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Tuition Rates and Fees


Download Tuition and Fees for 2014-2015

Tuition Schedule
Semester/Total credits Tuition Rate per credit
FA/SP 0.0-7.0 $725
FA/SP 7.5-10.0 $660
FA/SP 10.5+ $570
Winter All Ranges $570
Summer All Ranges $570

M.Div., M.A., S.T.M., and D.Min. students and special students See Tuition Schedule
Lay Auditors (LA) (half the full tuition charge per course; Lay auditors may take up to two courses per semester)
E-Learning Auditors (half the full tuition charge per course)
$1088 per course
E-Learning (NEL) $725 per credit
Minister in the Vicinity (MIV) Fee
(per course for non-ANTS Alumni/ae)
$345 per course
Andover Newton Alumni/ae MIV Fee (per course)
(MIV Fee does not apply to E-Learning courses)
$130 per course
D.Min. students admitted with advanced standing from joint programs, two installments of $8,000 or full year $16,000 $8,000 per installment or $16,000 per year
Administrative Fees
Application Fee $50
Admission Fee $100
Registration Fee (per semester/session) $115
Entrance Fee - New DMin student first semester $250
Minister in the Vicinity (MIV) Registration Fee (per course for ANTS alumni/ae) $115
Minister in the Vicinity (MIV) Registration Fee (per course for non-ANTS alumni/ae)
(MIV Fee does not apply to E-Learning courses)
Lay Auditor Registration Fee (per semester/session) $115
Late Registration Fee $175
Processing Fee (assessed, in addition to normal late fees, for processing any permitted exception to normal deadlines and policies) $100
Student charges must be paid in full or in 4 equal installments.
Installment Processing Fee (per semester)
Parking Fee (charged to all student and residents) $55 Fall/Spring semesters
Replacement Diploma Fee $200

Student Fees
For all degree candidates and Special Students, fall and spring, per semester
Student Activities Fee $25
Comprehensive Administration Fee (computer lab, picture ID cards, student e-mail accounts, food service management fee) $375

Board Plan *All rates are subject to change
Meals/wk Indended Community Min. Requirements Plan Rates
Commuters taking 2 or more courses on campus $174
2 Commuters spending one night on campus $342
3 Commuters spending one night on campus $504
5 Commuters spending two or more nights on campus $649
11 Resident students, Appleton and Farwell $1,082

Extension Fees
Students granted permission to extend their degree programs beyond the stipulated period must pay an annual fee until completion.
M.Div., M.A. $565
D. Min. candidates $1,850

Graduation Fee
Payable when billed during the last semester of the degree program.
For all Degrees $260
For Certificate Programs $85