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Andover Newton Catalogue and Courses of Instruction

Faith, Health and Spirituality

PSYF 729/829F

Congregational Health Ministries I, Faith, Health and SpiritualityFaith, Health and Spirituality


This course explores the history, theology and practice of developing congregational health care ministries. Various models for becoming a healing community are studied, from simple to the more complex. Resources are given to enable persons to plan and begin a health ministry in their own congregation. This course meets the FHSP renewal requirement.

Limit: 25.


Fall - Monday 6:00 - 8:50 p.m.

PSYF 762/862F

Spiritual Practices for Healing and Wholeness, Faith, Health and SpiritualityChristian Spiritual ResourcesFaith, Health and Spirituality

Brita L Gill-Austern

An experiential exploration of various prayer and meditative practices from the Christian tradition (including Centering Prayer and Lectio Divina) which awaken the heart to the love of God, neighbor, self and all being, as well as contribute to the spiritual formation of pastors and congregations. The connection between spiritual, physical and psychological well-being is examined with particular emphasis given to preventative care. An hour of yoga is included. Graded Sat/Unsat. This course meets the FHSP renewal or CHRS requirement.

Limit: 25.


Fall - Tuesday 8:00 - 11:50 a.m.

Key to Course Listings

Key Description
EL "EL" following a course description indicates an E-Learning course.
F "F" following a course number indicates a course offered during Fall semester.
S "S" following a course number indicates a course offered during Spring semester.
W "W" following a course number indicates a course offered during Winter Session in January.
J "J" following a course number indicates a course offered during June.
"Y" following a course number indicates a yearlong course. Students must register each semester for year-long courses.

This listing is subject to change. Continue to check the school's eb site,, for current information about course listings, times and dates. All courses, including Church and Ministry Department courses, are now offered for 3 credits. Only students following the pre-2001 M.Div. curriculum may elect to take courses for other than 3 credits. Unless otherwise noted, courses are generally limited to 55 students.

Levels of Instruction

Level Description
500 Language courses or introductory courses meeting departmental requirements for either the M.Div. or the M.A. degree.
600 Meet departmental requirements for the M.Div., unless otherwise indicated, or program requirements for the M.A.
700 For advanced M.Div. and M.A. students with either background in an area or prerequisites completed. These courses meet some departmental upper-level elective requirements for the M.Div.
800 Primarily for D.Min. and S.T.M. students, although a limited number of seniors with the appropriate background may enroll with the instructor's permission.


Dual-numbered courses-e.g., [HIST 725/825] - indicate courses that serve more than one level. Students should register for the level appropriate to their program needs.

Example: an M.Div. or M.A. student would register for HIST 725, but an S.T.M. or D.Min. student would register for HIST 825.