or bereavement training is preferred. The ability to journey with individuals with a diverse spiritual expression is essential. A car would allow work in the community later on in the unit. Blessings on your search!


This site is not able to supply a stipend.

Contact Information

Spiritual Care Coordinator
30 Pillsbury St.
ATTN: Hospice House

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